Primary 2/3 30.1.18

Primary 2/3 would like to say a huge well done to Zara Walker and Oliver Wheelans!! They both did a fantastic job reciting their Scottish poem in front of the whole school. Well done!!

Primary 2/3 have been learning about Roman numerals. They managed to use the Roman numerals to count confidently up to 10 and also use them to crack codes. This week we are learning about Roman towns and villas.

In science, we have been continuing our lessons in the Polar Explorer programme. Yesterday we were learning about the Arctic food chain and how important it is in keeping some of our beautiful arctic animals alive! We even learned about a little fish called a copepod!

In health last week the boys and girls were learning about our feelings when we have good days and bad days. The children were able to describe these days and how it made them feel. We also learned that if we are having a bad day we can always turn it round to a good day by changing our thought process! Primary 2/3 are hoping for lots of good days to come!

Primary 3 have started learning their 2x tables and are hoping to move onto their 10x next week- keep practising P3!

Primary 2 are working hard in subtraction, using concrete materials and number lines. The children are also been working out missing subtrahends which can be tricky but they are doing really well. Keep up the hard work P2!

Reminder- P.E is on a Monday and Wednesday

Homework- Spelling, Reading, Maths

Thanks, Miss Rafferty

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