P2/1 update Monday 9th November 2020

Hi everyone,

We’re really looking forward to another fun week in P2/1!  Here is an update of what we have planned and also copies of the home learning grids.

Home Learning

The home learning grids for the next two weeks are attached below.

P1 9th November home learning P2 9th November home learning

Primary 1:

Language – our sounds this week are ‘g’ and ‘l’. We’ll be practising writing them and identifying words which begin with the sounds. In reading we will be continuing to learn strategies for reading words we don’t know and also making predictions about texts.

Numeracy – Last week we got on really well with counting two collections and adding them together. This week we will be using number lines to help us with addition.

Primary 2:

Language – our sound this week is ‘ck’ and we’ll be working with our magnetic boards to spell words using this sound.  In our writing we will also try to use some words which use our new sound.

Numeracy – We are continuing to work on our addition strategies and will be adding larger numbers. We will be playing lots of games and activities to help us with our addition.

‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’

We are looking forward to finding out about different types of owls and creating fact files about them this week. Our science will also link with our topic as we will be finding out why we have day and night.

Children in Need

On Friday 13th November we will be having a colourful dress down day and children can pay a donation of £1 to dress in colourful clothing. Children in Need are also holding a duck race. Children can pay 50p to choose one of the ducks which will be taking part in the race on Friday 13th.  This link has more details:  https://www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/fundraising/the-annual-duck-race-sweepstake-2020/


  • Outside PE will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please wear PE kit to school on these days.
  • Please bring a full water bottle to school every day.
  • Please bring your reading book to school every day.
  • Children in Need Dress Down Day on Friday.

Thanks for your ongoing support. If you have any questions or anything we can help with please get in touch with the office and we’ll get back to you.


Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

Primary 5

Hello to all,

Another busy week in P5 where the children are becoming more knowledgeable about Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The children cut up maps and made jigsaws with them. They then located major cities using clues in a treasure hunt format. On Wednesday each group chose a country to research and they are creating a display with all the key facts about that country. They will become experts on their specific country and teach the rest of the class all about it!

We are continuing to read the Spiderwick Chronicles and the children particularly enjoyed acting out various parts of the story. Please continue to encourage your child to read for enjoyment at home.

In outdoor PE the children are creating playground games. They taught another group their game and after improvement comments were given they made the necessary changes. All the children had fun learning these new games. We hope to teach these games to an infant class at a later date.


Outdoor PE- Monday. Kit-trackies/leggings, t-shirt, sweatshirt, trainers

Indoor PE-Thursday. Shorts, t-shirt, indoor shoes


Landmark challenge- due Friday 27th September

Numeracy (For Mrs Gilmour) –due Thursday 19th September

Spelling- due every Friday. Please remember to do Look, Cover, Write, check and a sentence for each word.


Thank you for your continued support.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir

Primary 3 18.1.19

Choukie Dog Show Twa-Leggit Mice


This week, we have started to learn about castles. Lots of us have been to real castles so this helped us when we drew and labeled what we thought a castle looked like. Since then, we have learned the real names of the parts of a castle and what they are for.

We have even written an imaginative  descriptive story about what we could see when we stood outside a castle.

We have been learning some new boost words this week. Ask us about them and see whether we can remember what they are and what they mean. Test us to see if we can use the word in a sentence too! We will impress you!

In a few week’s time, we will be hosting a poetry competition in school. The winners will recite their poems at the Scots afternoon for senior citizens who have been invited. We will be sending home words to practise but will also be rehearsing and reciting these in class. The words for the poems can be accessed at the top of this blog post.


Please bring appropriate kit on PE days. We will be outside for PE every week and therefore should come prepared, especially for the colder weather. No shorts please. Please check children’s diaries for the correct days.

Please label all clothing brought into school, PE or school uniform, as we have bundles of unclaimed things most weeks which have no names on.

Look out for new GLOW passwords in the back of spelling homework jotters. These should be used in the event of a school closure on snow days and activities will be provided. Please copy these onto something at home so the children can access GLOW at all times, should their jotters still be in school.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Ms Matheson and Mrs Smith

Primary 3 2.11.18

Primary three heard our nativity songs for the first time this week. The words are linked below and the music is here too. Please feel free to practise these in your spare time.

Behind the Stable Door

Bustling About

Dozy Donkey

Wake Up!

Grumpy Camels

Gifts of Love

Get Up!


We will also be handing out words for our Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl song for St Andrews Day. This must be learned for homework over the next couple of weeks.


Primary 3 were introduced to the senses this week. We investigated things we liked to smell, touch, taste, see and hear. Next week we will focus on the sense of sight. We learned a little about the work of Louis Braille in creating the braille alphabet. We will explore this further next week.

We created some fantastic Firework Safety posters in writing this week so please ask us all about the safety rules. We now know what to do on bonfire night with sparklers, fireworks and bonfires.

Please if anyone has lost cardigans or jumpers in the past term, ask to see the pile in Miss Smith’s room. None of them have names, however they must belong to somebody. They will go up to lost property at the end of the week if they are not claimed.


Please bring a water bottle to school filled with water each day.

Please put names on every piece of clothing coming into school for easy identification.

Please bring PE kit on allocated day:

P3S – Tuesday and Thursday

P3MS – Monday and Wednesday



Learn Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl

Reading books – see diaries

Spelling – Look, cover, write and check words along the line and write one sentence for one of your words. (This will increase to 3 sentences after Christmas.)

Maths: Learn 2 x table, forwards and backwards.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

Primary 3 Friday 7th September 2018

We are now almost three weeks into the new term and we have been busy bees in Primary Three.

Our Weather topic has started and we have received a letter from the Weather Station explaining they need our help. They have a weather fairy, SummerWinter, who is not learning enough about the weather and is causing mayhem for us all on Earth. She has been sending the wrong information and people are going out dressed inappropriately for the weather so we are helping her learn. Mrs Thunder, her boss has been sending us missions.

This week we were asked to create our own weather forecasts and to present them to make a training video for SummerWinter.

We have also created a cloud to make communication easier between us and the Weather Station.

Primary Three are also beginning to learn about Seasons and relating these to crops and activities on farms in preparation for Harvest. Words for our first school assembly will be sent home after the September break, so please look out for these. This assembly is not a parents’ assembly and is for the rest of the school.

We loved meeting so many of you at Meet the Teacher. Thank you for discussing the class charter with you child and completing the tear off slip and achievement letter and returning these to school.

Thank you for your continued support so far.


  • Please can you put names on jumpers. There are 3 jumpers in P3S unclaimed.
  • PE days are as follows:

P3S – Outdoor – Tuesdays, Indoor – Thursdays

P3M/S – Outdoor – Mondays , Indoor Wednesdays

Please can children bring appropriate kit on these days?


Miss Smith, Ms Matheson and Mrs Smith



PE Kit reminder

Just a wee reminder of what pupils need to bring on PE days.

Indoor – navy shorts, white t-shirt and indoor shoes/trainers

Outdoor – joggers, t-shirt, sweatshirt/hoody and outdoor trainers

Each class will have PE twice each week. Check out their class blog for up to date information on when PE Kit is needed.

A big shout out to P7 who are setting a great example already with the whole class remembering to bring PE kit each week.  Well done!

Thanks for your help in supporting this.

Mrs Ferguson


Primary 3

What an exciting week its been with all this snow! However we are all braving the weather to get to school still however do keep an eye on the blog for any news of school closures if the weather gets any worse.

So we have kicked off the New Year with a Big Homework! The children have been asked to use a variety of junk materials to build a castle and label it with the key features listed on the sheet. This is not due until after the half term on Wednesday 14th February. Children will also have to present their models and talk about how they constructed them and what each feature represents.

Phonics and reading will carry on as normal and maths will be given fortnightly. You will receive a newsletter this week outlining the homework and topics we will study this term.

PE kit is required on the following days:

3G: Monday/Thursday

3S: Wednesday/Thursday

Please ensure your child is suitably dressed for outdoor PE: joggers and long sleeved tops and trainers.

Miss Smith set off to pastures new this term and we all miss her terribly however we welcome Mr Gordon to Primary 3 and look forward to getting to know him as the year goes on.

Hope your week is going well!

Mrs Smith and Mr Gordon

Primary 3 24.10.17

Hello all!

We hope you had a lovely half term break and feel fully rested for the busy term ahead! We have started the week as we mean to go on with our phonic focus and our common words selection. You will notice that the children will have slightly more words to learn using make and break strategies or look, say, cover, write and check. We have also included four common words to practice each week in whichever way you choose. This can be done verbally, in the car, in the supermarket or it can be done using colour on scrap paper in rainbow writing, or opposite handed. The more repetition the children experience the more they will remember when they write in class.

Reading will also be set individually, this will either be stuck in the front of the diary or in the relevant week indicating which pages or chapters to focus on.

PE remains the same with P3S on a Tuesday and Thursday and P3A on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our Halloween Disco will be taking place this Thursday at 5pm and the children are already excited about dressing up for this.

We will also be busy planning and rehearsing our P2/3 Nativity and more details of this will follow, don’t want to mention ‘Xmas’ just yet!!!!

It was lovely to see those of you that could attend parent’s evening before half term and as always, our door is open if you have any queries or concerns.

Have a great week!

Mrs Smith, Miss Smith and Miss Brown

Primary 6 22.9.17

Having discussed how difficult life was for working class children in the Victorian era, our pupils have decided that doing their chores and completing homework are not that bad after all! One pupil described feeling very lucky and this seemed to be the general consensus throughout primary six ………….perhaps we should increase chores and homework!!

We have been exploring all aspects of Victorian working conditions, particularly focusing on child labour. The pupils have been analysing different sources of information from this time period and discussing which improvements in working laws genuinely helped protect children from such harsh conditions.

The children have been working hard practising for the cross country event and those who have decided not to take part will be attending the event acting as our roaming sports reporters.

Invention ideas are starting to fly around our classrooms, remember the inventor challenge homework is due on Friday 6th October.

PE – outdoor Kit on Mondays / Indoor kit on Wednesdays
Spelling- due on Friday. Please note that spelling homework jotters should NOT be handed in before Friday as the children should be using them to practise their spelling words daily.
Maths- if no sheet from teacher please practice times tables and number bonds to 1000

Best Regards,
Mrs Gilmour, Mrs Tully, Mr Shanks and Mrs Wylie

Primary 3

This week we are going on a woodland walk on Wednesday in the afternoon, please make sure your child comes to school in appropriate footwear as weather has not been good so far this week!

Homework as normal: spelling focus is on ‘sq’ words and our maths focus is on division.

Please make sure your child brings in their PE kit on the appropriate days:

P3S: Tuesday & Wednesday

P3R: Monday & Tuesday

Our focus this week in our ‘Outstanding Outdoors’ topic is on how we look after our local community and we will be coming up with our own mascot to promote this. We will also be looking at how our community can be neglected so if you are out for a walk have a look for any evidence of either of these things and have a chat with your child about it and how it makes them feel.

Have a good week!

Mrs Smith, Miss Rafferty & Mr Woodward

Primary 3 News 13.3.17

First of all, a massive thank you to those of you who were able to come and watch our assembly this morning! We think you’ll agree that the boys and girls were absolute stars! If you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry as we will be hosting a Medieval Banquet in the school lunch hall on Friday 24th March at 11am. The children have been busy planning their invites and they will be handing them to you this week. They will only be able to invite one person and don’t forget to send in a costume for your child to wear.

We will be setting a ‘Drawbridge Challenge’ this week for small groups to carry out in class. To do this we need some junk sent in from home: cereal boxes, toilet/kitchen rolls, small empty packets, empty water/juice bottles etc. We are looking to start this on Wednesday.

Next Tuesday 21st March we will all be heading to Edinburgh Castle, most of this takes place outside whatever the weather so please send your children in to school with waterproof jackets, sensible shoes, hat, scarf and gloves as well as a packed lunch, snack and water bottle. Please send in the orange form we handed out last week with your child’s medical information attached.

Futsal will be taking place tomorrow for all of P3 but from next week PE times will change:

P3S: Kit required on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

P3R: Kit required on Monday and Tuesdays

Maths Homework focus this week is on time: Half past the hour and O’clock

Spelling Homework: ‘aw’ words Please can children write a detailed sentence each night to help them with their writing

If you have any questions about any of the above, you know where we are!

Have a good week!

Mrs Smith & Miss Rafferty

This week in P6

Hello everyone

We hope you had a lovely week.

This week Primary 6 have been continuing to rehearse for the P6/7 show “Alice in Wonderland”. Rehearsals are going very well so far and we are pleased that children have been practising their lines. We are now practising on the stage in the new hall and look forward to you seeing the performance in March. Please remember that it is expected that all children attend both the afternoon and evening performances. If there is a problem with this can you please let the school know as soon as possible, thank you.

The children have been continuing to work on their Titanic Fact Files in class. Children may also choose to bring these home to complete. You will find the criteria sheet inside their poly pocket. Please note this project is due in on the last week of term before the Easter Holidays.

In Health, the children have been learning about how to keep safe in different situations. Next week we will discuss peer pressure, the impact it can have on people’s lives and different strategies that we can use to avoid risky situations.

The P6 residential Dalguise is only 2 weeks away! Can all children who are attending this residential please make sure they hand back residential rules form and EE2 form (blue letters) to the school as soon as possible. If your child needs to take any medication to Dalguise a separate form will need to be filled out. Please contact the office for more details.

In PE we will be focussing on the skills of touch rugby whilst in the school hall. Outside, we will be creating new playground games for younger children in the school. Please remember that our PE days are Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor) and that children should come properly prepared for both sessions.
Indoor PE Kit – shorts/trousers, t-shirt, indoor shoes
Outdoor PE Kit – old trousers, t-shirt, warm jumper/hoodie, trainers (no school shoes please).

Please also remember that indoor shoes must be worn by all children during time in the classroom/PE halls.
Thank you for your support with this.

Reminders for next week:
P6C – reading homework due Monday 20/2
Maths – Class dependent
All – spelling homework due Friday 24/2
All – outdoor PE will take place on Friday for one week only.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

Primary 3

Happy New Year!

Next week we will be providing you with a more detailed blog about the learning in P3 but we wanted to remind you about this term’s PE days and when children will need to bring in their kit:

P3S: Monday & Tuesday

P3R: Tuesday & Wednesday

We will be having our PE sessions in the hall this term so please ensure children bring in appropriate kit and footwear. The black indoor rubber shoes are great to use for PE so please make sure your children have a pair.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Smith & Miss Rafferty

Primary 7 02.12.16

Another busy week in Primary 7!

The children have been working hard on their Enterprise activities for the Christmas Fair. Hopefully you can come along to the Christmas fair tonight and see them in action!

In PE the children have been creating playground games for their buddies. Next week they will be teaching their buddies how to play these games.

Mr Anderson from DCHS had another practice with all the children and they are sounding fantastic! The children are getting excited about singing at the high school on Thursday 15th December.

P7 assisted in the smooth running of the Christmas lunch. They served the children from P1 to P6. Then the adults in the dining room served the P7s with their lunch.


Christmas Fair – Friday 2nd December at 6pm

PE days have changed to a Monday and Tuesday – please ensure that your child has kit on these days

Children should continue to bring in their My Life So Far folder on a Thursday


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour



Primary 7 18.11.16

Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, Zdraveite, Ahoj, Cxesc !

We have had a busy week with our ERASMUS visitors. The children have been learning a variety of words in French, Italian, Bulgarian, Slovakian and Polish. Their pronunciation was very good! We noticed a few similarities between many of the words. The children in the choir and the house captains attended a very successful evening of Scottish entertainment on Thursday evening. The choir sang a selection of Scottish songs and they were outstanding! Our ERASMUS visitors gave them a standing ovation at the very end. The children then led the visitors in a variety of ceilidh dances. A great time was had by all.

The children had their final visit from WLDAS with the focus on smoke free homes and zones. Please return the pledge form by Monday 21st November if you wish to participate in this.

We have started our Enterprise topic. The children have decided if they would like to organise games or sell goods at the Christmas Fair. They will be working on this for the next two weeks. Please can you ensure your child has checked with their teacher before spending any money on resources for their chosen Enterprise activity as the school are often able to provide these cheaper than if the are bought in the shops.

We have noticed that many children are coming to school with no jacket or just a thin cotton hoody. Please be aware the children are outdoors on many occasions and so it is very important that they have  a waterproof jacket with them every day. A gentle reminder that the children have PE on a Monday and Wednesday and require kit for both of these days.

The children will be working on their My life so far in school until Christmas on a Thursday. Thank you for all the support that you have given your child so far. They are looking fabulous!




Spelling homework each night

Maths homework

My life so far – Thursday

PE on Monday and Wednesday


Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


P4/3 Update 6.5.16

It sounds as though our Primary 3s had a great time in Lowport last week and behaviour was apparently fantastic so well done!

Today is Day for Change in school (organised by P4/3 and P4) and we’re hoping to see as many people as possible in school in their pyjamas (and slippers too if they like). We will be collecting change to send to UNICEF who help children all over the world who are living in dreadful conditions.

We have all been working hard practising for the P4/5 show, learning the songs and dances and lines. Less than 4 weeks to go now and the boys and girls are all very excited.

Next week homework will go back to normal with spelling, reading and maths all to be completed. We also have our big homework task due next Wednesday.

There will be no indoor PE next Monday due to a show rehearsal and outdoor PE will be on Tuesday so please bring appropriate kit that day.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Wallace

P4/3 update 5.2.16

Hope everybody has managed to make a start on their big homework task, it’s not due until next Friday (12th) but the more practice time the better. I’m looking forward to hearing them all.

We still have a number of children not bringing PE kit on a weekly basis. We have outdoor PE on a Monday (weather permitting) and indoor on a Wednesday, it is important that your child brings appropriate kit on those days.

Please ensure you are labelling all clothing worn to school by your child as they do not always recognise their own things and many items of clothing end up in lost property.

If you have not yet made your parents’ night appointment please do so as soon as possible. Parents’ nights are next Wednesday 6-8.30 and Thursday 4-6.30.

Have a good week.
Mrs Wallace


P4/3 Update 22.1.16

This week we’ve been very busy learning and reciting our Robert Burns poems in class. Well done to Ryan McKie and Lauren Anderson who will be representing the class at the school Burns assembly today.

Next Tuesday we are having our Scots afternoon where visitors from the local community come in to watch the children sing and perform their Scots poems. Primary 4 and 4/3 will also be showing off some of the Ceilidh dances we learned for our Christmas party back in December.

Next Thursday we are visiting Linlithgow Palace where Mary Queen of Scots was born and we are really looking forward to it. Please ensure your child dresses warmly and brings a snack and packed lunch with them on the day.

Quite a few children are still forgetting their PE kit on almost a weekly basis. We have outdoor PE every Monday (weather permitting) and indoor PE every Wednesday and pupils require appropriate kit on those days. Thank you.

Have a great week.

Mrs Wallace

P4/3 Update 15.1.16

We have been busy in class this week starting our new Mary Queen of Scots topic and are already finding out some interesting information about her life.
We have a trip planned to Linlithgow Palace in a coupe of weeks to learn about the time Mary spent there and we are very excited about it.

On Monday (18th) we are going to be reciting our Burns poems in class and two children will be chosen to perform these next Friday at our Burns assembly.

We still have a lot of children forgetting PE kit on a weekly basis despite numerous reminders. The day for indoor PE is written in homework diaries weekly. Outdoor PE is always on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday and any change to this will be noted in homework diaries on a Monday morning.

Can you please ensure that you are checking and signing the homework diary weekly once your child has completed their homework for the week?
Thank you.

Have a good week,

Mrs Wallace

P4/3 Update 8/1/16

Happy New Year and welcome back. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Hogmanay and enjoyed the break.
Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts I received, they were very much appreciated.

We have such a busy term ahead of us and a lot to get done before Easter.
This term our topic in class will be Mary Queen of Scots. We will be learning all about her life and her place in history.
There will be a big homework task based on our topic given out in a few weeks for the children to complete.

Normal homework will resume on Monday. Our reading homework is going to be slightly different this term and details of this will be sent home in jotters next week.
Please ensure that your child is completing their spelling and reading homework weekly (as well as maths when it is given out) and that they are being returned on time in order for jotters to be marked and given back out for the next lot of homework.

This term our outdoor PE will continue to be on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday so please ensure your child has appropriate kit on those days, this includes shoes for outdoor gym as it can be difficult for them to run and take part in games and activities when wearing boots or wellies.

Please can you ensure that all your child’s clothing is labelled with their name when coming into school as this avoids confusion when changing for gym or when jumpers and cardigans are taken off in class. This includes gym kits as the clothes can often be very similar and the children do not always recognise their own.

Children have been given a Robert Burns poem in class today to bring home which they are required to learn and will be reciting in class on Monday 18th January. Two children will then be picked based on this recitation to perform their poems at our Burns assembly that Friday (22nd). Please help your child to practise this as much as possible between now and then.

Thank you

Mrs Wallace

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