Primary 2/3 14.6.18

We had a very successful walk up Dechmont. We dressed as pirates and decided that it was a perfect lookout point. We could see for miles!

We have been busy bees this week getting ready for our open morning tomorrow. We have been learning about the world of work and talking about jobs that the children would like to do when they grow up. We look forward to showing you our work tomorrow.

We have an exciting week next week, with the Beach trip on Tuesday and Sports day on Wednesday afternoon. Primary 2 and Primary 3 have been given their residential letters for next year so please return these with the deposit as soon as possible.

Last week of homework this week!

Remember house colours for sports day and appropriate clothes for the beach.

Miss Rafferty

Primary 2/3

We had a fantastic trip to North Berwick to take part in Plundering Pirates and Seashore Explorer. The children learned about local pirates and made real life treasure maps. We got to explore the Old Kirk and had lunch outside. We finished off on the beach exploring the sand and making sandcastles. We all had lots of fun and learned lots!

Today we are walking up Dechmont Law. Children have been learning that pirates always had to be on the look out for other pirates or dangers. We decided to go to the highest point in our local area to see how far we can actually see!! We might even see the sea!!

Recently we have been working hard learning how to tell the time. The boys and girls have been using clocks and digital clocks to tell the time. P2 have also been investigating number patterns and Primary 3 have been finding the fraction of a number.

Primary 2 have now learned all the phonic sounds so we are now revising all of the tricky ones. Primary 3 are still working their way through the Primary 3 programme with new sounds each week.

All children have had a letter inviting the parents to come to school next Friday for a Careers Day. At some point could you discuss with your children about what you do for a job/career? We have lots of activities planned next week and we can show you these on Friday when you visit.

We also have the Beach trip in 2 weeks time (Tuesday 19th June). Could you please fill out the EE2 forms and return to school?

P.E Monday and Thursday

Homework: Spelling, Maths and Reading

Miss Rafferty

Primary 2/3 24.4.18

Primary 2/3 did a fantastic job in their class assembly last week. We have received so many positive comments about our assembly from lots of teachers and children. Well done boys and girls!

We have now started our new and final topic for Primary 2/3 which is Treasure Island and Pirates! We received a message in a bottle from Pete the Pirate tell us that he was on a desert island hunting for treasure. He asked Primary 2/3 for their help to teach him all about Pirates, Desert islands and finally help him find the hidden treasure. All the boys and girls are very excited! We have also been learning some songs linked to pirates!

We will be linking lots of our numeracy and literacy to our new topic as well as IDL.

Primary 3 are off to Lowport this week! The remaining Primary 3’s will join Mrs Smith and the other Primary 3 children to complete some science investigations and take part in lots of arts and crafts.

P.E is outdoor on a Monday (Supported by our P.E students) and on Thursday with Mrs Ferguson our P.E specialist.

Mrs Fox is working with our class this term too. She is going to be crafting with the children to make treasure and jewellery.

Can all children please make sure that they have indoor shoes and water bottles.

Miss Rafferty

Primary 2/3 10.4.18

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!

Primary 2/3 have their parent assembly next week (Tuesday 17th April) You are all welcome to come along to find out what we have learned about the Romans. It should be very exciting!

Could all children please continue to practise their lines and songs for our assembly. We will be allocating time in class this week to also practise and put our costumes on.

Our new topic will start next week- Pirates and Treasure Island! It is a very exciting topic and I am sure the children are going to love it and learn lots.

Our specialist timetable has changed so our indoor P.E slot has now moved to a Thursday morning. We will continue to do our Outdoor P.E lessons on a Monday. Please remember P.E kits on both of these days. The children will also be receiving Art from Ms Fox on a Wednesday.

In Maths- P3 are continuing work on their 3 times table and next week we hope to learn our 4 times table. P2 are learning how to half numbers which links nicely to doubling numbers which is what we were learning before the holidays.

Reading- Children have been given fiction texts to start the term. Please read regularly at home and encourage discussion about the text/story.


Assembly lines and songs, Reading, Spelling (Time your climb) and Maths.

P.E: Monday and Thursday

Thanks, Miss Rafferty

Primary 2/3 13.03.18

Primary 2/3 have an assembly coming up after the Easter Holidays (17th April). I am still to hand out parts for this however we have started learning two songs. Please practise these between now and the assembly.


Easter Egg hunt for Primary 2/3 will take place this Thursday! We are looking forward to completing the hunt and eating some chocolate.

Homework this week:

Spelling, Reading and Maths for Primary 2 and 3.

Any questions, just let me know.

Miss Rafferty

Primary 2/3 7.3.18

Welcome back Primary 2/3! Thank you to all the boys and girls who completed snow day activities, read and posted on the blog. The work some of the boys and girls brought in was fabulous! Brilliant effort.

This week in maths we are continuing with division by 2 and 10 with Primary 3 and Primary 2 are finding doubles and near doubles using rekenreks and number lines. Some of of children are even managing to answer some of our questions mentally which is fantastic.

Children will be continuing to read their reading books from last week. The children have also been given a non-fiction text to read this week. Encourage your children using the contents page and discuss the facts from the book.

In our topic this week we are learning about Roman slaves. Boys and girls have been finding out that their lives were tough and being a slave meant you belonged to somebody. Some of our children couldn’t believe all the work they had to do. We are also going to begin looking at Roman Gladiators and how they battled in the Coliseum.

We will be doing our planned Health lesson with our comfort toys this Thursday. Could the children bring their toys to help aid our discussion and circle time.

We have Craig McLean coming into school today to talk to the boys and girls about becoming a commonwealth athlete. The children are very excited to meet him and ask him questions about his career.

P.E- Wednesday

Homework- Reading

Easter Egg hunt letters need to come back asap with a payment of £1 to take part in the hunt and receive a chocolate treat!

Thank you, Miss Rafferty


Primary 2/3 30.1.18

Primary 2/3 would like to say a huge well done to Zara Walker and Oliver Wheelans!! They both did a fantastic job reciting their Scottish poem in front of the whole school. Well done!!

Primary 2/3 have been learning about Roman numerals. They managed to use the Roman numerals to count confidently up to 10 and also use them to crack codes. This week we are learning about Roman towns and villas.

In science, we have been continuing our lessons in the Polar Explorer programme. Yesterday we were learning about the Arctic food chain and how important it is in keeping some of our beautiful arctic animals alive! We even learned about a little fish called a copepod!

In health last week the boys and girls were learning about our feelings when we have good days and bad days. The children were able to describe these days and how it made them feel. We also learned that if we are having a bad day we can always turn it round to a good day by changing our thought process! Primary 2/3 are hoping for lots of good days to come!

Primary 3 have started learning their 2x tables and are hoping to move onto their 10x next week- keep practising P3!

Primary 2 are working hard in subtraction, using concrete materials and number lines. The children are also been working out missing subtrahends which can be tricky but they are doing really well. Keep up the hard work P2!

Reminder- P.E is on a Monday and Wednesday

Homework- Spelling, Reading, Maths

Thanks, Miss Rafferty

Primary 2/3 23.1.18

Primary 2/3 have been working very hard learning their Scottish Poems. The boys and girls have been practising in class and at home. Today the children are going to perform in front of their class and then two of our boys and girls will be invited to say their poem to the whole school. We wish them all the best of luck! On Thursday we will be learning about Robert Burns, singing Scottish songs and tasting some traditional Scottish food. I hope you all like Haggis!!

In our topic this week we have been looking and learning about the Roman soldier. We have discussed what they wear and why. The children have also learned what the Roman words are for shield, sandals and helmet. We are also going to be learning about Roman Numerals this week too.

Reminder- P.E is on a Monday and Wednesday so please can you send the children in with P.E kits. Also could they come to school with a water bottle.

Homework: Spelling, Reading, Poems/Scottish Song and Maths.


Miss Rafferty

Primary 2/3

Primary 2/3 and Primary 2 have a Scottish song to learn for our St Andrew’s Day Assembly next week. The children have a copy of the words to take home and we will practise the song and actions in class. We would appreciate your support in helping the children practise the words.

We have been also working on our Nativity. Children have been practising the songs, dance moves and lines. This will continue up until our show in December.

Primary 2/3 have been investigating which buildings we have in our community and what role they play in keeping our community functioning. Children have drawn these buildings and constructed some of them using our construction materials. They look brilliant!

Primary 2/3 have also been looking into our personal hygiene. We are now regularly brushing our teeth and we understand the importance of washing our hands to prevent the spread of germs.

P.E is on a Monday (Outdoor, weather permitting) and Tuesday


P2- Reading, Time your climb, Common words,

P3- Reading, Spelling/sentences, Common words

Common words (could you please sign off common words once the children have practised them)



Primary 2/3

We have been very busy learning about our community. We have been learning about who lives and works in our community. We identified everyone who works in our community and made a big display in our class. We have also discussed places we visit in our community and the activities we can do there. Livingston has so much to offer!

We have started our Nativity rehearsals- if your child has a speaking part, please practise their lines with them. Everyone can practise our song which were posted on the P3 blog last week.

Well done to all the boys and girls who have been bringing in their P.E kits- reminder that PE is on a Monday and Tuesday.

P5 are running our Children in Need day on Friday and we have been asked to take part by coming to school in our PJs for a small donation. That day will be very comfortable for us, we can’t wait.


P2 have common words, time your climb and reading

P3 have common words, spelling, sentences and reading

Maths homework will be handed out on Wednesday (3D Shape)


Primary 2/3 26.10.17

Primary 2/3 have a new topic called Our Community. We are going to be learning about who works in our community, who helps us and what we can do to keep our community safe and tidy.

Primary 2/3 have P.E on a Monday and Tuesday. Please remember to bring in a P.E kit.


Primary 2 have: Reading, Maths, Time your Climb and common words

Primary 3 have: Spelling, two sentences, common words and maths

All homework is due on Friday please.

Tomorrow we are planning to do some spooky writing using lots of picture plans and interesting adjectives. Our stories should be great!

I am looking forward to seeing all the boys and girls at the Halloween Disco tonight!

Primary 2/3 5.9.17

Primary 2/3 have started their topic about Puppets. We have been investigating different types of puppets and identified some well known puppets like Pinocchio, Muppets and Sooty and Sweep! In the up coming weeks we will be making some of our very own puppets.

In Maths, Primary 2 have been focusing on number lines and Primary 3 have been working on addition up to 30 using the 100 square. Maths homework will be sent home today.

Reading books will be sent home today, along with some common words that need to be practised this week. All homework instructions will be found in the children’s homework diaries. Primary 3 will also have spelling words to complete.

P.E- Monday (Outdoor) Tuesday (Indoor)

Could children please remember to bring their P.E kits on these days?

Primary 2/3 have an achievement/talent wall, so if your children achieve anything outside of school, please let me know and we can add their achievement to our display and celebrate their success!

Miss Rafferty