Primary 7 – 26-06-17



Last Monday the children came back with lots of stories about what they had been getting up to at High School. They had a great time during their week at High School and hopefully they shared these stories with you!

On Tuesday the children visited Aberdour beach with their P1 buddies. It was a great day and the children enjoyed playing in the water and the sand. Primary 7 really looked after their buddies making sure that they were safe at all times.

On Wednesday the children took part in sports day. Luckily the rain held off for the most part! The children worked really well in their teams to gain points for their Houses. Well done to Waverley for winning overall.

We have been practising for our Leavers’ Assembly which will be on Wednesday 28th June at 1.30pm. Please remember to send in your request for tickets as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you there!

On Friday the children showcased all their work based on the ERASMUS+ Project. Primary 7s focus was on Bulgaria. The children were able to show their parents the work that they had been doing and the work other classes had been doing. Thank you for your support during this open morning.

The P7 Prom takes place on Thursday 29th June at 6pm and will be held at Deer Park. The Prom Committee will go up on Thursday afternoon and decorate the room in preparation for this. The children are very excited about this and we are looking forward to seeing them all dressed up! A good time will hopefully be had by all.

On the last day of term the children can bring in their Carmondean Polo shirts and shirts for others to sign with good luck messages.

Thank you for all of your support throughout the year and we wish you well in the next chapter of your child’s school life.

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 6 23.06.17

Hello everyone

A big thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended our Carmondean open morning this morning where we shared our learning about the ERASMUS+ country of Slovakia. The children loved sharing their knowledge with you and showing you how using their own devices in the classroom can be extremely beneficial.

This week has been a busy week at Carmondean. On Wednesday all of the children took part in sports day. They showed team work, sportsmanship and skill throughout. Well done to the winning house – Waverley!
Yesterday most P6’s met their future P1 buddies for the first time. This was an exciting afternoon wherein children got a chance to play with their buddy and meet their buddies’ parents. Both Mrs Kelly and I were so impressed with the way in which all of the children conducted themselves. They showed caring and mature attitudes and we are sure that they will be excellent buddies.

Next week will be an exciting week too! The children will find out who will be their new teachers next year. They will also watch the annual school talent show and attend both the P7 and nursery leavers assemblies.

This will be our last blog post of the session. Mrs Kelly, Mrs Wylie and I would like to thank you all for your support this session. It has been a great year in P6 and we wish all the children every success in Primary 7 and beyond!

Have a lovely summer holiday!

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie

Primary Five 15th June 2017

Well we have had a very successful week this week with our two performances of ‘What A Knight’.  I am sure that everyone who came along will agree that the children worked very hard to put on a fantastic show.  We are very proud of all our amazing singers, dancers and actors!

This week we have been making final preparations for The Carmondean General Election.  Party Political Broadcasts have been filmed and the leaders are making final adjustments to their speeches in preparation for the election.  We will keep you posted with some pictures and of course the winning party as soon as the final count is made.


Friday 16th- Day for change-bring any spare change in and dress as something opposite.

No homework next week.

Wednesday- Sports Day (am)- children to wear a top the colour of their house (Deer Park-blue, Sutherland-yellow, Raeburn-green, Waverley- red.)

Friday- Open Morning to showcase the work we have done on Erasmus.  Please return reply slip to indicate how many people will be attending.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Steel and Mr Greig

Primary 6 9.6.17

Hello everyone

We have had an interesting and busy week in Primary 6. Early in the week we focused on the work of Henri Matisse: the French abstract artist. We looked at two of his most famous pieces “The Snail” and “Icarus”. P6KW made life size images of “Icarus” in a variety of different colours, using different materials to decorate each part of the body. In P6C the children looked at “The Snail” and decided to make abstract images of natural and inanimate objects out of cut out pieces of paper – just like Matisse did! The results look fantastic!

As part of our Inclusion topic the children brought in their own devices and used school laptops to research famous paralympians. The children then chose an interesting and creative way to share their knowledge. Children in P6C created audio recordings, powerpoints, posters and video recordings in order to share their knowledge. We look forward to viewing all of the final products next week.

Mrs Ferguson, our PE specialist, returned from maternity leave this week. The children were pleased to welcome her back and took part in some of the activities that will be stations during our Sports Day. This will take place on Wednesday 21st June. P4-7 will take part in the morning session. We will provide you with more details of this in due course.

Next week we will be learning all about Slovakia as part of our work on the ERASMUS+ Project. The children will be learning about the famous landmarks, traditional food and language of Slovakia. There will be an Open Morning on Friday 23rd June where the children can share their learning with you. We hope you can come.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

w.b. 13.3.17 Primary 1

This week we have started our new ‘Enchanted Forest’ topic. The children have already created a fantastic display in our classroom and are looking forward to learning about woodland creatures and forest life.
As part of our ERASMUS project we will be learning about Italy this week. We will be sharing our learning with our partner schools across Europe.
Last week in maths the children learnt about fractions. They were able to talk about sharing equally and could find a half and quarter. This week we will be looking at numbers to 20, comparing size and finding odd and even numbers. Please continue to practise counting forwards and backwards to 20 at home.
We will be continuing our new homework format which was started last week. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to ask.
On Wednesday we will be taking the children to the local woods to look at trees and woodland animals. Please ensure that your child comes to school with a waterproof coat and appropriate footwear.
Thank you for your support
Miss Christy, Mrs Harris and Mrs Oliver

Primary 3 23.1.17

Primary 3 are learning about Scotland this week. We will be investigating Scottish Cities, Scottish food, Scottish song and dance, Scottish flag and Scottish landmarks. We are learning about Scotland as part of our Erasmus project. We will be taking lots of photos of our activities and completing short activities.

We start our Futsal workshop tomorrow which we are very excited about. Children will be learning Futsal skills, controlling the ball with their feet and working as part of a team.

We are handing out a BIG piece of homework. We are asking the children to build a medieval castle. The homework task sheet can be found in their spelling jotters. We are asking for the castles to be completed by Thursday 16th February.

Spelling and Maths homework as normal.

P.E kits:

P3S- Monday and Tuesday

P3R- Tuesday and Wednesday


Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 4 16.12.16

We hope you all enjoy the holidays as next Wednesday is our last day of school. We have been hard at work right up until the end of the term, working on our Erasmus project, learning about Scottish Folk Tales. We created water colour paintings of the setting, summarised the story and created collages of the characters. We also looked at Scottish words and wrote definitions for each.

We enjoyed the Panto yesterday, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The scenery and costumes were amazing, as well as the acting! It got us onto the festive spirit.

Next week we will continue our Health topics, road safety and alcohol awareness. We will do a few winter crafts and activities and have the church on Wednesday afternoon also, so if you wish to bring money for the collection, please do.

We will also be making sure we are ‘winter ready’. If you have not yet looked at the blog explaining how to access activities should there be a snow day, make sure you do. Children will be taught how to access this next week in class.

Thank you for all of your support in the last two terms.

Have a fantastic Christmas and see you all in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

Miss Smith and Miss Donaldson 🙂

Primary 1 w.b. 5/12/16

It was great to see so many of you at the Christmas Fair last Friday. Thank you for coming along to support the school.
This week Primary 7 children will be teaching their buddies traditional playground games as part of our ERASMUS+ project. The Primary 7s will be recording the games to send to our partner schools across Europe.
In maths this week we will be focusing on recognising and continuing patterns using 2D shapes, symbols and colours.
There will be no formal homework given out in the run up to Christmas, however, we will still be sending homework folders home. Please continue to practise key words and sounds with your child.
If your child has been asked to bring in any clothing to supplement their nativity costume please bring this in as soon as possible.
Thank you
Miss Christy, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Muir

Primary 1 w.b.21.11.16

We had a great week last week meeting and working with our ERASMUS+ visitors. The children performed 3 craws beautifully in our assembly and worked alongside some of the visiting teachers on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. We even learnt a Slovakian song about poppy seeds!
Nativity practice is now well underway. If your child has a speaking part, please continue to practise words. Every child will dress up in a costume for the show. We have a good selection of costumes in school, however we may ask the children to bring in something small e.g. tights, a t-shirt to supplement these. Please check your child’s homework diary in the upcoming weeks for this.
This week we are continuing with addition in maths and will revise all sounds learnt so far in phonics lessons. Please continue to practise key words at home as these will help with reading books.
Thank you for continuing support.
Miss Christy, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Muir

Primary 7 18.11.16

Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, Zdraveite, Ahoj, Cxesc !

We have had a busy week with our ERASMUS visitors. The children have been learning a variety of words in French, Italian, Bulgarian, Slovakian and Polish. Their pronunciation was very good! We noticed a few similarities between many of the words. The children in the choir and the house captains attended a very successful evening of Scottish entertainment on Thursday evening. The choir sang a selection of Scottish songs and they were outstanding! Our ERASMUS visitors gave them a standing ovation at the very end. The children then led the visitors in a variety of ceilidh dances. A great time was had by all.

The children had their final visit from WLDAS with the focus on smoke free homes and zones. Please return the pledge form by Monday 21st November if you wish to participate in this.

We have started our Enterprise topic. The children have decided if they would like to organise games or sell goods at the Christmas Fair. They will be working on this for the next two weeks. Please can you ensure your child has checked with their teacher before spending any money on resources for their chosen Enterprise activity as the school are often able to provide these cheaper than if the are bought in the shops.

We have noticed that many children are coming to school with no jacket or just a thin cotton hoody. Please be aware the children are outdoors on many occasions and so it is very important that they have  a waterproof jacket with them every day. A gentle reminder that the children have PE on a Monday and Wednesday and require kit for both of these days.

The children will be working on their My life so far in school until Christmas on a Thursday. Thank you for all the support that you have given your child so far. They are looking fabulous!




Spelling homework each night

Maths homework

My life so far – Thursday

PE on Monday and Wednesday


Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


P5 Week Beginning 14th November

We have had a fantastic week meeting the Erasmus visitors and entertaining them in lots of different ways.  We loved singing our traditional Scottish song for them on Tuesday at the assembly and we hope the visitors were impressed by our talents!

We also got the chance on Tuesday to make and taste some traditional foods from around GB and NI.  We had great fun doing this and the food was really tasty.   We managed to make and sample champ, haggis and neeps, leek and potato soup and scones with jam and cream.  Hopefully Mums and Dads  might get a chance to taste these too if the boys and girls are allowed to try some cooking at home-I think we might have some potential chefs in P5!

Below you can see some us cooking and tasting:

chopping champ


We have also had a successful week selling wristbands and badges for Children In Need.  We will post next week with how much we have raised.  Remember we are holding a Dress Down Day on Friday 18th- wear something spotty!

Next week we will be starting work on our Christmas Fair enterprise where we are working in groups over the stage to create things to sell on Dec 2nd at Fair.  The children will be given the opportunity to buy one of their items before the Fair- more information to follow.

Remember that next week is our class assembly for the school so remind your child to continue to learn words for this.

Other reminders

Mon- Reading and Spelling Homework

Tues- FUTSAL and Maths Homework

Thurs- PE kit

Fri- P5 School Assembly

Thank you for your support

Mr Grieg and Mrs Steel

Primary 3 News! 14.11.16

What a busy week we had last week!

In Maths we are really getting to grips with subtraction, taking away 9, 19, 29 and 11, 21, 31 and looking at strategies we can use. We also revisited the 2x tables so keep practising these at home!

In preparation for our Erasmus + visitors we made some Scottish gifts, a bookmark with a felt covered kilted man to show off our traditional dress. We also located on a map the six different countries and found out about their traditions, local food and monuments.

We are really getting into our Nativity rehearsals and parts will be given this week so we would really appreciate your support with line learning at home as the time is flying in! We will organise props and costumes this week and will let you know what your child needs to bring in from home. It is an all singing, all dancing show so all children will be involved whether they are speaking, dancing or singing.

This week’s homework:

Reading: As indicated in their diaries

Spelling: ‘ea’ focus

Maths: 10x table

Please ensure your child makes a really big effort with their sentences and include lots of description.

Our Erasmus + visitors arrive tomorrow so it’s a very exciting week for us all. Some teachers will be popping into our classrooms to say hello so do ask the boys and girls about it.

Massive thank you to those mums that assisted us in the woods today, although a little muddy at the entrance it was a great woodland walk and gave the children lots of descriptive ideas for their writing tomorrow!

PE will be on Wednesday for P3S and Thursday for P3R

Have a great week!

Miss Rafferty & Mrs Smith


Primary 1/2 Week beginning 14.11.16

What a busy week we had last week.  We have started our nativity play which is called Christmas Counts.  We know lots of the songs already and will begin acting out our parts soon.  Everyone in Primary 1 will have an acting part and P2 will be given their narration parts to begin practising this week.  This will be quite tricky for them at first so any help with practising would be greatly appreciated.

We are working on our Houses and Homes topic and last week Primary 2 entertained us with their interesting class talks.  Well done Primary 2.  This week we look forward to listening to Primary 1.  We have been working on the story of Hansel and Gretel and have made a beautiful wall frieze of the gingerbread house.

Last week in Maths Primary 1 were working on the concept of addition and feel very proud of our progress.  Primary 2 have been working on halving and doubling.

This week we are very excited to welcome teachers from all over Europe as part of the Erasmus project.  We will be showing them our classrooms and how we learn in Scotland.  We will also be taking part in a Scottish Assembly and learning some vocabulary form all over Europe.  We have made special thistle badges to give to the visitors.

On Friday we will be taking part in Children in Need.  We can wear something spotty and bring in a donation of 50p.  Wristbands and badge pins will be on sale this week.  Wristbands are 50p and £1, badge pins are £2.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson

Primary 1 w.b. 14/11/16

We have a busy week ahead in Primary 1. The children are very excited to welcome our European visitors as part of our ERASMUS+ project. The whole school will perform a Scottish welcome assembly on Tuesday. The children have been practising very hard to sing their song ‘3 craws’. The children will have the opportunity to meet the teachers during classroom visits on Tuesday and Thursday.
Rehearsals for the Primary 1 nativity are now in full swing. Speaking parts will be given to some children in homework diaries tonight. Please check whether your child has words to learn at home.
This Friday is Children in Need. Children can dress up in something spotty for a donation of 50p. Throughout the week there will be pins (2 for £2) and wrist bands (50p for last years and £1 for this years) on sale.
As we approach the busy Christmas period we will endeavour to continue some P.E. with the children, however at times this may not be possible due to hall availability/ other events.
Thank you for your continuing support
Miss Christy, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Muir

Primary 4 11.11.16

Today we held a one minute silence for Remembrance Day. Primary Sevens have been selling poppies all week in the lead up to today.

Next week we will be welcoming our Erasmus guests to Carmondean Primary School. We are very excited and this week we have been working on a challenge to learn more about the countries involved. These will be shown in a display for their arrival. We looked at the country’s national flowers, capital cities, important rivers and flags as well as their language.

We will be beginning our new topic next week, enterprise, whereby the pupils will be choosing their object they wish to make and sell. We will be carrying out surveys and using data handling in order to plan something we hope will sell well. We will discuss the terms ‘profit’ and ‘loss’.


Tuesday and Thursday – No PE Kit required.

Can all parents please ensure their children do not play on the sandpit at the beginning or end of the day where there is no adult supervision. Thank you for your support with this.

Friday 18th November – Dress down in spots for Children in Need and bring 50p donation. Wristbands will be on sale from Monday.



Due Friday 18th November: Reading, please see the homework grid from last week’s blog.

Maths for both classes – worksheet.

Spelling as normal.

Primary 5 11th November 2016

This week we have been working hard to get the classrooms ready for the Erasmus visitors next week.   We have made lovely Highland Cow badges and magnets to give them as gifts when they visit our classrooms- we are very proud of them!

We have also been working on organising Children in Need which is P5’s charity event this year.  We will be selling badges for £2, wristbands for £1 and also selling off last year’s wristbands for 50p.  These will be on sale from Monday 14th – Friday 18th.  We are also organising a dress down day for Friday 18th November, where we invite the children to wear something spotty for a minimum donation of 50p.  We hope you will be able to help us raise money for a great cause.

This week we have also been starting work on our first stage assembly based around our Topic of GB and NI.  We have given out the words for this and this will be part of the homework from now until 25th November which is our performance date.  Next week you may also get some information about costumes/things we would like the children to wear on this day.

Next week we are looking forward to doing some cooking and tasting on Tuesday where we will be sampling food from around GB and NI.  We will be preparing Leek and Potato Soup from Wales, Haggis from Scotland, champ from NI and scones with cream and jam from England.  We hope that the children will enjoy this and that the Erasmus visitors might even pop in for a taste!

Homework and important events

Monday- Spelling and Reading

Tuesday- Gym kit for FUTSAL

Wednesday- Maths Homework

Thursday- Gym kit for Miss Inglis

Friday- Dress Down Day

Thank you for your support

Mr Greig and Mrs Steel

Primary 1 Update – 7.11.16

We have a busy week ahead of us in Primary 1 with preparations in full swing for the arrival of our Erasmus visitors next week. The children are beginning to learn a Scottish song to welcome the visitors and will be creating a Scottish gift to present to them. Also over the past week the children have been auditioning for parts in the nativity. All children in Primary 1 will take part, some may have words to learn. Please check your child’s homework diary to help them with this if required.
In Maths, we have started learning about the concept of addition using concrete materials. This can be followed up at home by combining 2 sets of everyday object e.g. pennies, sweeties, toys etc.
We are continuing to introduce initial sounds and blending these together. The children will be applying their knowledge in their new reading book and in writing tasks.
Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Miss Christy, Mrs Muir.

Primary 6 04.11.16


We have had a very busy week in Primary 6. On Monday we started to learn a song for a Scottish Assembly which will be taking place when our ERASMUS+ visitors arrive in a couple of weeks time. We are learning “You’re Welcome Wullie Stewart” a song written by Robert Burns about the arrival of his best friend. The children have received the words home with them. Please encourage them to learn their words by Monday.

We have started our new Interdisciplinary Topic of Europe. The children have been using Atlases to complete a variety of tasks to help them to gain a better understanding of the geography of the continent. The children are now working in groups using their research skills to create a poster about a European Country for our classroom display. The children have made a great start to these posters and Mrs Kelly and I are looking forward to seeing the finished products! We will also be using our writing session next week to write letters to our European Visitors; telling them about our country and asking them questions about their own. We are looking forward to our visitors reading our letters and replying!

All groups in maths have begun work on multiplication and division in class. Please encourage your child to practise their times tables at home as knowledge of these facts can help them to access many other more complex areas of maths in the future. Thank you for your support with this. Here is a useful website that can help the children to practise their times tables and division facts:

Maths Game

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie.

Primary 7 – 28/10/16

A spooky time as had by all at the Halloween party last night. A fantastic range of outfits were worn and well done to the winners!

This week has been another busy week in P7. The children finished their Japan books and read them to primary 4. Primary 4 then gave P7 feedback on what they liked about the books and what needed to be improved.

After school clubs started this week, please remind the children that it is important to attend every week. If they are unable to attend then please let the school know.

On Wednesday we had a visit from two high school teachers – Miss Thomson worked with Mrs Gilmour’s class in maths and Mr Anderson worked with both classes to start preparing them for the song that they will sing at the High School Christmas concert.

Next week we will begin work on our Remembrance topic – if you have any photographs or memories to share about relatives who died during a war and you are happy to share these, please could you contact the school. The children will be creating a display/wreath to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of why Remembrance is important. We will be learning the song ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ to sing at assembly.

We have also started preparing for our ERASMUS visitors coming on the week beginning 14 November. The children are creating a display for the classroom. They will also be making boxes on the theme of Scotty dogs which we will fill with homemade tablet to give to our visitors. We will be learning the song ‘Scotland’s Story’ by the Proclaimers to sing for our visitors.

Next Monday we have a visit from West Lothian Drug and Alcohol service who will be working with the children on he dangers of substance misuse.

Next Friday 4th selected children will be attending the rearranged Sportshall Athletics event at Craigswood Sports Centre. Please remember to wear your PE kit and bring a water bottle. The rest of the children will e having outdoor PE on this day so they will also need PE kit and water bottle.


Spelling homework each night

Maths homework

Remembrance homework

Learn lyrics to songs – Scotland’s Story and It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

PE kit on Wednesday and Friday

P7W swimming kit on Wednesday (last session)


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 4, 17.6.16

Well done to everyone who applied for the Eco Committee yesterday and Pupil Council today. We have new Committee Rep – well done to Mason Pow, and Depute – Abby Colquoun. I’ll update the Pupil Council results later today.

A massive thank you to everyone for applying. The competition was fierce and I’m glad I wasn’t part of the voting. We had people with campaign banners, leaflets and even mascots. It was an excellent effort from everyone so thank you.

This week letters were handed out for our final trip to Hopetoun House next week where we will be participating in a mini-beast safari and a pond dip as well as some lessons in the outdoors. Please can you bring appropriate clothing this day. Waterproofs, warm clothes and sturdy shoes are necessary but hopefully the weather will pick up a little for us. If possible, perhaps pupils should bring a change of shoes in a plastic bag, but this is not compulsory. If it is raining however, we should get a good glimpse at a huge variety of mini-beasts and pond life as these are the conditions they love!

Please remember to sign both forms and both sides of the A4 form, then return to school before Wednesday 22nd.


Monday: Meet the Teacher, Talent Contest.

Tuesday: Outdoor PE Kit

Thursday: Trip to Hopetoun

Friday: Open morning 11:15- 12:15. Come along to your child’s class where they will show you their Learning Journal showcasing what they consider to be their best work, then be taken on to see the progress with our Erasmus partnership and also the technologies we have been learning about and will continue to work with next year.

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