Primary 6 12.1.18

A very happy new year to you all! 2018 has started with our usual hive of activity in primary six.

For reading this term we are returning to fiction and all pupils have now been given their new novel. Each week the pupils will be given a certain amount of their book to read and this may be accompanied by an activity for their literacy circle booklets. Each week the pupils will record the date in their booklets of when their homework is due, this will normally be a Tuesday. We will also be reading a class novel and in keeping with our topic this term , we have chosen Kasper, Prince of Cats as part of story is set on the Titanic.

Our topic this term will be the Titanic and once again we are delighted with the enthusiasm the pupils have shown for this subject already! When we are working on the topic the pupils will ‘become’ passengers on the ship. They have all been given the names of actual passengers and their first task is to find out about themselves. We will be doing this in class, however many pupils have taken it upon themselves to start their investigations at home, such keen learners!

Preparation has begun for our P6/7 show and soon pupils will be given the chance to audition for parts. More details about this to follow.

PE – outdoor Kit on Mondays / Indoor kit on Wednesdays

Reading homework due on Tuesday
Spelling words will be given on Mondays with homework due on Fridays.
Maths Homework – we would like to remind all pupils that they have maths homework EVERY WEEK. If we do not give out maths homework in the form of a worksheet we still expect the pupils to be practising Times Tables, Fact Families, and Number Bonds. We have shown the pupils’ games and activities they can do to practise.

Thank for your continued support.
Mrs Wylie, Mr. Woodward and Mr Shanks

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