P3 update 07.05.21

Hello everyone,

What a busy few weeks we have been having across Primary 3!

Our garden topic is well and truly underway. We now have a garden centre in the classroom (look out for some pictures.) The children have been learning about what living things (plants and babies) need to grow. They have each planted their own seeds (one in a bag on the window and one which will be kept in out new greenhouse.) Both classes will be taking responsibility for caring for their plants and looking after the greenhouse and garden area.

In Maths, we have been continuing to look at measure. This week we were looking at mass and using scales to weigh different objects. We made estimates for how many grams or kilograms each object would weigh before placing them on the scales to find out the exact measurement.  In Numeracy, we have been revising our vertical multiplication strategy. We are continuing to look at this next week.

In Reading, we have been looking at features of non-fiction texts. This week, the children answered some questions made up from others in the class about their reading books.

This week, we have been looking at the features of a church for RME. The children were tasked to create their own church, making sure to include some of the features that we learned about. We will send some pictures of the churches when the children are finished creating them.


  • Homework will be sent out again on Monday 10th May 2021. Please can we remind everyone to return all reading books, if they have not already done so, by Monday.
  • PE is continuing to run on a Tuesday and Wednesday

We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

As always, please to not hesitate to get in touch with us via the school office if you have any questions,

Mr Williamson and Miss Donaldson.

January 2021 Active Fun Challenge

Happy New Year everyone.

I’m hoping that you all made your New Year Resolution to be as active as possible in 2021 because I have entered the school into a competition to find the most active school in West Lothian and in true Carmondean spirit we are in it to win it!

How can you help?

  1. Be as active as you can.  Any activity counts from taking taking part in PE lessons to walking your dog to dancing along to Just Dance.
  2. Record the number of minutes each week you are active and submit the number on this form. This most be done by 10am every Monday. ( first submission date is Monday 18th January)

  1. Every Tuesday the school with the highest number of weekly activity minutes will be announced and at the end of the month the school with the highest number of minutes throughout the month will be the champions.

Good luck, happy exercising and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Mrs Ferguson

Primary 3 20.11.20

Hello Everyone,

We were excited this week to meet the ladies from the museum virtually. They were very impressed with our ‘museum’ we have set up in our classroom and we await in anticipation for their museum objects to be brought to us. We learned lots of new things, and even found out about the Ancient Egyptian shoes! They were weaved from palm leaves and did not look very comfortable.

We completed lots of projects concerned with our Ancient Egypt topic too. We painted our clay cartouches, finished and painted our Egyptian masks and created a collage of ourselves made into a pharaoh. We even learned about 4 of the most famous pharaohs and created posters to share what we have learned.

Primary three have been working so hard on their joined handwriting too. Lots of us are managing to do this in a speedier manner and much more confidently and I have been bowled over by the standard produced!

This coming week will be the last week we have PE on a Monday and a Thursday. As of week beginning 30th November, PE will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will remind you of this next week and this will be written in the children’s homework diaries.

We hope you have a lovely weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday.

Mr Williamson and Miss Smith

Primary 3 23.10.20

We hope you all had a lovely rest during the October holidays. It is great to see everyone back at school and raring to go this term. We have lots of exciting things planned.

Our Ancient Egypt topic has well and truly started this week. We came back to school with a letter from the museum explaining that because of current restrictions, they would not be able to visit us to show us Egyptian artifacts. Because of this, they are going to meet us virtually and then deliver the objects to us to be quarantined and then displayed in our class.

We accepted a challenge to turn part of our class into a museum to display the artifacts, so this week, the challenge began. We now have a part built pyramid and are excited to finish it.

We learned about the job of an archaeologist today and Miss Dig and Professor W came to lead us on an archaeological dig. There were traps, obstacles and rivers to cross. Armed with our brushes, we brushed away sand to reveal Egyptian artifacts. It was very exciting!

The children thoroughly enjoyed it. This is what they had to say, “I liked going outside to dig.” “I like finding the stuff because it was very interesting and tremendous to look at.” “I liked writing my story about the dig and I also like finding the treasures and displaying them.” “I liked finding the treasure and I liked writing the stories too.” “I like to put my imagination into everything, the dig and the story.”

This Monday, homework will be handed out again. From this date, there will always be two weeks to complete the homework tasks. Homework will be added to the blog for your reference.

There will be a newsletter to follow this week as well, so please keep an eye out for this to inform you of what we plan to do this term.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Smith and Mr Williamson


Primary 3 25.9.20

Good afternoon everyone and happy Friday!

For a short week, it has been a busy one. Primary 3 have been working so hard on our mini Health topic. We discussed all of our buddies jobs in our community and even mapped out our community and all of the ways it helps people. We then created models of our dream communities from craft materials and even learned how to fold paper to make it 3D. Our dream communities involved lots of ways of keeping active with arenas, kick boxing studios, horse riding, roller blading ramps, play parks and pools. We talked about and made our dream housing to ensure we are safe, healthy and nurtured.

We created imaginative collaborative stories about our buddies and their work in the community. We took turns to write one sentence each and the stories twisted and changed depending on what that person’s idea was at the time of writing. They turned out very well and are up on display!

We used our ICT skills to type them up and then used ‘Audacity’ to record our stories by reading our parts of the story aloud.

Next week, on Monday, homework folders will be sent home. Homework will take the same format as last year, minus the share-it jotters. The homework activities will be put on a sheet and into the children’s folder. There will be no share-it jotter, however should you wish to hand tasks in, they can be written on the back of the sheet. Primary 3 will be given a little more responsibility every Monday, in writing up our little homework diary to remind us of our tasks.

We would appreciate it if the folders can be in the children’s bags each day at school in order for them to access their reading books. We use these in our lessons and Primary 3 reading work will be based on their reading books that week. Usually the reading books are completed over 2 weeks with some exceptions. If your child is the exception, further instruction will be given in their yellow homework diaries.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Miss Smith and Mr Williamson

Primary 3 11.9.20

What a finale to our Fantastic Mr Fox novel,  with a viewing of the film adaptation. We filled our whiteboards with notes about the similarities and differences between this and the book, and were surprised with the ending of the film.

We are looking forward to one last challenge next week.

We have been so impressed with P3 and their improvement in skipping. We had a demonstration of our talents and skills this week and next door’s class was our audience. We are sad to be leaving it behind and beginning our new focus on football, but we’re certain we will have just as much fun!

We have been learning about Harvest and how different religions celebrate this time of year. We have had a look at church celebrations, community celebrations and Jewish celebrations. This week we built a Sukkah for the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. Ask the children to tell you a little about this.

As we prepare to restart homework, could you please check whether your child has any P2 reading books or resources that can be handed back into school at your earliest convenience.

Also, could we remind you to sign and return the class charter and achievement letters if you have not already done so? Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Williamson and Miss Smith



Primary 3 4.9.20

Primary 3 have been ‘wow-ing’ us with their skipping skills. They have been using French ropes, a long rope and ankle skipping equipment. We have all been so impressed with the improvement we have seen and experienced and look forward to next week where we can demonstrate our skills in front of the rest of the class. Here are a few pictures of us in action!

  • We have also been given our computer log in details and have been very excited to try out using 3D paint and typing on Word documents. We have been exploring the toolbars and how we can manipulate text. Next week we will attempt to include a picture in our document and then hopefully produce a piece of work done fully on the computers.

Our Health and Well-being topic of Fantastic Mr. Fox is getting very intriguing. We have learned of Mr. Fox’s plan to keep his family safe and well-fed and can’t wait to find out what happens next. Some of us have been reading it at home and know, but we are not giving away the ending!

We aim to watch the Fantastic Mr. Fox film next week, please let us know if you do not wish your child to participate in this lesson and alternative arrangements can be made.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Williamson and Miss Smith


Primary 3 28.8.20

We are now firmly set in our new routines within Primary 3, with today marking our second whole week back in school with the new rules.

There are lots of changes between Primary 3 and Primary 2 and so far, the children seem to be enjoying it. When they were asked what is the best part of P3 so far, they said they have been enjoying music, art and the P3 reading. They reported that the worst part of P3 is not being able to hug people.

Our topic is well under way, looking at the health and well-being indicators and curriculum through the study of Fantastic Mr. Fox. The children read a script with expression, and have been learning about real foxes and how they stay safe, healthy and nurture their young. We have been discussing adjectives, and had a go of using a thesaurus to up-level our words.

We created our own questions to gather information within the class using a frequency table. We then turned our information into our own bar graphs. We had fun doing this and our graphs look super.

The weather this week has been touch and go with the rain, however we did manage to get out for PE and the children’s skipping skills are improving every time! We are now trying some tricks and next week will be looking at French skipping and ankle skipping as well.

Thank you for supporting us with the new rules. The children have been coming to school prepared and ready for the day ahead. Thank you also for returning the rules agreement letter and the achievement letter. Can we take this opportunity to remind parents if you have not already, please return these at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for you continued support,

Miss Smith and Mr Williamson

Primary 3 Last Day of Term!

Hello and welcome to your last day in Primary 3. We hope you’re all extremely excited to be getting into the summer holidays after today and you can all take a well-earned break! We also hope that you are all very excited about moving into Primary 4, getting to go to a new classroom, meeting new teachers, getting to use the fancy smart boards! We will miss you all immensely and we could not have asked for a better year group. You have filled us with joy, curiosity, laughs, excitement, pride and all of the smiles the whole year and we could not be more impressed or proud at you all for how well you have done this year. You have all been absolute superstars throughout your home learning and we are so delighted that you have coped with incredibly difficult times so very well. It has been a privilege to have been your Primary 3 teachers and we hope that you all have amazing summers, you’ve earned it!

Go to this Sway

We hope you have a lovely last day of term, and if you have planned to have a small celebration with all of your challenge work this week, enjoy it! Take pictures and share them with us!

We could not resist posting one last Summer activity for you to try. It looks like so much fun and would be a great addition to your celebration today. I think I will have a go too! It looks like too much fun to resist!


Here’s a little Summer co-ordinate activity if you feel like recapping on our co-ordinates knowledge in Maths!

Summer Co-ordinates

Lastly, we would like to say the biggest of thank yous to all of our parents. Without you all there is no way the last few months could have been successful. You have shown so much care and support and enthusiasm for the work and for keeping everything going so well. It has been such a pleasure getting to engage with you all and your  support has made everything so much easier. We know how difficult the last few months must have been for you all and we cannot thank you enough for everything you have all done. We hope you make the most of your summer, thank you so much!

See you in August!

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 25 6 20

Hello Primary 3, we hope you are all feeling great and raring to go for the summer. You have nearly made it and we hope that you are super excited for the end of term!

To mark the end of term, let us know how you are doing with your celebration plans and share with us what you plan to do. Today, how about coming up with a short play list of 5 of your favourite songs that make you smile. You can play these on Friday during your celebration, whilst having your healthy party food you planned out yesterday.

For your final reading task we thought that since there are so many keen readers we could start a Teams book club! We will set up a section on Teams where you can make recommendations to each other, create artwork of your favourite books or characters, you can chat about books you like, ask people about books they like. Hopefully we will have a large list of books that will keep you all going all through the summer!

As another Summer art activity, why not try this dream catcher to catch all of your hope and dreams over the Summer. You could make it from a paper plate, or an old CD.







Paper plate / CD

Wool / string



Bits and bobs for decoration

You could even practice the skills Mrs Fox taught you and try some weaving on it or you could leave it plain. Here’s a tutorial if you decide to try some weaving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzdpHbRbvZw

If you are looking for more Maths practice, how about trying this code breaker using all 4 operations, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. The answers are all summer themed words!

Summer Code Breaker

Thank you for all your hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

P3 24 6 20

Good morning Primary 3, it’s Wednesday already! This week is flying by and it’ll be Friday before you know it! I hope to see lots of you on our Class Chat today at 10am to hear all your stories and to find out what you are going to get up to over the summer. Miss Smith’s class chat at 10 has a theme this week – Word Wednesday! Tune in to play a word game!

For today’s writing task we are thinking of a creative summer story. If any of you have seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you will know that the family take a trip to the beach, fall asleep and when they wake up their real adventure begins. We’d like you to do the same. Write a story about you and some friends or family on a trip to the beach. How would you enjoy yourselves on the beach, what does you beach look like, where is your beach? And then you fall asleep after much enjoyment. When you wake up your adventure begins, and it can literally be anything you like. Something happens when you awaken on the beach. What happens, do you travel anywhere, what problems do you encounter that you have to overcome? Let your imaginations run as wild as you can, be as creative as you can. You have completely free reign after you wake up on the beach, we are so excited to see what wild and wonderful stories you can come up with!

Today’s summer art involves using straws to create a different paint effect!

Create a lovely summer meadow using the following instructions:

Straw Art – Creating Summer Meadows.

Materials – Straw





You may want to begin by putting a ‘wash’ of green on your paper. This will give you the base colour for your meadow, then you can begin to add the flower colours on top. Place a big watery blob of paint at the centre of where you want your flower to start. Use your straw to blow your paint in different directions to create lots of lines coming from the first blob. Use different colours to make the flowers interesting and Summery. Here is a real wild flower meadow to give you some ideas of colours.






For your ‘End of Term Celebration Challenge,’ why not use your knowledge of healthy eating and plan to prepare a healthy snack for your party goers! Will you have to weigh out ingredients? Do you have enough ingredients? Will you have to use your health and hygiene knowledge? Or remember safety instructions using things around the kitchen? Remember to plan out quantities so that you have enough for everyone. Let us know what delicious food you are planning to prepare for Friday!

Also, to keep your Maths ticking along, here is a summer worksheet, today the focus is money!

Summer Money

Thank you for your continued hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 23 6 20

Happy Tuesday Primary 3, we hope you have been enjoying the beginning of your week and you had fun starting to think about the summer and what you’d like to get up to over the holidays!

For today’s reading activity we are thinking about where you could read. You have thought about what you could read over the summer but we thought it would be fun to encourage you to think about the where. We also thought it would be fun to mix reading and den building, which we’re sure you’re all masters at! Why not spend today planning a reading den which could be a sanctuary for you to spend time in reading your favourite books? And if you have time and if you are allowed you could actually build it!

If you are still up for planning an end of term celebration that your family can join you in on Friday, today’s challenge task is to create a banner with your celebration title on it! You could do one big long banner, and practise your bubble writing, or even make your banner like little triangle bunting flags! It is up to you – be as creative as you like! Send us some snaps if you manage to make one – we would love to see!

Here are some Summer Maths activities for you. See if you can remember our work on clocks and time! Summer Time

Why not try another little Summer Art activity. It may just be enough to bring the sunshine back, and today it is all about Mr Woodward’s favourite thing… Ice Cream!

Materials: Anything you can find in the house to print with and make interesting patterns from their textures.



A4 Paper cut in half into a long thin strip

Begin with a long, thin piece of paper.  Find objects around the house or junk that can be cut into circles and painted on.

Paint onto your cut shapes with different colours. Press them into your paper to print and create your ice cream balls.

Can you find something you can print on to make the ‘criss cross’ of a cone? How about a tangerine net? Or perhaps some polystyrene you can score into? Or thick cardboard?

Can you think of the flavours represented by the colours of ice cream you have used?

Thank you for all your hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 22 6 20

Good morning Primary 3 and welcome to your last week as Primary 3s! We hope you have all had spectacular weekends and you are ready to make the most of your week before the summer holidays. Please make sure that you are enjoying yourselves and you take advantage of any great weather we have. Remember if we were in school there would be lots of outdoor learning taking place in the sun!

Because it is the last week of school, we have some fun tasks for you to do!

This week, we will have a week-long celebration challenge, where each day you can complete a task, if you want to, so that by Friday, you can host a big end of term, end of P3 celebration.

Your first task for our celebration is to think of a title for your celebration. Alliterative titles are always catchy – see if you can use the same letters at the beginning of your words in your title, eg. P3’s Perfect Party.

A fun Art idea for today is to make your very own Sunburst painting. Let’s see if we can encourage the sun back for the rest of this week using as many colours as you can so it is lovely and bright!






Draw a small circle in the middle of the paper. From the outside edge of the circle, use a rule to help you draw straight lines to the edge of the paper. Try to ensure your lines are the same distance apart all the way round the circle.

Paint each section in a bright colour. You can use the same colour twice, just ensure the same colour is not used in 2 sections side by side.

You could even use this as a decoration for your end of term celebration on Friday?

For your reading today we would like you to take some time to plan your summer reading. We know we have lots of keen readers and so we would love to see what books you are excited to read in the summer holidays. It would be lovely to see a display of your summer reads and you could even tick them off when you’ve read them!

For the final week, our Rights Respecting Schools Article is about minority culture, language and religion.

Some activities you may wish to do are:

  • Can you find out how to say ‘”Hello, how are you?”’ in 5 different languages. Share with friends and see how many you can get as a group.
  • Culture means traditions that groups follow like food, dances, song and clothes. Draw or write about what is important in your culture. Then think of someone who comes from a different culture and share safely with them what is important about culture for each of you. This could be someone you know or you could pick a country or indigenous group and write to a child of that country or group.
  • Watch ‘If the World were a Village of 100 People’ to find out about people around the world.
  • What does it mean to be from a minority or indigenous group? Find out what the words mean and then think about which minority groups there are in the UK. Why do you think Article 30 is important and how does it link to last week’s work on Article 2?

Here’s a little fun Maths activity using your multiplication facts and division facts. One is both Mild and Spicy – if you choose mild – just complete the sums for the times tables you are comfortable with. This should be; 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x.

Hot Summer Multiplication and Division

Mild and Spicy Summer multiplication and Division

Thank you for all your hard work and support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 Friday 19th June 2020

Good morning Primary 3!

What are you planning to do for your Free Time Friday today?

Hopefully by now you have managed to complete most of the Sports Day activities and you have done, or are almost ready, to submit your points! Mrs Ferguson will let us know the House winner early next week. As Grace reminded us though, everyone is a winner and it’s the taking part that counts, so we hope you all had a fantastic time and enjoyed yourselves.

Mental Maths

Your topic challenge for today is to design your own futuristic robot. What might robots look like years from now? Here is your chance to create the future for yourselves! Critical Skills Challenge Build a robot

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Take care,

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith

Primary 3 18th June 2020

How did we all like the Great Science Share yesterday? There was lots of amazing things to learn and even more impressive was all of the children from all over the country and the work and questions they have put into exploring Science over the last few months. If you submitted a question or work, or even applied for your badges, let us know about it!

It was lovely, again to speak with so many of you yesterday. We really do look forward to hearing from you and it is the best part of the week!

Remember to continue your Sports Day activities! We will be watching as the points come rolling in for the teams. It is lovely seeing the whole school working on the same thing across all of the classes. Let us know what you think of it all and don’t forget to send in pics. Mrs Ferguson, as well as the staff would love to see you all taking part.

Reading: For today’s reading we would like you to pick 1 book from the books you added to your reading passport. We would then like you try create your own dictionary based off of the interesting, descriptive or difficult words that you find in your story as you read. You can create your own dictionary however you want, you can do it on paper, on a computer, on a tablet, and it’s entirely up to you! Make sure to make it bright and colourful and make sure that you leave space to keep adding to it as you read other books. It should be something to be added to whenever you read books and find words that you would like to add to your dictionary. Try to make sure you get a front cover and a few words added and remember dictionaries are in alphabetical order!

Numeracy/ Maths: Your maths for today is to continue to work on the revision work we have looked at all week. If you have completed all of the revision work so far make sure to look at Education City for any tasks you might not have done as well as completing work from our Learning Grid. There will also be some revision  Number Talks today, please do not worry about doing all these at once, there is no time limit for completing them.

Number Talks:


8 + 4 + 18                             30 – 24                  2 x 15                     9 ÷ 3

18 + 4 + 18                           30 – 19                  3 x 15                     15 ÷ 3

28 + 5 + 27                           30 – 15                  6 x 5                       24 ÷ 3

24+ 3 + 48                            30 – 12                  6 x 15                     33 ÷ 3


48 + 4 + 48                           750 – 709             3 x 15                     42 ÷ 6

48 + 49 + 3                           750 – 599             10 x 15                  54 ÷ 6

98 + 97 + 5                           750 – 449             13 x 10                  72 ÷ 6

99 + 98 + 97 + 5                  750 – 324             13 x 5                     96 ÷ 6

13 x 15

Challenge Sums

493 + 879                             423 – 157               135 x 6                  72 ÷ 3

Keep up the good work Primary 3,

Mr Woodward and Miss Smith

Primary 3 Wednesday 17th June 2020

Good morning and Super Science Share day to you all!

Today is very exciting. If you have been following the Great Science Share and taking part in our weekly Science themes, the day has come to celebrate all things Science!

Why not complete this form to be in with the chance of earning your very own FREE enamel Super Scientist pin badge by sharing the science that has fascinated you! Scientist+form+GSS+with+links

Once you have filled it in with information about your favourite science question and experiment, upload it here: Great Science Share

Here are all of the activities happening all day today along with times, but please visit the page to access links and further information. These are screen grabs and are not very clear.











Thank you everyone! Don’t forget to share anything you do with us connected with Science, especially today. Let us know what you thought!

Writing: For today’s writing we are going to revise letter writing from the first term. Remember when we wrote letters to Mrs Thunder, and to the chairs when they quit on us? That was persuasive writing but today we are looking at writing letters. Think about the author of one of your books from your reading passport. We’d like you to write a letter to the author thanking them for writing their story so you are able to read it. You should talk about why you like that book, what are some of the characters you like and why and what you like about the story and think of a question you’d like to ask your author. Here is a template to help you, feel free to use it or write your own.

Author Letter

Maths: Here is a selection of work that will help you to revise some of the maths we have worked on this year. There is time, money, shape, fractions and measure. We do not expect you to complete these today or even this week. There are 10 sheets all together and please work through them at your own pace in your own time.

Maths Revision

Number Talks – Remember there are instruction videos on how to do the challenge sums being posted in Teams and we also understand that we have done less division than multiplication so there is no expectation for all these sums to be completed, as long as you complete the sums you are comfortable with.

15 ÷ 5                                    100 ÷ 4

25 ÷ 5                                    64 ÷ 4

40 ÷ 5                                    164 ÷ 4

65 ÷ 5                                    228 ÷ 4

Challenge Sum

336 ÷ 7

Remember…stay sporty! Let’s keep these points coming in!

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.


Primary 3 Tuesday 16th June 2020

How are you all today Primary 3?

I hope you managed to get some sports day activities completed yesterday? If not, don’t worry, you have all week! The important thing to remember is to save all of your scores and submit them altogether on the online form.

Today for Maths, we thought it would be a good idea to go over mixed sums. You will find multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in the worksheets below. Choose your challenge and see how you get on. Please refer to the original instruction videos if you get stuck.

Mild Addition and Subtraction

Spicy Addition and Subtraction

Hot Addition and Subtraction

Mild Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Spicy Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Hot Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Please find the phonics Stories in the Teams files for practise with sounds.

Reading: For reading today we want you to choose one of the books from your reading passport from yesterday. Pick 1 character from that book for our study for today. It doesn’t have to be your favourite character it can be any character as long as you find them interesting. Draw your character in the middle of a sheet of paper and then you are going to write as many descriptive words around your character as possible. We are looking for you to describe what the character is like not what they look like. Are they brave, are they loyal, honest, funny etc. Fill up your page with descriptive words. Then we would like you to write a short paragraph telling us why you chose this character and why they are important to the story/ interesting in the story. Here is Mr Woodward’s picture and description to give you some ideas (please don’t judge the drawing too harshly, Mr Woodward can’t draw feet or hands well!):

Number Talks

15 ÷ 3                       40 ÷ 4

30 ÷ 3                      24 ÷ 4

21 ÷ 3                       64 ÷ 4

51 ÷ 3                       128 ÷ 4

Challenge Sum

342 ÷ 6

Well done Primary three. We can’t wait to see who the winning house is for Sports Day! Keep up the good work!

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 Monday 15th June 2020

Monday 15th June

Good morning boys and girls!

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for our final two weeks of the term. This year, our last two weeks of P3 are looking very different to normal, however, we have some very exciting things coming up.

Mrs Ferguson has been busy planning a virtual Sports Day with the P7s and some of the Sports Committee from the Upper School. I have had a look at what is involved and it is very exciting indeed. A message of support has been given to you all to cheer the house teams along too! Let us know what you thought of it once you watch it!

There are a few activities for you to complete. It is up to you whether you complete these all in one day, a few a day or just one a day this week. The important thing is that you keep track of your scores and at the end of all of the activities, you submit your scores into the form provided. Mrs Ferguson will then count everyone’s scores altogether and announce the winning house, exciting stuff!  Mr Woodward and I will be taking part for our teams too! Let’s go Waverley, let’s go! J

Please see the blog for more information.

Rights Respecting Schools

This week our RRS Article is all about discrimination. Article 2 is in the News right now, so could make for some interesting discussion. Some activities you may wish to try are:

  • Article 2 uses some words you might not know very well. Look up discrimination, ethnicity, race and gender to find out what they mean. Try to explain Article 2 to somebody at home now that you know the meaning of these words.

  • Being happy and proud about who we are as people is important. If you have read the book ‘The Flamingo Who Didn’t Want To Be Pink’, children at William Tyndale School made the story into a video. Try to get all your family and friends to tell you the best things they like about being themselves and the best things about you.
  • Imagine that you are treated differently and not allowed to go to school, have friends and play because of the colour of your hair. … How would this feel? What would you say and do? Discuss this with the grown ups at home
  • Look at these images above. They show Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Create a poster showing these images with a written caption explaining what each word means and why Article 2: Non-Discrimination is important.

Please remember to forward on all work you do with these articles to help build evidence for the reaccreditation of our Gold award. Thank you.


Spelling Words Week Beginning 15th June 2020

This will be our last formal week of giving spelling words. Remember to go over your common words too.

Problem Solving

Tom’s Dad sowed some tomato seed in February. He gave Tom one of the tomato plants in a pot.

At the beginning of May, Tom put his tomato plant outside. On the same day he sowed a bean in another pot.

Ten days later the bean plant was just 1 cm (centimetre) above the soil surface. Tom measured his tomato plant which was already 38 cm tall.

Each evening Tom measured his two plants.

On the evening of the next day the little bean plant had grown another 2 cm so it was 3 cm high. Each day it continued to grow double the amount it had grown the day before.

The tomato plant grew at a steady 5 cm a day.

After how many days were the two plants the same height when Tom measured them in the evening? How high were they?

Reading: For today’s reading we would like you to begin a reading passport. This is a record of some books that you have read. It does not have to be school books so if you have read all 7 Harry Potter books then you can put down each of the books and write a little bit about them. We need the name of the book, the author and a little bit about what happens in the book as well as what you think about the book. If you can on the map, fill in where the book takes place or where it was written.

Reading Passport

Number Talks:

10 ÷ 2                       18 ÷ 6

6 ÷ 2                        6 ÷ 6

16 ÷ 2                       24 ÷ 6

22 ÷ 2                      48 ÷ 6

Challenge Sum

224 ÷ 7

There will be an instructional video explaining doing the division in Class Materials->Numeracy->Instructional Videos->Number Talks.

Well done everyone for all of your hard work this term. We are so close to the end of P3 now and could not be more proud of how well you are doing. Thank you again to the parent’s for all of your support.

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward.

P3 12 6 20

It’s the end of the week Primary 3 and we have been incredibly impressed with all of the superb work you have been sending us and how much effort you are putting in, we’re so proud of all of you. Please make sure you take time for yourselves as today you would be getting your Free Time Friday time. We know that you all have definitely earned it all! We hope you all have amazing weekends and we are looking forward to next week when we can hear all about the wonderful things you have been up to!

For the final ocean themed activity of the week, why not spend some time in the kitchen (you know there’s a food based activity if Mr Woodward’s involved!) making these delicious ocean cupcakes?

If you have the ingredients these would be a perfect way to start ramping up for the summer, thinking about sitting on a beach, playing in the sea and building sandcastles!


Mental Maths















The challenge for this week is all about Coding. A few of you have already been impressing us with your coding skills, so we would love to see more!

Critical Skills Challenge Coding

Thank you for your continued support and hard work,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward