Eco Committee

Welcome to our Eco Committee blog. Here you will find out all the wonderful Eco things that are happening at Carmondean.

At Carmondean we are all Eco Warriors! 


May 2021 update

As an Eco Committee, we have found it hard to move forward with a lot of our plans over the past year due to Covid. We have, however, been busy in the background with some virtual meetings and lots of work in different classes.

We are delighted that the last few weeks we have managed to meet in person (socially distanced) and put a lot of our plans in place!

Drastic Plastic Campaign 

Before the pandemic started last March, you may remember the Eco Committee carried out a Waste Survey in the lunch hall. We were SHOCKED by the amount of packaging and some of this has got even worse due to Covid!!!!

We would like to launch – Waste Free Wednesday 

We would love everyone to get involved in Waste free Wednesday. To do this you need to bring in a snack and your lunch with no wrapper on it! Please try and use a reusable tub rather than cling film, sandwich bags or tin foil. By doing this you will be helping us make the environment cleaner and safer for the next generation!

Crisp packet recycling 

Remember – we are a drop off point for crisp packets. If you have any you would like to hand in then please hand in to the office and they will pass to us. If possible, please shake them so no crisps are left inside and then flatten the packet.

Last time we sent away 3 large boxes full of crisp packets and this has given us £16.80 in our school terracycle account. It is great that we are helping the environment and making some money that we will spend on eco related products.

Here is a video explaining the recycling scheme.


Planters – P5 

Have you seen the planters in our school grounds?

Back in September/October, P5A were very busy weeding and then they planted lots of bulbs. They look wonderful now they have bloomed!


Climate Change – P2

Primary 2 have been learning all about Climate change. Here is some of their wonderful work.

What causes Global Warming?


What happens because of Global Warming?

What can we do to help stop Climate Change?


They are also working towards their Green Blue Peter badge. Here are some of their pledges to become Climate Heroes.