And the winners of Sports Day (at home) 2020 are………….

Good morning everyone.  First of all I wanted to to say the biggest thank you to everyone who took part in our sports day at home this year.  I loved seeing  photos and videos of you taking part as well as  reading some lovely comments about how much fun you were having. Weren’t we lucky with the weather despite the forecast!  Then on Friday  I  was absolutely over the moon seeing the huge number of  results that had been submitted.

Now onto the information you want to hear.   Drum roll please……………………



are the winners of Sports Day (at home)  2020

2nd place  Raeburn

3rd place Deer Park

4th place Waverley

Thank you for your efforts and well done to everyone taking part.  You are all winners to me. 

Mrs Ferguson

6 thoughts on “And the winners of Sports Day (at home) 2020 are………….”

    Well Done to everyone who took part.

  2. Well done Sutherland – knew you could do it! 🙂

    Thank you to Mrs Ferguson for organising and for everyone that took part for all of the different houses. Amazing job!

  3. I’m so happy that sutherland won
    and it was really good to have my friends round as we did it and they were in sutherland to so we were not competing against each other
    I’m sure other people in sutherland did an amazing job aswell

  4. Hurray!!! I am so very happy that my team, Sutherland, won this year! Well done! Lorena P2R

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