Primary 6 1.11.20

Good morning from Primary 6.  Here is some news about everything we have been doing this week.

In reading we have been working on new roles for a new learning style called Reciprocal reading.  We have been discussing tools for reading and have been given new task roles.  They are Clarifyer, Predictor, Questioner and Summariser.  We will continue to practise these roles over the next few weeks.

We are so pleased to see all the inventions arriving in school this week and are looking forward to presenting these on Monday.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this, your support is greatly appreciated.

We have started writing haunted house stories using our description genre targets.  These was a real success, everyone enjoyed writing them and we will be redrafting these for display next week.

In ICT we have been working on Garage band with Mr Shanks, there were some fantastic pieces of music  being played this week.

In Maths we are continuing to work on place value and have completed our angles topic.  On Thursday we had an activities session where we were challenged to create pathways using compasses and draw shapes by programming instructions using the Probots.

On Friday we had a super morning participating in Halloween activities.  Everyone loved the Quiz which was made by the PSA  and goody bags so we would all like to say a big thank you for that.  We also took part in a murder mystery where we had to use our maths and group work skills to solve the problem.

Class newsletters were handed out on Friday with information on the rest of the term so have a look in bags if you didn’t receive yours.

Have a lovely week.

Mrs Jamieson, Ms Mathieson and Mrs Smith.

Primary 1 30.10.19

The primary ones are all very excited for Halloween tomorrow! We will be learning more about it and will hopefully do a few crafts in the afternoon to celebrate!
This week we have been consolidating all the letters we have learnt so far. The children are making great progress writing these sounds, recognising them and identifying words with each sound at the beginning. The children are beginning to blend the sounds they know together to make short words. Thank you for all the work you have been doing at home to practise this with the sound cards in the homework.
In maths we have been continuing our work on addition. The children have now learnt to write sums using the add sign and equals sign. We are still using concrete materials to assist our addition so if you are practising at home please remember to give your child objects to support the sum.
Tomorrow we will be taking the children to the nursery garden for outdoor learning. Please send your children to school with wellies and a warm coat.
Thank you for all your support. As always, we are available before and after school if you have any questions.
The p1 teachers

Primary 4 7.11.18

Hello everyone

We’ve had a good week in Primary 4 so far. In writing we finished writing our fabulous Halloween stories and they are fantastic. They were filled with adjectives, exciting details and spooky characters! Well done boys and girls!

In reading the children have been working hard to read their books carefully looking for tricky words. They have then been beginning to use a dictionary to search for the definitions of these words in order to develop their understandings. This task has been challenging but the children have been working so hard and are developing their ability to use a dictionary quickly and effectively.

Tomorrow will be a very exciting day in Primary 4 as we host our “Viking Bake Off” event. Miss Millar and Mr Shanks will judge our creations! The children will make sweet oat cakes with honey and will get to taste their own handiwork! We can’t wait to see how they turn out 🙂

Christmas Fair letters have now been sent home along with raffle tickets. The Christmas Fair is on Friday 30th November from 6-8pm. You can buy tickets by returning the tear off slip to school or speaking to office staff.

Primary 7 are still selling Poppies 50p/£1 preferred donation. We are looking forward to attending the P7 Remembrance Assembly on Friday to learn more.

Reminders –
Spelling – due Friday
Maths (studyladder game) – due Friday
Reading pages – due next Monday
PE days – Indoor: Thursday Outdoor: Tuesday

Thank you for your support

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 1.11.18

Hello everyone

Primary 4 have had an extremely busy but very fun week! On Monday we were visited by some very important people – two vikings! They wore traditional Viking clothes and spoke to us in a language Vikings use called Norse. The children were able to learn some new words and were even beginning to understand instructions in Norse! The Vikings taught us all about special traditions, burials, clothes, food, weapons and even dancing! What a fantastic learning experience! Thank you Vikings 🙂

On Wednesday we attended a sports event at Craigswood Sports Centre with other Primary 4 children from our cluster. The children competed in the handball festival with great enthusiasm showing great skill and sportsmanship. Thank you to Mrs Ferguson for working with the children to improve their skills. Well done Primary 4!

This week in writing the children wrote a spooky story all about Halloween. They worked very hard to focus on our 3 core targets whilst writing – using full stops and capital letters, spelling all common words correctly and using a variety of connectives. We will finish these stories next week and we cannot wait to read the finished articles!

On Monday your child received a reading book home and a new homework sheet inside their spelling jotter. Each week your child will have pages to read in their new book. They will have a full week to read these pages (from Monday to the following Monday). Spelling homework will continue as before and maths homework will be given each week. This may be in the form of a worksheet but also could be a practical activity/Studyladder game. Thank you for all your support with homework.

Last Thursday’s Halloween disco was a huge success! It was terrific seeing all the children dressed up and having a fantastic time! Thank you to the PSA for organising such a well planned and fun event! And well done too to Zara and Sophie for winning the costume competition!

Reminders –
Spelling – due Friday
Maths worksheet – due Friday
Reading pages – By next Monday
PE days – Outdoor: Tuesday Indoor: Thursday

Primary 7 are selling poppies in the run up to Remembrance Day. If you wish your child to buy one then Primary 7 are asking for a donation of at least 50p but preferably £1. Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 2 30.10.18

Primary 2 loved the Halloween Party! All the costumes were fantastic!

Homework is due on Thursday, please remember to sign off any homework activities which were completed. We will share our work with our peers on Thursday morning. Remember to keep doing reading regularly.

We are learning to add mentally in maths this week. We are hoping to use the counting on strategy to help us add big numbers.

In writing we will be writing a story about our Halloween activities- treat or treat, sweeties, parties etc. We are hoping to use a variety of adjectives to help make our stories come to life.

We are kicking off our new topic with learning about Firefighters. We have been investigating the purpose of the firefighters uniform and helmet. Children have also been looking at and describing fire engines. We are hoping for a visit from our local firefighters soon.

Primary 7 are selling Poppies for Remembrance Day. They would appreciate a donation of £1.

P.E kits and water bottles!

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 3 26.10.18

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic October break.

This week Primary three finished our weather topic and said goodbye to Summer Winter who had been with us since our first few weeks in Primary three. We helped her learn along with us in lots of the learning opportunities provided from our topic. We spend a little time this week  designing and deciding on our new topic, “Inclusion,” and the children have thought of questions they would like answered throughout their learning.

The Halloween party was a huge success and the outfits this year were amazing. The hard work and effort taken to produce the costumes and make-up was clear for all to see and the children had a ball!

We will begin learning songs for our Nativity soon and auditioning for parts.

This week Poppies will be on sale. We ask that a donation of at least 50p is given should your child wish a poppy.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson.

Primary 2/3 26.10.17

Primary 2/3 have a new topic called Our Community. We are going to be learning about who works in our community, who helps us and what we can do to keep our community safe and tidy.

Primary 2/3 have P.E on a Monday and Tuesday. Please remember to bring in a P.E kit.


Primary 2 have: Reading, Maths, Time your Climb and common words

Primary 3 have: Spelling, two sentences, common words and maths

All homework is due on Friday please.

Tomorrow we are planning to do some spooky writing using lots of picture plans and interesting adjectives. Our stories should be great!

I am looking forward to seeing all the boys and girls at the Halloween Disco tonight!

Primary 3 24.10.17

Hello all!

We hope you had a lovely half term break and feel fully rested for the busy term ahead! We have started the week as we mean to go on with our phonic focus and our common words selection. You will notice that the children will have slightly more words to learn using make and break strategies or look, say, cover, write and check. We have also included four common words to practice each week in whichever way you choose. This can be done verbally, in the car, in the supermarket or it can be done using colour on scrap paper in rainbow writing, or opposite handed. The more repetition the children experience the more they will remember when they write in class.

Reading will also be set individually, this will either be stuck in the front of the diary or in the relevant week indicating which pages or chapters to focus on.

PE remains the same with P3S on a Tuesday and Thursday and P3A on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our Halloween Disco will be taking place this Thursday at 5pm and the children are already excited about dressing up for this.

We will also be busy planning and rehearsing our P2/3 Nativity and more details of this will follow, don’t want to mention ‘Xmas’ just yet!!!!

It was lovely to see those of you that could attend parent’s evening before half term and as always, our door is open if you have any queries or concerns.

Have a great week!

Mrs Smith, Miss Smith and Miss Brown