PE update

What a great week in PE.  We had another class who all remembered their PE kit – Well Done Primary 5B

Please remember PE kit on gym days as performance is so much better in comfortable PE clothing.

And please remember to hand in Aldi stickers so we can get to our 300 target- thanks in advance

Did you know the Rugby World Cup starts this weekend? Scotland play their first game on Sunday morning against Ireland.


They learned about  rebounding the ball after a shot has been taken. They tried this in small group practice and then put the learning into 2 v 2 games.


We got outside for Cross Country training and let the dice decide how far they were to run! And then they had to work out what pace we could run the distance. It’s 2 weeks until they take part in the cluster event at Dechmont Law so if they can try and run over the weekend that would improve their stamina even more.


They had fun working with a partner to make letters of the alphabet with their bodies.  They took pictures using the ipads to see whether or not it looked really like the letter. Partners then gave advice on how to make the letter shape better.


Today they recapped balances and then linked a balance with a roll. eg Front support to pencil roll There were so many ideas and it was great to be able to share these with a partner and sometimes with the whole class.


The class played games that helped with throwing and catching. They worked out that team mates should move closer to the person throwing the ball to make it a bit easier and ensure they can catch.


Today we  were learning how to cartwheel using benches, mats and dots on the floor. lots of the class can already cartwheel and they were challenged to manage it in a straight line , or along or over a bench.



Mrs Ferguson


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