Primary 3 26.10.18

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic October break.

This week Primary three finished our weather topic and said goodbye to Summer Winter who had been with us since our first few weeks in Primary three. We helped her learn along with us in lots of the learning opportunities provided from our topic. We spend a little time this week  designing and deciding on our new topic, “Inclusion,” and the children have thought of questions they would like answered throughout their learning.

The Halloween party was a huge success and the outfits this year were amazing. The hard work and effort taken to produce the costumes and make-up was clear for all to see and the children had a ball!

We will begin learning songs for our Nativity soon and auditioning for parts.

This week Poppies will be on sale. We ask that a donation of at least 50p is given should your child wish a poppy.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson.

Primary 3 20.11.17

We have certainly been hustling and bustling with our nativity practice lately! Costumes have been fitted, lines being learned, dances being choreographed and positions being given and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on! Thank you for going over children’s lines, the effort is really paying off.


Our Inclusion topic is well under way and we have been learning about the provisions in place to ensure people who have difficulties are included and provided for in and around our school and local area. We were interested to learn that some people’s difficulties cannot be seen, and rather, it is harder for them because of this.


St Andrew’s Day is not far away either and we have a new and interesting Scots song to learn. Here are the words, can you understand the story? Children have all been given a copy to learn over the next two weeks.

We look forward to seeing many of you at our Look, Write, Count event on Wednesday 22nd November from 6.30. Here, you will receive a wonderful free story bag with games and two picture books included, and have the opportunity to play some of the games with your child and perhaps hear a story!


Nativity words and songs

St Andrew’s Day song




Book Day on Wednesday 29th November. Start planning fancy dress where children dress up as their favourite book character.

Primary 6 9.6.17

Hello everyone

We have had an interesting and busy week in Primary 6. Early in the week we focused on the work of Henri Matisse: the French abstract artist. We looked at two of his most famous pieces “The Snail” and “Icarus”. P6KW made life size images of “Icarus” in a variety of different colours, using different materials to decorate each part of the body. In P6C the children looked at “The Snail” and decided to make abstract images of natural and inanimate objects out of cut out pieces of paper – just like Matisse did! The results look fantastic!

As part of our Inclusion topic the children brought in their own devices and used school laptops to research famous paralympians. The children then chose an interesting and creative way to share their knowledge. Children in P6C created audio recordings, powerpoints, posters and video recordings in order to share their knowledge. We look forward to viewing all of the final products next week.

Mrs Ferguson, our PE specialist, returned from maternity leave this week. The children were pleased to welcome her back and took part in some of the activities that will be stations during our Sports Day. This will take place on Wednesday 21st June. P4-7 will take part in the morning session. We will provide you with more details of this in due course.

Next week we will be learning all about Slovakia as part of our work on the ERASMUS+ Project. The children will be learning about the famous landmarks, traditional food and language of Slovakia. There will be an Open Morning on Friday 23rd June where the children can share their learning with you. We hope you can come.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

P6C – First AAL Experience

Hello again everyone!
Today the children in P6C had the opportunity to bring in their own devices from home to use as part of a lesson. The children used their devices to research a famous Paralympian as part of our Inclusion topic. They had to research their nationality, age, disability, major successes and achievements and any other interesting information. Next week the children will use this information to create a presentation. I was very impressed with how well the children worked today and they were filled with enthusiasm when discussing the advantages of using their own devices. Laptops were also available for the children to use. P6KW will be able to bring in their devices for use next week.

Well done P6C!

Miss Clark


Primary 6 31.05.17

Hello everyone, we can’t believe that it’s almost June already!

Everyone has been working very hard in Primary 6 this past week. In writing, we have been working on persuasive writing. Last week the children created advertisements for their favourite place to visit. The children thought about adjectives to describe the place, a catchphrase that would stick in people’s minds and learned how to use rhetorical questions to convince people that their destination was the best. This week the children will try to persuade the reader of their text of their opinion of school uniform. We are sure this will be a fun and interesting debate!

As part of our inclusion topic we took advantage of the lovely weather last week and went outside to try and experience what it might be like to be physically disabled. The children were able to experience walking blindfolded, using noise cancelling headphones, using a wheelchair unaided and using crutches. The children were able to discuss some of the difficulties that they were presented with when trying to negotiate the playground. This week we will be learning about how society and the local community support those with physical and mental disabilities.

Three children in P6 (Daisy, Luci and Rhianna) made us all very proud this week. They made a group decision that they wanted to raise money for school funds in order to buy equipment for the playground. So on Sunday the girls ran from Dechmont Law to Dobbies and back in order to raise the money. They went around the classes last week asking for any donations and ended up raising a massive £125.10!! We are so proud of the girls for making the decision to do this and organising the entire event themselves. Well done girls! We will let you know what Luci, Daisy and Rhianna choose to spend the money on 🙂

Reminders –
Futsal – Tuesday
Outdoor PE – Wednesday
Spelling homework – Due on Friday

Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie.


Well done Daisy, Luci and Rhianna!

Primary 6 11.05.17

Hello everyone

We hope you have had a lovely week. This week has been an excellent week in Primary 6. The children have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum and have been impressing us all!

In maths, Miss Clark’s groups have been practising their addition and subtraction strategies. They have been using empty number lines to help them add and subtract larger numbers mentally. Ask your child to show you this at home 🙂 The children have also been working hard to say their times tables more quickly and accurately. We have been practising lots in class. Test your child at home and see what they know? 🙂 Natalia is our new “Beat the Buddy” champion! We are all very impressed with her times table knowledge!

Today in Primary 6 we had a special visit from the Primary 7 pupils who shared with us some posters and information leaflets they had created about how to be a good buddy. You’ll see some pictures of this visit below. The children received their “Buddy Booklets” today which they will be making to give to their Primary 1 buddies in June. The children are all looking forward to being buddies and we are sure they will take on their responsibilities maturely.

As part of our topic we have been learning about how we are all different and yet how we are all equally important. We have discussed certain types of disabilities and how they can impact on people’s lives. We have also discussed how we can help others who have mental, sensory or physical disabilities. The children in Miss Clark’s class have begun to research different types of disabilities so that they can create information posters for others. We look forward to seeing the final results.

In French, the children have been learning how to tell the time using o’clock and half past times. Next week we will explore the times quarter past and quarter to. The children have also been practising writing French words and phrases through the creation of calendars.

Reminders –
PE – Tuesday (Futsal) and Wednesday (athletics). Children can come to school in their PE kits on both days with a change of clothes in their bags.
Reading homework – Due for Monday each week (Miss Clark’s class only).
Spelling homework – Due Friday each week.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie


Primary 3 31.10.16

Primary 3 have been learning 4 verses from the Katie Bairdie song. They will be performing this song to our Erasmus visitors when they arrive next week. Could you please encourage your child to practise the song.

Primary 3 are having a Quaich workshop today. The children will be using materials such as clay, to create their very own Quaichs. We are looking forward to seeing the final products.

In maths, we are moving onto subtraction. We plan on using similar strategies we used in addition to help solve subtraction questions and problems. We will also be introducing multiplication, starting with the two times table.

Our new topic this term is Inclusion. The children will be learning about our senses, disabilities and how people can be helped or supported. Nativity will also play a big part in our timetable, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Afterschool clubs have now started and we hope the children that signed up for the clubs, enjoyed their first week.



Spelling, Maths and regular reading

P.E: P3R on a Tuesday and Thursday

P.E P3S on a Tuesday and Wednesday


Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith