France Trip

Arrived safe and sound in Belgium this morning . Fun was had by all on the boat even if it did take a few a little while to find their sea legs .

Isla – The boat was awesome
Abby – The food was amazing
Heather -It was exciting

Carmondean took to the dance floor and showed the rest of the passengers how to boogie!

We drove straight to Dunkirk beach this morning . The sun was shining as we walked to the memorial. We all found it hard to image what it must have been like during Operation Dynamo.
After lunch on the beach , we went to fort de Dunes . Our guides were excellent and really gave us a sense of what conditions would have been like during WW2.

On leaving the fort we travelled to our hotel in Calais . After unpacking we had dinner then headed to play on the beach . Mrs Ferguson will be very pleased with us as we practiced our relay … in flip flops !

It’s a quick shower to wash the sand off before bed .


Primary 7 3.5.18

Hello everyone

We have had a busy week in Primary 7. We had a visit from teachers and students from Deans Community High School today. They told us what it was like to move from Carmondean Primary to Deans High. They also answered any questions the children had about High School. It was a very informative session and very helpful for the children.

Some of the Primary 7 children will be leaving on our France Residential a week on Sunday (13th May). Please ensure that all letters are signed and returned and EHIC Health cards are returned to the school as soon as possible. If you require your child to take any medication on the trip then the appropriate form should be filled in and returned to the school before next Friday. For forms and any extra information please contact the school office as soon as possible.

The children created fantastic pieces of art work this week based on interesting skylines from around the world. They used photographs of famous skylines to help plan out their own. They then transferred their work onto black card and then painted beautiful skies with water colour paints which will frame their skyline. These are looking fantastic and will be on display until the end of term.

The children have also worked on creating informative posters for the Primary 6 children this week. Soon, the Primary 7’s will leave Carmondean Primary behind and the P6s will replace them as buddies to our new Primary 1 children in August. The children worked with a partner to create a poster that tells the Primary 6 children about their experiences of being a buddy and how to overcome any challenges. We will present these to the Primary 6 classes next week.

We are on holiday on Monday and Tuesday next week. Have a lovely long weekend and we will see the children on Wednesday.
Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

PE days
Monday – Outdoor PE
Wednesday – Indoor PE

Homework – Spelling and Maths due Friday

Primary 7 in France! Monday 15th May

Today we arrived in Rotterdam and travelled to Fort des Dunes. It was built in just two years by the French troops. It was built In 1878. Inside there were bunkers and we saw where the cannon supplies were kept.  We also had an audio guide to tell us all about the place and what happened during World War 2. As well as that we went through tunnels that were built there and had lots of fun. We arrived at our hotel and unpacked. After dinner we went to the park and had lots of fun playing with all of the equipment.

Written by Rebekah, Louisa, Cari & Jessica

Primary 7 – 21.04.17

Welcome to the last term in P7 and primary school for the children!

The children have been choosing their best piece of writing to enter the Young Writer competition. These have been sent away and fingers crossed we will have a winner!

Miss Lindsay from DCHS was in school on Wednesday working with the children on Didbook. The children will be identifying their strengths and next steps for high school. When the children receive their loin and password you will be able to read at home what they have written. This was all explained at the information meeting which took place last term.

Miss Thompson completed her final visit with P7W – the focus was on Algebra. The children were able to solve simple Algebraic equations. Initially the children were slightly apprehensive about this but by the end they were very confident!

PE this term will be on a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure our child has appropriate kit for these days.

In health we will be using the Living and Growing resource to review the physical and emotional changes that take place at the onset of puberty. We will be looking at the development of relationships and how they can interact appropriately with others. You will receive a letter about this shortly.

The children will be working on their My Life So Far each Thursday for the next few weeks. Please ensure your child brings all/part of their project so that they can continue to work on it in class as well as at home.

Yesterday the children received information about the Residential to France. Please ensure the relevant sheets are returned to school as soon as possible. If your child will need medication, please ensure the relevant form ahs been filled in before hand.


Spelling homework

PE on Monday and Wednesday

Maths homework


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


See you soon!

This post was written last night at around 5pm (12.5.16). However due to terrible wifi we were unable to post. We have just docked at Hull and will see you all this afternoon 🙂


Bonjour! Thank you once again for all of your lovely comments. The children enjoy hearing them all at breakfast.

Today we left the hotel for the final time. Craig really enjoyed the food at the hotel while Erin thought that her bed was very comfortable.

Our first stop was Nausicaa, the sea life centre. Nathan enjoyed looking at lots of seahorses and sharks while Jay liked watching the Penguins swimming underneath the water. We watched a film in 4D where our faces were splashed and our hair was blown around furiously! The gift shop in Nausicaa was fantastic! Many presents were purchased. Jay has now acquired a soft toy great white shark called Stephen who will be a great addition to the family I am sure!

Next we drove out of France and into Belgium where we stopped in town of Ypres. We visited a glorious chocolate shop where everyone purchased some delicious treats! The chocolate shop owner was even able to give us some special money off deals!

We then went to see the Menin Gate. It is a memorial to soldiers who died in the First World War who have no known graves. We each got a poppy to stick next to one of the names on the Menin Gate. This was a touching moment for us all.

We are now sitting in the ferry terminal as we write this waiting to go into our rooms for our final night before home. We are looking forward to dinner and disco before bed.

The children have had an amazing week but are very excited to see you all again!

See you soon everyone!

Written by: Miss Clark, Erin, Nathan, Craig and Jay (and Stephen the shark!)

Aujourd’hui mai 11!


Thank you all for commenting on our past posts. They are all lovely and we enjoyed reading yesterday’s comments at breakfast this morning.

We spent the day at Bagatelle Theme Park. It was easy to get around and we didn’t have to queue for that long for any of the rides. It was rather cloudy in the morning but later on in the afternoon it was extremely hot and sunny (around 24 degrees!)

Here are some of our favourite moments from the Theme Park:

Becky: “I enjoyed taking Miss Clark on the Famous Jack ride and the flume. It was funny because she screamed the whole way round!”

Lewis T: “I enjoyed the Triops ride the most. Your legs were able to swing in the air and you went upside down loads of times!”

Leanna: “My favourite ride was the log flume. I got soaked!! But I still went on it 7 times!”

Claire: “I really enjoyed the Famous Jack ride too. It spun you around lots of times and Miss Clark’s screaming could be heard for miles!”

Some other funny moments include… Megan accidentally dunking her foot into the river on the water ride, Mrs Gilmour and Mrs Wotherspoon getting stuck on a broken ride and having to be rescued, the clown that played games with us and Miss Farren screaming constantly!

We also managed to buy some presents for our relatives at home at the theme park and are excited to give them to you!

We are looking forward to our final day in France and Belgium tomorrow, visiting Nausicaa, the Menin gate in Ypres and some chocolate shops (yum, yum!)

Au revoir mes amies!

Written by: Miss Clark, Becky, Lewis T, Leanna & Claire.





Guess the teacher!



Fun selfie on the Twist Air (chairaplanes!)



Mrs Gilmour being rescued from a broken water ride!!


At the end of a fun-filled, action packed day!