January Active Fun Challenge results

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our January Active Fun Challenge. The number of active minutes logged across West Lothian Primary Schools was phenomenal and 32 primary schools in West Lothian took part.

Carmondean Primary logged 33 days, 2 hrs and 9 minutes of active minutes in January- AMAZING!

Take a look at the results video here https://youtu.be/EtVvnFjk0OM to see which schools ranked in the TOP 10.

Judy Murray  announces the winner in the video and sets out a challenge to everyone.  I gave the challenge a try- can you do better than me?

January 2021 Active Fun Challenge

Happy New Year everyone.

I’m hoping that you all made your New Year Resolution to be as active as possible in 2021 because I have entered the school into a competition to find the most active school in West Lothian and in true Carmondean spirit we are in it to win it!

How can you help?

  1. Be as active as you can.  Any activity counts from taking taking part in PE lessons to walking your dog to dancing along to Just Dance.
  2. Record the number of minutes each week you are active and submit the number on this form. This most be done by 10am every Monday. ( first submission date is Monday 18th January)

  1. Every Tuesday the school with the highest number of weekly activity minutes will be announced and at the end of the month the school with the highest number of minutes throughout the month will be the champions.

Good luck, happy exercising and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Mrs Ferguson

Family Active Games Ideas

As we head into the summer holidays I wanted to share a document with you that has some ideas for games you can play at home with your family and friends that require very little equipment but are lots and lots of fun. Click on “Family Games” below to access the  document.

Family Games

Have a fantastic summer,  keep active,  stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all in August.

Mrs Ferguson

Guinness World Record weekly challenge

Have you heard of Guinness World Records?   Every year this organisation  publish a reference book , listing world records both of human achievements and the extremes of the natural world.

They have a fantastic website with details of some of these world records and also lots of activity ideas for you to try at home.  Every week they set a challenge and this week’s challenge is ” Most foot taps by a team of 2 in 30 seconds.”


I would like you to give this challenge a try.  Let me know how you get on. Will we have a Carmondean PS world record holder?

They also have a fantastic kids sections on the website with more world record ideas to try at home.  Check out the following link and give some of them a go.


I’d love to know how you get on.

Mrs Ferguson

And the winners of Sports Day (at home) 2020 are………….

Good morning everyone.  First of all I wanted to to say the biggest thank you to everyone who took part in our sports day at home this year.  I loved seeing  photos and videos of you taking part as well as  reading some lovely comments about how much fun you were having. Weren’t we lucky with the weather despite the forecast!  Then on Friday  I  was absolutely over the moon seeing the huge number of  results that had been submitted.

Now onto the information you want to hear.   Drum roll please……………………



are the winners of Sports Day (at home)  2020

2nd place  Raeburn

3rd place Deer Park

4th place Waverley

Thank you for your efforts and well done to everyone taking part.  You are all winners to me. 

Mrs Ferguson

Final chance for Sports Day points

Today is your last chance to win sports day points for your house.  If you have already completed the activities please remember to click on this form to submit the results.

The weather was perfect yesterday for sports day and it was great to see the results and photos rolling in.  Here are a few more photos of Carmondean Pupils having great fun on sports day.

Good luck everyone and may the best team win!

Mrs Ferguson


Sports Day – Your team needs YOU!

Today was supposed to be Carmondean Sports Day 2020.  If you haven’t completed the sports day activities yet then today is the perfect day to do it. My forecast says the sun will shine today.

I am really enjoying seeing photos of everyone taking part and lots are in their house team colours.  Here are a few more fab photos of sports day ( at home) 2020.

The results are looking very even at the moment so every point counts.  Let’s hear you cheer    Let’s go


Good Luck everyone

Mrs Ferguson

Sports Day – submitting results

Well done  to those who have completed the sports day tasks so far. Results have to be submitted via the online form. Here it is  for anyone who can’t find the link


I’m also attaching the activity information again for anyone who missed the first blog post.  You have until Friday at 12 noon to submit results. Click on this document Carmondean Sports Day

Deer Park are currently in the lead-  Come on Raeburn, Sutherland and Waverley !   Parents can join in too for extra points for houses.  Just tick adult instead of class on the form.

Good Luck!

Mrs Ferguson

Sports Day update – Raeburn in the lead

Good morning everyone.

Well done to everyone who has submitted sports day results so far. There is still plenty time to take part so  COME ON Deer Park, Raeburn, Sutherland and Waverley.  Raeburn are in the lead at the moment so if you don’t want them to be winners you’d better get scoring points for your house.

I was delighted to see photos of some P1s taking part in their first primary school sports day.  Can you do as well as them?  I’d love to see some more photos.

And look at the fun P2 are having.

Have fun and score lots of points .

Mrs Ferguson

Keep up the good work on Sports Day

Good morning everyone. I hope you enjoyed watching our video yesterday. I’m delighted to see that some of you have completed your sports day already and manged to submit your results.  Deer Park, Raeburn and Waverley already have points in the bag for their house,  so come on Sutherland complete the sports day activities and submit your results.

Good luck everyone and fingers crossed for some sunshine!

Mrs Ferguson

Sports Day 2020 is here!

Good morning Carmondean and welcome to Sports Day (at home) 2020. Let’s get active, have fun and win points for your house team.

A big thank you goes to Primary 7 and  the Sports Committee for their ideas of sports day activities that could be done at home.  You have been set 7 challenges to take part in this week to win points for your house. Please contact your class teacher if you are unsure of your house team.

Please click on the word document for information on what the activities are, how to score them and how to submit your scores.  Please note- only submit your scores ONCE ( typing your score as a number only please) and when you have completed all 7 activities. Your scores must be submitted by 12 noon on Friday 19th June 2020.

Carmondean Sports Day

We thought you might need a bit of encouragement to win lots of points for your house team so here is a video with a few familiar faces.


We’d love to see photos of you taking part so please send in photos to the school/your class teacher in your normal way.

And finally,  a few words from Mr Shanks.


Good luck everyone and may the best team win.

Mrs Ferguson

PE Daily Challenge

Good Afternoon everyone.  I hope you are all doing well and keeping active at home. Last week I told you about the West Lothian Primary PE Network daily challenges on Twitter  and here is today’s challenge. Think you might recognise the challenger!

Can anyone beat me?   Are the best in your house?

Let me know how you get on.

PE update – Twitter challenges

Happy Wednesday Carmondean Primary. I just wanted to let you know about some daily PE challenges that the primary PE teachers in West Lothian are posting , sharing and trying on twitter.  If any parents use twitter then please head over to @WLPENetwork  and follow for the daily challenges. You might even see a famailar face once in a while.

Win a £10,000 Playground for Carmondean

Hands up if you would like to win a £10,000 creative playground for Carmondean.

I see lots of hands up for this. Well here is how you can do it.

  1. Download the Home Learning  Playground Design Activity Pack using the link below.
  2. Have a think about what you your perfect playground would look like and complete all the activities in the pack.
  3. Submit it all back to them by Friday 1st May.
  4. You can enter more than once so remember that the more entries we have for the school the better the chance we have of winning

Home Learning Resources

PE 2.6 challenges

Good morning everyone. I hope you have been keeping active at home. I’m sure this lovely weather will be helping with that.

Did you know that the London Marathon was meant to take place this Sunday , 26th April? Maybe you knew someone who was going to be taking part or you know someone who has completed this endurance running event  in the past.  It will hopefully take place later on this year.

A marathon distance is 26.2 miles. That’s like running from Livingston to Stirling Castle ( Wow!) Since no one can run the marathon this weekend some of the charities involved with the marathon have decided to set a 2 point six challenge and I’d like you to see if you can do any of these challenges?


or maybe even come up with your own based around the number 2.6 or 26.  eg

26 star jumps

balance on 1 foot for 2.6 secs ( or 2.6 minutes!)

Throw a ball to brother/sister 26 times

Here are some ideas from the website


Post a reply to let me know what you managed to do.

Mrs Ferguson


Keeping active everyday

I’m sure lots of you have been trying to keep active every day however I know it will be hard now that we have to stay in our own house or garden.  If you come up with any great games/ways to stay active then let me know and we can share with everyone. If you’ve not already found PE with Joe then here is a link to his workout this morning. A great way to get energised for the day ahead

Tennis master class

Primary 4 were lucky enough to have Simon Yapp from Tennis Revolution deliver a tennis master class to them today. They had so much fun as you can see from the photos and videos.

If your child came home enthused then check out the following website for details of classes in Bathgate.


PE Update

I’m so delighted to announce I had 4 classes this week where all pupils remembered to bring their PE kit. Thanks for all your help with this and please keep it up. It’s so much easier, safer and more hygienic to be taking part in PE Kit.

And its that time of year again where pupils learn some Scottish Ceilidh dances so they can do them at their christmas party. They had great fun dancing the Gay Gordons, Military Two Step, Dadhing White Sergeant and the Flying Scotsman this week . Ask them to show you at home.

Mrs Ferguson