Primary Five: 16.09.2021

Hello from Primary 5,

In Maths this week, we have been working on properties of 2D Shapes. Both classes blew their teachers socks off with their knowledge of quadrilaterals and polygons! We had lots of fun using the peg-boards and rubber bands to create the different shapes.

In Reading, we have been continuing with our class novel ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. This week’s chapter discussed the tough journey Ahmet travelling from Syria to England without his family and the children discussed how Ahmet might have been feeling during this hard experience.

During writing, we completed our recounts of Ahmet’s first day of school in England. The children used information from the text and their own imagination to create some excellent recounts. We have begun to look at self-assessing our writing to see if we are hitting all our core and genre targets as we write.

In Numeracy, we zoomed through lots of work on Rounding and Sequencing numbers.

During Topic this week, we followed Amal into Greece and created our own fact-files for this new country. We learned about the key information, culture and lifestyle in the country. We were quite surprised how much foods we eat here in Scotland are actually from Greece originally!

We also finished some great art pieces this week connected to Turkey! The beautiful Iznik designs that are common across Turkish cities are made up of intricate designs and vibrant colours, and the classes did an excellent job at re-creating these.

A gentle reminder about PE kit. On Wednesday and Thursday, please ensure your child is wearing the school approved PE kit (navy blue or black joggers/leggings, white t-shirt and a navy jumper). Thank you very much!

Have a lovely September holiday,
Mrs Jamieson and Ms Munro

Primary 4 16.1.19

Hello everyone

We have had a lovely week so far in Primary 4. On Monday the children received their Burns Poems home with them. They also have a copy of this poem in school. We will be working on learning and practising these poems in school, however, any support you can give your child at home with this would be greatly appreciated. The children will be reciting their poems to the class next Thursday. We’re looking forward to hearing them! 🙂

Your child also received a reading book home with them. Each week your child should read some pages from this book and this should be indicated and signed if possible on the white sheet in your child’s spelling jotter. Your child can read as many pages as they like each week.

In maths this week we have been working on data handling. We created tables showing information we gathered and also used tally marks accurately. The children now are working on creating a graph out of the information in their tables. These are looking fantastic and we’re looking forward to looking at the finished products. We will move onto looking at Venn diagrams next week.

This week we began doing a word boost activity every morning. Word boost helps the children to develop their use of more complex vocabulary when speaking or writing. This week we have looked at words such as “snaffle”, “teetering” and “turret”. This will continue each morning as the way we start our days in Primary 4 🙂

Reminders –
Spelling homework – Due Friday
Maths board game – To be completed in own time.
Reading for enjoyment – Written in spelling jotter and signed by Monday please.
Burns Poems to be recited next Thursday (24.1.19)
PE days: Outdoor PE – Tuesday
Indoor PE – Wednesday

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark, Miss Donaldson & Miss Roscilli