France Trip


Fantastic day had by all at Plopsaland, it was a hard job getting through the door though!

Mrs Wylie now has a sore throat from screaming too much on the rides but at least she had her eyes open … Mrs Wotherspoon went down the water slide with her eyes firmly shut !

Isla – the beach was in Calais
Niven – for breakfast we had more crepes !

Miss all the other starbursts x

France Trip

An insightful day had by all. We started out with a tour of Passchendaele memorial museum which involved a visit to a dugout and a series of trenches . After lunch in the sun, we walked around the memorial poppy garden . It’s an incredible display of seven individual sections , which form a poppy when viewed together.

All our pupils were immersed in the guided tour , we were very proud of their enthusiasm and their behaviour .

From there we travelled to Poelcapelle Commonwealth cemetery and then to Langemark German cemetery . During WW2 , Hitler visited Langemark as he had fought near the area during WW1.

We headed back to the beach after dinner and are now getting ready for bed !
Need our energy for theme park tomorrow!!

France Trip


After a good nights sleep we have eaten crepes for breakfast so we are ready for our next adventure!

Suncream has been applied but jumpers are on too .

We will update you tonight.

P7 – We saw many different types of sharks and we THE MEG !!!
The teeth … we think they belonged to one of the teachers but we don’t know which one 😃

France Trip

Arrived safe and sound in Belgium this morning . Fun was had by all on the boat even if it did take a few a little while to find their sea legs .

Isla – The boat was awesome
Abby – The food was amazing
Heather -It was exciting

Carmondean took to the dance floor and showed the rest of the passengers how to boogie!

We drove straight to Dunkirk beach this morning . The sun was shining as we walked to the memorial. We all found it hard to image what it must have been like during Operation Dynamo.
After lunch on the beach , we went to fort de Dunes . Our guides were excellent and really gave us a sense of what conditions would have been like during WW2.

On leaving the fort we travelled to our hotel in Calais . After unpacking we had dinner then headed to play on the beach . Mrs Ferguson will be very pleased with us as we practiced our relay … in flip flops !

It’s a quick shower to wash the sand off before bed .


Primary 7 3.5.19

We can’t quite believe we have reached May already, in true Primary 7 style our last term looks like it will be as busy as all the others!

Primary 7 have decided that they would like to leave a legacy for the rest of the school in the form of a campaign involving environmental messages that they hope will be adopted by all. They have also thought of a physical legacy and are currently working on plans to achieve this …watch this space!

For this term we have changed our language homework, moving the focus away from predominantly spelling to boosting our vocabulary. Within our classrooms we have Word Boost Walls, please ask your child for an explanation of how we use these walls. Each Monday, your child will choose FIVE words. They will research the meaning of each word and write a sentence for each word. Various stimuli will be provided throughout the school week but the pupils may choose their words independently. Jotters must be handed in on a Friday at the latest. If a pupil does not finish their sentences in class they should complete them as homework.

We are studying data handling in maths, if you use spreadsheets or any other forms of data handling at home or in work please discuss what you use it for with your child. We are currently compiling, displaying and analysing information.

Your child was given a letter regarding our Living and Growing topic this term. We aim to start using this resource next week, please contact the school ASAP if you would like to discuss any aspect of this area of the curriculum.

The prom committee met for the first time this week. They will be helping to organise the decorations, picking what food will be served and deciding on any other activities they may want at the prom. Their first job is to ask the rest of P7 for any ideas and thoughts. The excitement is building!

The residential trip to France is coming up fast! The children are being given reminders in school to help them organise their belongings. Remember if your child needs medication please collect the appropriate form from the school office. Bonjour!



PE – Outdoor Kit – Mondays

Indoor / Outdoor Kit- Wednesday

Homework – Word boost sentences completed by Friday

My Life So Far – Please bring to school each Thursday.

Deadline FRIDAY 31st MAY


Thank for your continued support.

Mrs Wylie, Mrs Muir and Mrs Gilmour


See you soon!

This post was written last night at around 5pm (12.5.16). However due to terrible wifi we were unable to post. We have just docked at Hull and will see you all this afternoon 🙂


Bonjour! Thank you once again for all of your lovely comments. The children enjoy hearing them all at breakfast.

Today we left the hotel for the final time. Craig really enjoyed the food at the hotel while Erin thought that her bed was very comfortable.

Our first stop was Nausicaa, the sea life centre. Nathan enjoyed looking at lots of seahorses and sharks while Jay liked watching the Penguins swimming underneath the water. We watched a film in 4D where our faces were splashed and our hair was blown around furiously! The gift shop in Nausicaa was fantastic! Many presents were purchased. Jay has now acquired a soft toy great white shark called Stephen who will be a great addition to the family I am sure!

Next we drove out of France and into Belgium where we stopped in town of Ypres. We visited a glorious chocolate shop where everyone purchased some delicious treats! The chocolate shop owner was even able to give us some special money off deals!

We then went to see the Menin Gate. It is a memorial to soldiers who died in the First World War who have no known graves. We each got a poppy to stick next to one of the names on the Menin Gate. This was a touching moment for us all.

We are now sitting in the ferry terminal as we write this waiting to go into our rooms for our final night before home. We are looking forward to dinner and disco before bed.

The children have had an amazing week but are very excited to see you all again!

See you soon everyone!

Written by: Miss Clark, Erin, Nathan, Craig and Jay (and Stephen the shark!)

Bonjour tout le monde!

Thank you for reading our last update. We all loved reading the many comments you left us yesterday and today. Please keep commenting on our daily updates!

Thank you for your questions Primary 7! After dinner we have been enjoying doing different things. On Sunday night we went to the disco on the ferry. Yesterday, we went to the local park. Today, we are relaxing in our rooms after a very busy day. We are normally in our bedrooms for 9:30pm and lights out are at 9:45pm. This morning we woke up at 7:30 but tomorrow we have a long lie until 8am!! We are glad you are having a good week. We can’t wait to see you all next Monday and hear all your stories!

Today we have had a very busy, but interesting day. We started off by visiting L’Etaple cemetery. We were surprised as to how vast it was. Keston found the visit very educational as we were able to find out lots from the gravestones about the soldiers and civilians who had died. We found it interesting that the graves of the German soldiers weren’t so well kept.

We then travelled for about 2 hours on the bus to reach the Somme area. Our first stop was La Grande Mine. The crater was huge. It was caused by 27 tons of explosives set off by British soldiers who wanted to defeat Germans. The children all thought that the names on the walkway around the crater were very interesting as they told more information about soldiers who fought at that time.

Next we visited the nearby village of Contalmaison where we visited the McCrae Battalion Memorial (commonly known as the Hearts Memorial). Sam Tischler and Molly felt very honoured to be given the opportunity to place the school wreath on the memorial. Both Sam and Molly describe the experience as very memorable and touching.

Then we had our lunch at Thiepval. Sandy thought the memorial, for those who were never found during the Battle of the Somme, very beautiful as poppies regularly rained down from the top of the memorial. Sandy & Keston were convinced that they had found some long lost relatives on the memorial.

On our way to Ulster Tower we stopped off at Beaumont Hamel where we saw a memorial to Canadian and Scottish fallen soldiers among many others. We were surprised to find a Caribou atop of the Canadian Memorial!

Our last stop of the day was Ulster Tower. We were given a tour around the Thiepval Wood Trenches by a very knowledgable tour guide called Teddy. He showed us various trenches that were built by Scottish soldiers. We loved that the trenches were named after famous Scottish streets and cities (e.g. Inverness Avenue, George Street and Union Street). It was a truly emotional and humbling experience.

We are now back at our hotel after enjoying a lovely 3 course dinner. Please keep leaving comments, we love reading them.

Bon nuit!

Written by: Miss Clark, Mrs Harding, Sandy, Molly, Sam Tischler & Keston

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