Primary 2 Update 21.1.20

Hello All,

Last week was a busy week with Primary 2 really getting into our Pirate topic! We have been learning about compass points and using grid references to describe/ find places on a map. We had great fun creating our own maps with a partner.

We were so excited yesterday to receive a letter in a bottle from Captain Barnacle – Captain of The Rising Sun Pirate Ship! His crew has been struck down by the dreaded pirate lurgae and he’s asked P2 to become his crew. We are going to learn about all the jobs pirates need to do on a pirate ship and we’ll be learning some of the words pirates use.

In Literacy this week, we are continuing with our spelling patterns and focusing on how commas are used in reading and writing. Well done to everyone on  learning and reciting their Scottish Poem – some great actions and expression! The chosen people will recite them in front of the rest of the school at the Burns Assembly on Friday.

In Maths we have started to work on arrays (rows and columns of dots) of 2 and 5 which help children to visualise times table facts. We will also be starting work on telling the time this week.

A few reminders:

-Please remember PE Days are Wednesday (indoor) and Thursday (Outdoor – weather permitting)

-Please could you ensure all your child’s belongings are named.

-P2R will begin practising for their class assembly soon – please can you help your child learn and practise saying their words.

Thank you for your continuing support,

P2 Teachers

Primary 4 25.1.19

Hello everyone

It’s been a good week in Primary 4 this week. Our topic of Scotland is now in full swing. The children identified where the 7 main cities in Scotland are on a map and used coordinates to mark them on their own maps of Scotland. They then worked in a group to research one of the cities in order to teach the rest of the class. The children took fantastic notes about the other groups posters. This was a tricky task but we were very proud of how hard the children worked.

This week was our annual Scots Poetry Competition. Well done to Brodie, Katie, Isla B and Noah who were chosen to perform their poems in front of the school. Thank you for all of the help and support you provided the children at home with learning their poems. All of the children worked very hard & performed their poems confidently.
A big well done to the overall P4 winners Katie and Noah. They will perform their poems to visitors to the school on Monday at our Burns Afternoon.

We have been continuing to practise and develop upon our multiplication knowledge in class. Any support you can provide your child with learning their times table at home is greatly beneficial. Next week we will be moving onto linking multiplication to division facts as we consolidate our knowledge of dividing by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10.

Your child should have received a letter home this week inviting you take part in shared starts and finishes that are taking place throughout the school. Primary 4s shared start is on Monday 25th February and shared finish is on Thursday 28th February. On one of these days you are invited to come into your child’s classroom to learn with them. The focus in both these sessions will be Numeracy. The sessions will be about half an hour long. Please note you should only come to one of the sessions as they are both very similar. Please see the letter for more details and if you have any further questions than please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spelling homework – due Friday
Reading pages – due Monday (own choice of pages in novel)
Outdoor PE – Tuesday
Indoor PE (P4D) – Wednesday

Thank you for all your help and support. Enjoy your weekend.

Miss Clark, Miss Donaldson & Miss Roscilli.

Primary 3 18.1.19

Choukie Dog Show Twa-Leggit Mice


This week, we have started to learn about castles. Lots of us have been to real castles so this helped us when we drew and labeled what we thought a castle looked like. Since then, we have learned the real names of the parts of a castle and what they are for.

We have even written an imaginative  descriptive story about what we could see when we stood outside a castle.

We have been learning some new boost words this week. Ask us about them and see whether we can remember what they are and what they mean. Test us to see if we can use the word in a sentence too! We will impress you!

In a few week’s time, we will be hosting a poetry competition in school. The winners will recite their poems at the Scots afternoon for senior citizens who have been invited. We will be sending home words to practise but will also be rehearsing and reciting these in class. The words for the poems can be accessed at the top of this blog post.


Please bring appropriate kit on PE days. We will be outside for PE every week and therefore should come prepared, especially for the colder weather. No shorts please. Please check children’s diaries for the correct days.

Please label all clothing brought into school, PE or school uniform, as we have bundles of unclaimed things most weeks which have no names on.

Look out for new GLOW passwords in the back of spelling homework jotters. These should be used in the event of a school closure on snow days and activities will be provided. Please copy these onto something at home so the children can access GLOW at all times, should their jotters still be in school.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Ms Matheson and Mrs Smith

Primary 4 16.1.19

Hello everyone

We have had a lovely week so far in Primary 4. On Monday the children received their Burns Poems home with them. They also have a copy of this poem in school. We will be working on learning and practising these poems in school, however, any support you can give your child at home with this would be greatly appreciated. The children will be reciting their poems to the class next Thursday. We’re looking forward to hearing them! 🙂

Your child also received a reading book home with them. Each week your child should read some pages from this book and this should be indicated and signed if possible on the white sheet in your child’s spelling jotter. Your child can read as many pages as they like each week.

In maths this week we have been working on data handling. We created tables showing information we gathered and also used tally marks accurately. The children now are working on creating a graph out of the information in their tables. These are looking fantastic and we’re looking forward to looking at the finished products. We will move onto looking at Venn diagrams next week.

This week we began doing a word boost activity every morning. Word boost helps the children to develop their use of more complex vocabulary when speaking or writing. This week we have looked at words such as “snaffle”, “teetering” and “turret”. This will continue each morning as the way we start our days in Primary 4 🙂

Reminders –
Spelling homework – Due Friday
Maths board game – To be completed in own time.
Reading for enjoyment – Written in spelling jotter and signed by Monday please.
Burns Poems to be recited next Thursday (24.1.19)
PE days: Outdoor PE – Tuesday
Indoor PE – Wednesday

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark, Miss Donaldson & Miss Roscilli

Primary 4 11.1.19

Hello everyone

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a happy and restful Christmas and New Year. We were pleased to welcome the children back on Monday and hear all of their news from the holidays!

This week has been a very busy week in Primary 4. P4C welcomed Miss Roscilli to the class. She will be with us for 5 weeks and will be working with Miss Clark and teaching us new and interesting things.

This week the children began reading lessons using their new books. These books are short novels that we will only be working on in school. We will work on these books for 2/3 weeks in class before moving onto a new book. The children will receive additional novels home with them to read for enjoyment. They will read set pages each week as before. Please check your child’s bag on Monday as there will be further information in homework diaries and spelling jotters.

On Monday your child will also receive a Scottish poem home to learn. We will be working on learning these in class but we would appreciate if your child could also practise their poem at home. The children will be asked to say their poem in front of the class wb 21.1.19 and 2 willing participants from each class will be chosen to say their poems in front of the school at our Burns Assembly. Thank you for all your support with this.

In maths this term we will be working on multiplication and division. This week we started by revising our 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables and have been impressed by the children’s knowledge. The children are using many strategies in class to help answer multiplication questions including: counters/cubes, number lines and squares etc. Any help you can give your child to help recall their times table facts quickly and accurately would be greatly appreciated.
Why not try this game if you get the chance?

Hit the Button


Outdoor PE – Tuesday

Indoor PE – Wednesday

Spelling & Maths due – Friday

Reading books – New book and pages out on Monday. Pages to be read by the following Monday.

Thank you for all your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark, Miss Donaldson and Miss Roscilli

Primary 6 26.1.18

“And there’s a hand, my trusty fere”….We have had a braw week celebrating the life and works of Rabbie Burns. Most pupils were willing to try some haggis at our Burns supper and we enjoyed some dramatic renditions of Burns poetry. We ended our celebrations with a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Well done to all the pupils who put themselves forward for our school Scottish poetry competition!

Please remember to look out for fractions, decimals and percentages in everyday life .

Auditions have now been completed for our school show and parts will be announced very soon.

Our class novel has reached a very moving point this week, we have been discussing extreme happiness and sadness and thinking of ways in which we can describe how this feels. Our pupils are now coming up with interesting alternatives to using the words happy or sad.


PE – outdoor Kit – Wednesdays –

Indoor Kit 6Wy – Tuesdays 6Wo – Mondays

Homework – Reading homework due on Tuesday, spelling words will be given on Mondays with homework due on Fridays.

Maths Homework – we would like to remind all pupils that they have maths homework EVERYWEEK. If we do not give out maths homework in the form of worksheet we still expect the pupils to be practising Times Tables, Fact Families, Number Bonds. We have shown the pupil’s games and activities they can do to practise.

Thank for your continued support.

Mr . Woodward, Mr Shanks and Mrs Wylie

Primary 1 Update 25.1.18

Hello All,

We’ve had a very busy week in Primary 1. We have been practising our Scottish poems and songs and learning all about Robert Burns and how people celebrate Burns Day. We really enjoyed trying some Scottish foods including haggis and oatcakes and especially liked the shortbread! We listened to Auld Lang Syne, some Red Hot Chilli Pipers bagpipe music and some poetry recitals.

Also this week , as part of our Dinosaur topic,  we have been learning about the role of Paleontologist. We will be excavating dinosaur bones in our role play area and solving the puzzles to create the skeleton of a T Rex and Brachiosaurus! We also had a turn at using tools to excavate some fossils (chocolate chips from chocolate chip cookies!)

This week in Maths, we are continuing with the concepts of subtraction and telling the time.

In Writing, we wrote letters to Professor Rex telling him how we are looking after the egg that he delivered and asking him lots of questions. We decided it would take too long to send so we sent the letter by email as a class. We are excited to see his reply. We will keep you updated!

Thank you for your continuing support,

Primary 1 Teachers.

Primary 2/3 23.1.18

Primary 2/3 have been working very hard learning their Scottish Poems. The boys and girls have been practising in class and at home. Today the children are going to perform in front of their class and then two of our boys and girls will be invited to say their poem to the whole school. We wish them all the best of luck! On Thursday we will be learning about Robert Burns, singing Scottish songs and tasting some traditional Scottish food. I hope you all like Haggis!!

In our topic this week we have been looking and learning about the Roman soldier. We have discussed what they wear and why. The children have also learned what the Roman words are for shield, sandals and helmet. We are also going to be learning about Roman Numerals this week too.

Reminder- P.E is on a Monday and Wednesday so please can you send the children in with P.E kits. Also could they come to school with a water bottle.

Homework: Spelling, Reading, Poems/Scottish Song and Maths.


Miss Rafferty

Primary 7 – 20.01.17


It has been yet another busy week in Primary 7!

On Monday the children enjoyed using Google expeditions to explore the events of WW2. The children looked at some of the places that were affected in WW2, we visited the Tuskadee airmen and went on the USS Missouri . The children learned so much from this experience.

As part of our ERASMUS plus project we researched different aspects of Scotland. This included traditional food, clothing, music, dance, stories as well as the geography and tourist attractions. The children made slides which will be combined into one PowerPoint to tell our partner countries all about Scotland.

In writing the children created a leaflet to share their learning from the Risk Factory trip. The children chose how to create their leaflet – either writing it by hand or using Publisher. The leaflets were very informative and included information about how to stay safe in the home and outside.

Indoor PE this term is dance. The children have chosen their groups and decided on their music. They will now begin to create a routine which they will perform to an invited audience. The children will also have to think about appropriate costumes and advertising for this event.

On Wednesday the children began to work in their Literacy Circles groups. Each group chose a novel to focus on (Anne Frank, Blitz Cat, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Goodnight Mr Tom). The children will be working in their groups each Wednesday and will need to ensure they complete their homework tasks on a weekly basis.

As part of our class topic on WW2 the children have been given a personal project to undertake. Their challenge is to present information about an aspect of WW2 both as a booklet and as a class talk. In class the children were given time to research different aspects and choose a focus. There will be time in class on a Monday to work on this project as well as working on it at home.

Today we held our annual Burns Poetry competition. Two children from each class recited their poems to the whole school. Everyone did a fantastic job!



Spelling homework

Literacy Circles – Wednesday

Maths homework

Continue to learn song words


Primary 6 18.01.17

Hello everyone!

Primary 6 have had an enjoyable week so far. On Monday the children loved using Google Cardboard to explore far away places. They used virtual reality technology to explore the International Space Station and the moon (even looking at what experts think the moon will look like in the future!) They also explored The Great Wall of China and the Colosseum in Rome! The children had great fun and learned lots at the same time 🙂

Our Titanic topic is now well underway. On Monday we watched a documentary about the sinking of the Titanic which revealed that some new evidence has been uncovered in relation to a fire below deck before the ship hit the iceberg. The children were very interested in the findings! Every child has now been given their very own character who was on board the Titanic when it sank. The children researched their character using the website:
They used this information to create character profiles detailing their age, occupation, class and even their ticket numbers! This really brought the topic to life for us all!

Next week much of our learning will be centered around Scotland. On Tuesday afternoon the children will take part in a Traditional Burns Supper complete with the food, songs, poems and rhymes associated with this celebration. The children can wear tartan to school on Tuesday.

Next week P6C will be joined by another teacher for a period of 5 weeks to work alongside Miss Clark. His name is Mr Woodward and we look forward to welcoming him to Carmondean 🙂

Reminders –
Indoor PE – Monday
Outdoor PE – Thursday
Spelling homework – Due Friday
Maths homework – Due Friday (Miss Clark’s maths groups)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

Primary 6 04.11.16


We have had a very busy week in Primary 6. On Monday we started to learn a song for a Scottish Assembly which will be taking place when our ERASMUS+ visitors arrive in a couple of weeks time. We are learning “You’re Welcome Wullie Stewart” a song written by Robert Burns about the arrival of his best friend. The children have received the words home with them. Please encourage them to learn their words by Monday.

We have started our new Interdisciplinary Topic of Europe. The children have been using Atlases to complete a variety of tasks to help them to gain a better understanding of the geography of the continent. The children are now working in groups using their research skills to create a poster about a European Country for our classroom display. The children have made a great start to these posters and Mrs Kelly and I are looking forward to seeing the finished products! We will also be using our writing session next week to write letters to our European Visitors; telling them about our country and asking them questions about their own. We are looking forward to our visitors reading our letters and replying!

All groups in maths have begun work on multiplication and division in class. Please encourage your child to practise their times tables at home as knowledge of these facts can help them to access many other more complex areas of maths in the future. Thank you for your support with this. Here is a useful website that can help the children to practise their times tables and division facts:

Maths Game

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie.

Primary 3 w.b. 25.1.16

Well done to everyone who learnt their Scots poem last week. We were very impressed by the confident and clear delivery given by all the children which made it difficult to chose 2 winners from each class to go forward to the Burns Assembly on Friday. Well done to Leila, Sophia, Joe and Isla for being selected; you performed well and were great representatives of Primary 3. Joe and Leila were the winners from the competition for primary 3.
Primary 3 have been learning their times tables in Maths. So far the children have learnt and practised the 2,5,10 and 3 times tables and this week will be learning the 4 times table. Thank you for the practice you are putting in at home for this, it makes a lot of difference to the children’s confidence.
In our Knights and Castles topic, primary 3 have already learnt about the parts of a castle and the progression of becoming a knight. This week we will look at medieval weapons and will create a self portrait as a king or queen to hang in our great hall!
On Tuesday, primary 3 will be performing ‘Katie Bairdie’ at the Scots afternoon. All children must be in full school uniform for this.
A reminder that Miss Christy has indoor PE on Monday and Outdoor PE on Tuesday, and Miss Rafferty has outdoor PE on Tuesday and indoor PE on Wednesday.
Thank you for your support
Miss Christy and Miss Rafferty

Primary 4 22.1.16

We have been practicing our poems this week and were all ready for Thursday. Although the nerves and excitement were running high, they got the better of no-one and everyone managed at least one verse. I am very proud of the people who managed to learn the whole poem off by heart! It was very impressive and I thank you for your time and commitment.

Well done to Skye and Keira who went through to the finals. The competition was fierce and it was such a hard choice as both girls showed great talent and huge amounts of confidence.

Congratulations to Skye who has made it to the next round.

We have been experimenting with circuits in Science this week. we hope next week to have a look at the components of a circuit and be able to make our own bulbs, buzzers and motors work.

I am heading to Poland for one week to continue the exciting work on our Erasmus Project. I hope to come back with lots more ideas and information about the Polish culture and traditions, especially those connected to Easter and Christmas.

Thank you to Allan who has been preparing me for my visit, teaching me the important phrases I will need for my journey. Allan, dziekuje for your help 🙂

I will hopefully be able to update the Blog whilst I am away and look forward to hearing your comments and questions again.

Miss Leyland will be in charge of the class along with Mrs Gilmour and there are lots of fun and exciting things in store, especially in our topic work where we are now learning about the city of Glasgow.

I shall see you all in a week! Work hard and have fun! 🙂

Thank you again for all of you efforts,

Miss Smith