Primary 2/1 27th August 2020

We have had a very busy week in Primary 2/1 this week.  In Maths the Primary Ones have been working on numbers to 10.  We have been mainly focusing on the correct way to form numbers 0,1 and 2.  We have also been counting together, challenging ourselves to see how far we can go! The Primary Twos have been working hard on some consolidation of addition.  We have been using cubes and number lines to add numbers to 20.

In Language the Primary Ones have been working a little on rhyme.  This is something that you can work on with them at home, asking them if they can think of something that rhymes with cat/bug/pen etc.  We would also encourage you to read rhyming stories together and discuss the words that rhyme.  The Primary Twos have been consolidation blending 4 letter words.  Again this is something that the children can be trying at home, encourage them to try and hear 4 sounds in a word e.g. slug, nest etc.

We have also started our work on SHANARRI in class this week. We have been focusing on SAFE and HEALTHY before moving on to ACTIVE, NURTURE, ACHIEVE and RESPECT next week.  We have been sorting safe and unsafe activities and looking at what foods are healthy and unhealthy.

We would like to remind you to send your child with a bottle with water in it each day, please no juice or flavoured water.  Gym days are Tuesday and Wednesday where children can come to school in their gym kit, which should be suitable for outdoors.

Thank you for your continued support this year so far, if there is anything you should wish to discuss, please telephone the office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you again,

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel

Sports Day – submitting results

Well done  to those who have completed the sports day tasks so far. Results have to be submitted via the online form. Here it is  for anyone who can’t find the link


I’m also attaching the activity information again for anyone who missed the first blog post.  You have until Friday at 12 noon to submit results. Click on this document Carmondean Sports Day

Deer Park are currently in the lead-  Come on Raeburn, Sutherland and Waverley !   Parents can join in too for extra points for houses.  Just tick adult instead of class on the form.

Good Luck!

Mrs Ferguson

Primary 2 -Thursday 11.6.20

Hello Everyone,

What a rainy day it was yesterday! Did any of you get your wellies on and get out and about to do some puddle jumping?

Thursday would normally be PE with Mrs Ferguson. Here is a fun activity to get you moving:

Save the Treasure

Next week will be Sports Week so look out for some more exciting activities then.

Now that we are able to see one other family a day outdoors, some of you may be meeting up with friends who you have not seen since school closed. It is really hard to remember to keep 2 metres apart when you are playing isn’t it! We thought you might enjoy some of these games which you can play at a safe distance and still have lots of fun. It would be really good to practise them with others in your household too so that you can teach the games to your friends when we are back at school!

-Chalk walk – design a chalk trail on the pavement for your friend. 1 person complete it at a time. The other person can stand back 2 metres and time the other person. You can draw movements such as hop, hopscotch, spin, run on the spot, a maze or you can even add noises they need to make in a box e.g. whistle, snort etc. Here are some ideas:


-Mirroring – Stand 2 metres apart facing each other. One person is the leader and does some sort of movement e.g. waving, star jumps etc and the other copies. See who can do the funniest move!

-Laughing Challenge – Sit 2 metres apart. 1 person is not allowed to speak , the other has to make them laugh by e.g. making funny noises, telling jokes, funny faces etc. When the person laughs swap over.

-Storytelling – Sit 2 metres apart facing a partner. Start a story e.g. One sunny day a dinosaur walked into school. The next person says ‘And then…’ to carry on the story e.g ‘And then stomped into the dinner hall demanding pizza!’ Take turns to add a sentence at a time and see how silly and funny you can make the story!

We know that many of you love playing with the Lego during choosing time in class and with the weather not being as nice the past few days, maybe you would like to try some of these Lego experiments:

Have a good day Primary 2 and let us know how you are getting on.


Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty




Primary 2 4.6.20

Hello Primary 2,

How are you all? A bit of a change in the weather the past couple of days but hopefully you will still spend some of your days outside having fun and keeping healthy! Thursday would normally be PE day with Mrs Ferguson. Here is a fun activity for you to try at home:

Hands and Feet

Lots of you have been managing to complete some super school work this week too. Here are a few photographs for you to see what some of your friends have been up to:

If you are looking for something in addition to the activities on your grids some of you may be interested in these exciting investigations and experiments with some STEM learning. There are some great ideas on the following website. We think some of you might particularly enjoy making the Balloon Rocket or the Climbing Bug!

Early Years & Primary Home Learning

Grounds4Nature Garden Bioblitz

Here is a special research activity that you might like to do at home. Spend some time outside with your family looking for as many different types of wild plants and animals as you can (not pets, people or planted flowers!) between 4th -11th June 2020. Look at and on flowers, bushes and trees, under stones, in leaf litter, on walls, in your grass – everywhere! Record the wildlife you see using the attached guide. With an adult’s help you will be able to go online and compare your findings with other people – maybe you will discover a new plant or animal that nobody else has seen!

Grounds 4 Nature Garden Bioblitz – step-by-step guide

For a little break and relaxation during the day why don’t you listen to a story from Miss Rafferty on your Learner’s Journal. We hope you have a good day Primary 2 and we look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – 21.5.20

Good morning Primary 2,

We hope you are enjoying this lovely weather.   Some super work on the Learning Journals already this week. If we were in school just now we would definitely be looking for ways to take our learning outside! This week we are learning about time durations. You could draw a clock face on the ground and use sticks for the hands – try moving them forward and back to find the time 1 or 2 hours before and after a given time. Maybe you could even make a human clock and you could use your legs and arms for the hands!!

Here are some other creative outdoor challenges you might enjoy:

-Make a collage using sticks, leaves, stones, pine cones etc. We would love to see any of your creations.


Design and build a board game. You can create your own board game or recreate one you already know e.g. snakes and ladders. Create some clear instructions for players of your game and try it out! Here is an example:

Thursday would normally be PE time with Mrs Ferguson. Here are some fun PE activities to try:

Animal movements (1)

We know that many of you love your Music time with Mr Shanks and thought you might find this online activity fun- you can choose Song Maker and create your own song, changing the tempo ( how fast or slow) and the instruments.  You can also record it!

Let us know how you are getting on and please just ask if you require further resources or advice to support learning.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – Home Learning 14.5.20

Good morning everyone!

We hope you are having a good week so far.

Today would normally be PE day with Mrs Ferguson and she has suggested the following activity for some active fun! If you are able to have a go-let us know how you get on 😊

Sock ladder Jumping

Remember the ‘Travel to Tokyo’ activity mentioned on Monday’s blog. All you have to do is log any activity you and your family do.  Every little counts and remember there are prizes!

Today is also normally writing day in school. If you are planning to complete your writing today – maybe you could play some relaxing music whilst you do it. We sometimes find that in class it relaxes and focuses us.

We have loved looking at some of your activities on Learner’s Journals and here is a selection of some hard work from the past few days:

Keep up the great work Primary 2 and thank you to the adults at home for helping you learn!

Have a good day boys and girls and we look forward to hearing from you 👍.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


PE weekly update

What an amazing week in PE!

The sports committee were adding Aldi stickers to our chart and we now have 120- can you help us reach 150 by next Friday please?

Primary 5 today completed a hat trick today for all bringing their PE kit so they get rewarded next week with their own choice of activity. Which class will be next to do this? Please help them remember!

P6 took part in the cluster cross country event at Dechmont Law and put all their training into practice. They showed they knew how to pace themselves and keep running all the way in the 1.1KM race. Fantastic results from Blair Flood as 1st over the line in the boys race and Abbiegail Beer 3rd in the girls race.We also has 9 primary 7s in the west Lothian championships race and they ran superbly. What a gorgeous autumn day for it.

PE update

What a great week in PE.  We had another class who all remembered their PE kit – Well Done Primary 5B

Please remember PE kit on gym days as performance is so much better in comfortable PE clothing.

And please remember to hand in Aldi stickers so we can get to our 300 target- thanks in advance

Did you know the Rugby World Cup starts this weekend? Scotland play their first game on Sunday morning against Ireland.


They learned about  rebounding the ball after a shot has been taken. They tried this in small group practice and then put the learning into 2 v 2 games.


We got outside for Cross Country training and let the dice decide how far they were to run! And then they had to work out what pace we could run the distance. It’s 2 weeks until they take part in the cluster event at Dechmont Law so if they can try and run over the weekend that would improve their stamina even more.


They had fun working with a partner to make letters of the alphabet with their bodies.  They took pictures using the ipads to see whether or not it looked really like the letter. Partners then gave advice on how to make the letter shape better.


Today they recapped balances and then linked a balance with a roll. eg Front support to pencil roll There were so many ideas and it was great to be able to share these with a partner and sometimes with the whole class.


The class played games that helped with throwing and catching. They worked out that team mates should move closer to the person throwing the ball to make it a bit easier and ensure they can catch.


Today we  were learning how to cartwheel using benches, mats and dots on the floor. lots of the class can already cartwheel and they were challenged to manage it in a straight line , or along or over a bench.



Mrs Ferguson


PE weekly update

PE Kit

It’s been a fantastic week in PE with  P7A  winning the first Most Prepared for PE Certificate of the year when all of the class brought PE kit for their basketball lesson. Please help your child to remember their PE kit on PE days as it is much easier, more comfortable and usually safer to take part in PE with shorts/leggings, t-shirt and gym shoes than while wearing school uniform.  They are all desperate to get a certificate 3 weeks in a row because that wins their class a choice of activity for PE.


Class activities

At the moment the classes that come to me are learning/developing the following activities:

P7  Basketball

P6 Cross Country

P5 Gymnmastics- Partnerwork

P4 Gymnastics- Rolling

P3A  Benchball

P3B  Gymnastics- shape

How can you help

Please ask them what they have been doing and ( if safe to do so) show you what they have been learning.

See how active you can be over the holiday weekend.  The sun is to shine so can you get out on your bike, go for a walk/run, take a ball to the park to play football/rugby/netball.

Mrs Ferguson


Primary 7 3.5.19

We can’t quite believe we have reached May already, in true Primary 7 style our last term looks like it will be as busy as all the others!

Primary 7 have decided that they would like to leave a legacy for the rest of the school in the form of a campaign involving environmental messages that they hope will be adopted by all. They have also thought of a physical legacy and are currently working on plans to achieve this …watch this space!

For this term we have changed our language homework, moving the focus away from predominantly spelling to boosting our vocabulary. Within our classrooms we have Word Boost Walls, please ask your child for an explanation of how we use these walls. Each Monday, your child will choose FIVE words. They will research the meaning of each word and write a sentence for each word. Various stimuli will be provided throughout the school week but the pupils may choose their words independently. Jotters must be handed in on a Friday at the latest. If a pupil does not finish their sentences in class they should complete them as homework.

We are studying data handling in maths, if you use spreadsheets or any other forms of data handling at home or in work please discuss what you use it for with your child. We are currently compiling, displaying and analysing information.

Your child was given a letter regarding our Living and Growing topic this term. We aim to start using this resource next week, please contact the school ASAP if you would like to discuss any aspect of this area of the curriculum.

The prom committee met for the first time this week. They will be helping to organise the decorations, picking what food will be served and deciding on any other activities they may want at the prom. Their first job is to ask the rest of P7 for any ideas and thoughts. The excitement is building!

The residential trip to France is coming up fast! The children are being given reminders in school to help them organise their belongings. Remember if your child needs medication please collect the appropriate form from the school office. Bonjour!



PE – Outdoor Kit – Mondays

Indoor / Outdoor Kit- Wednesday

Homework – Word boost sentences completed by Friday

My Life So Far – Please bring to school each Thursday.

Deadline FRIDAY 31st MAY


Thank for your continued support.

Mrs Wylie, Mrs Muir and Mrs Gilmour


All Stars Cricket

Primary 2 welcomed Mark from Livingston Cricket Club this week for a taster session about the All Stars Cricket Programme that is starting at the club very soon.  They had great fun and learned new words and skills associated with the game of cricket.  Many took home a flyer with information for signing up for the All Stars Programme however it’s not just for P2’s – anyone aged 5 -8 years old is able to take part so for further information please check out

When signing up to the sessions participants will also receive a goodie bag with a bag, cricket bat, ball, baseball cap and tshirt.


What a ball we had watching the Glasgow Rocks!

On Sunday night a group of P6 and P7 pupils along with Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Gilmour, Mrs Wotherspoon and Miss Millar headed to The Emirates Arena in Glasgow to see the Glasgow Rocks  take on Surrey Scorchers in the British Basketball League.  What an amazing experience from start to finish.  There was fun on the concourse before the game with pointing fingers, gorilla mascot and a magician and then it was onto the fast paced game. Glasgow Rocks gave us lots to cheer by winning 103 – 76. We loved every minute and would definitely go back and highly recommend others to get along to one of their games.  Check out their website for details on future fixtures.

Gymnastics Team

All gymnasts in the team should be learning their routine for the forthcoming gymnastics competition. A reminder that Level 1 gymnasts have 6 skills to remember and Level 2 and 3 gymnasts have 8 skills in their routine and they must also have linking moves between each skill.

I look forward to seeing these routines again on Thursday afterschool.

I am back in school on Wednesday if anyone needs to come and ask me any questions about it.

Many thanks

Mrs Ferguson

Cross Country success

We had  great success at today’s Cross Country event at Dechmont Law. Despite the weather conditions ( perfect cross country weather some would say!) we saw Makayla Thomson and Elisavet Marcoci win Gold and Silver in the girls P6  race and Casey Core win Gold in the boys P6 event.  What a superb effort and Elisavet and Casey pipped their opponents on the finish line which was very exciting to watch.  Everyone else did so well especially as many were taking part in this type of race for the first time.   As winners at this event last year we took 10 P7 runners back to event to represent the Deans Cluster in the P7 West Lothian race.  This was a much tougher race and we are so proud of the effort they all put in.  We need to wait until all the results have been checked to see if our P6s have won the team event this year and we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

If anyone now has the running bug please see the information that was handed to all runners at the end about local sessions or come and see Mrs Ferguson and I can help.

Well done to all!

Mrs Ferguson

PE Kit reminder

Just a wee reminder of what pupils need to bring on PE days.

Indoor – navy shorts, white t-shirt and indoor shoes/trainers

Outdoor – joggers, t-shirt, sweatshirt/hoody and outdoor trainers

Each class will have PE twice each week. Check out their class blog for up to date information on when PE Kit is needed.

A big shout out to P7 who are setting a great example already with the whole class remembering to bring PE kit each week.  Well done!

Thanks for your help in supporting this.

Mrs Ferguson


Lunchtime handball training for P6 & P7

Anyone in P6 and P7  who enjoy playing handball and would like the chance to be in the school handball team should come to the big gym hall on Thursday lunchtime ( 6th September)

Please bring gym kit and a water bottle.

The school handball team was very successful last year coming 2nd in the West Lothian and going on to represent West Lothian at the Scottish Finals. We are hoping for similar success this year!

Mrs Ferguson




PE snow day ideas

I wonder if any of you fancy being the next Lizzie Yarnold?  Have a look at the video clip of Lizzie winning her second gold medal at the recent Winter Olympics and then get out sledging today! Remember to be safe though!

If you don’t have a sledge you can just get out in the snow and try all different activities in it.  I think you’ll find it’s much harder walking, running and jumping in the snow.  How many different activities can you do in the snow and  how does your body feel when you try them?

And if you cant get outside here are some indoor activities you can try.

Cha Cha Slide Plan Challenge:


Dungeon Runner Fitness Quest:


Just Dance:


Snowed in HIIT Workouts:


Various Games and Activities: