P2 Update 17.5.21

Hello Everyone,

Last week in Primary 2 the children really enjoyed learning all about Arctic foxes as part of our Hot/ Cold Countries topic. They created some lovely artwork using different materials to make their own Arctic foxes and produced very detailed factual reports to share their knowledge.

This week we will focus on polar bears and they will continue to work on non-fiction skills in Writing to create a report sharing the facts they have learned. The children’s targets are to use subheadings, include an appropriate title and write in present tense along with all the core targets we look for in every piece of writing e.g. capital letters and full stops, connectives etc.

This week in Maths, we are beginning to learn about fractions including halving numbers and moving on to halving and quartering shapes.

In PE, the children have started learning about cricket and we are focussing on throwing and catching skills as well as target practise. We will also be practising Sports Day activities with the aim of completing a class Sports Day closer to the end of term.

Please remember that Monday 24th May is a holiday.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty



Primary 2 Update

Hello Everyone

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some Spring sunshine! The children have all settled back into school and seem happy to be back.

Last week in Maths, we continued to work on telling the time using digital clocks to read o’clock and half past times and will soon move on to quarter past and quarter to times. It would be helpful if children could practise this in real life situations at home e.g. using the clocks on cookers, laptops or looking at timetables to consolidate their learning.

Also in Numeracy, we have been learning to divide by 2 and encouraging children to remember that this is the same as halving a number.

This week we have introduced our new topic – Hot and Cold Countries. Beginning with the polar regions, the  children have been looking at a globe and learning to recognise where the Arctic and Antarctic circles are as well as the equator and the North and South Poles.

Our PE days continue to be Tuesday and Thursday and will still take place outdoors. Please send your child to school in appropriate clothing depending on the weather.

Also as the weather is beginning to warm up a little, please ensure your child always comes to school with a water bottle.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – Thursday 10th December

Hello All

We are filming a short piece of the nativity story tomorrow and some parents have asked if children should still come in PE kit. If they are able to they can wear school uniform on top e.g. polo shirt, sweatshirt or cardigan and PE bottoms e.g. joggers or leggings but this is not essential.

Thank you,

Primary 2 Teachers

Primary 2 Update 30.11.20

Hello Everyone!

Last week Primary 2 continued to compare life in the past and present. They enjoyed talking about and tasting the difference in breakfast foods from now and in the past. They explored where the food comes from and the differences in packaging and advertising of foods – they definitely preferred present day breakfast foods!

In Writing the children continue to focus on the persuasive genre and are beginning to use some super persuasive language. This week they created adverts for shops and we discussed the use of catchy slogans, alliteration and asking questions to hook the reader in.

In Maths the children have been further developing subtraction skills and will continue this next week using a variety of different mental strategies.

Outdoor PE will continue on a Wednesday and Thursday and we would be very grateful if children could come dressed appropriately for the weather.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty

P2 Update 9.11.20

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached homework grid for next 2 weeks.

Homework Grid – Monday 9th November

We had another busy week in Primary 2 last week! The children wrote some super descriptive Bonfire Night descriptions and used lots of adjectives to describe what they might see, hear, smell and feel.


Last week the children also worked hard to produce super Christmas Cards to be printed.  Look out for the order form if you would like to order some of your child’s design.

This Friday, (13th November) is Children in Need. We are raising money in school by:

  • Selling wristbands for a donation
  • Dress down Friday 13th November- £1 (or a donation)- Dress the Rainbow- come wearing as many different colours as you can!

In Maths this week the children will be learning to complete missing number addition e.g. 10+_  = 12.

In Reading, we are continuing our focus on reciprocal reading strategies with a focus on questioning.

Thank you for continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 Homework and Update 5.10.20

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached this week’s homework with starred activities and optional activities.

Homework Sheet – Monday 5th October

Last week in Maths, we continued exploring the properties of 3d shapes and learned about their vertices, faces and edges. The children had lots of hands-on opportunities to build models using cubes, cuboids, spheres, pyramids, cones and cylinders.

In Health and Wellbeing we continued to explore the Shanarri indicators for wellbeing through our lovely characters.

We worked with Included Isabella and the children designed a playpark which would be suitable for all. They came up with super ideas including ramps for wheelchair users, adapted swings and roundabouts.

This week in Maths we will continue to practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and will be exploring shape and colour patterns.

In Writing we have introduced a describing bubble to children which encourages them to add detail by using adjectives to describe size, colour, shape, texture etc.

This week we look forward to speaking to many of you at our online parent’s evening on Wednesday or Thursday.


-P2 PE days are Wednesday and Thursday and where possible this will continue to be outdoors so please can your child wear appropriate clothing and shoes to school.

-We plan to use the forest adjacent to the school for further outdoor learning after the October holidays and you will have received a permission form with dates – please can you return this to school as soon as possible.

-October holidays –

All break – Friday, 9 October 2020

Pupils resume  – Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 Update 14.9.20

Hello Everyone,

We had another busy week in Primary 2 last week and have been continuing our Superhero topic chosen by the children. They particularly enjoyed carrying out an investigation to find out the best material to create a Super hero cape! In Writing, the children used some super adjectives to describe the view a Superhero would see from the sky. After the September break we will link out Superhero topic to ‘real life’ heroes in our People Who Help Us topic.

As part of Health and Wellbeing, we had great fun meeting our SHANARRI characters who will help us learn about the 8 well-being indicators- Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included. The children loved Safe Stella the Superhero Rabbit, Health Henry the Apple, Achieving Andrew, Nurturing Nora, Active Amiir, Respected Rhya, Responsible Robbie and Included Isobel!

This week in Numeracy we will focus on counting sets and representing numbers in different ways e.g. using tens frames, in numbers, in words, building towers etc. In Writing, the children will write an acrostic poem using their ideas from our Superhero topic. Children are continuing to read in class and homework and reading books will be issued from week beginning 28th September.

Reminders: Outdoor PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please send children to school in PE kit . Please send children to school with a water bottle each day.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 Home Learning 13.8.20

Hello Everyone,

It was lovely to see you all yesterday and great to have you back. As you’re at home today, we discussed some home learning activities for you to complete.

  • Watch the story of ‘The Colour Monster’
  • Draw yourself using the feeling colours described in the story. If you wish you could choose 2 of the colours/feelings and write about what makes you feel these.
  • Play Helicopter Rescue


Practise finding a number in an appropriate range for your child.

  • Complete ‘Things you are looking forward to..’ worksheet using pictures or writing. We will share these in class on Friday morning.

We hope you have a good day and we are looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Remember we have Freetime Friday but please do not bring any toys from home – we will supply these in school.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – 24.6.20

Hello Primary 2,

Thank you for those of you who have sent a little message and photograph for your friends. Remember, if you want to be included, please post your photo to your Learner’s Journal before the end of today to allow us time to receive and include them.

If you are looking for some quiet time, here are a few ideas:

Have a good day Primary 2.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty



Primary 2 – Tuesday 23.6.20

Hello Primary 2,

How are you all today?

The weather has been a bit better this week – we wonder if any of you have been meeting up outside at a distance? Some of you will not have seen each other since school closed – do you have any messages for your friends in P2? We wondered if you might like to write them on a piece of paper and hold them up for a photo. We can then share them on the blog for your friends to see. If you wish to do this – post them to your Learner’s Journal by the end of tomorrow (Wednesday) and we will make sure they are included. Please don’t put your name on your message – we can only include your photo without your name.

In the last week of term we would normally have a bit of a clear out of our classroom. Do you have somewhere you think needs a tidy in the house -maybe your bedroom? We know that the adults in your house would be super proud if you tidy up somewhere you have been playing – maybe you could take a before and after photo to show us!  You could even put one of our tidy up songs on !

Hope you have a good day Primary 2. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 -17.6.20

Good morning Everyone!

We hope you are all doing well today.

A little bit of a secret task coming up below so if your Dad happens to be reading this tell him to STOP NOW! Ask someone else to help you read the next part 🙂

Right boys and girls Sunday is Father’s Day so you might want to prepare something special for your Dad or maybe you could choose someone else close to you. We have put together a few ideas for you below. If you make something, are you able to keep it a secret and pop it under your bed or in a drawer until Sunday? 😉

-Make a medal, certificate or trophy


-Make a Father’s Day Card – here are some ideas


-Write 5 (or 10 things) you love about your Dad/ someone special. 

-Ask someone to help you plan a special lunch -you could even make a menu and play waiter/waitress by taking his order. Think about setting a table or tray nicely and maybe even playing some relaxing music like a restaurant !

-Plan a games afternoon/evening with all your Dad’s favourite games.

We are sure that life at home can be very busy for many of you just now so here is it a little 5 minute activity to slow everything down – a mindfulness activity from Cosmic Yoga. Boys and Girls you can grab a teddy to do it with but adults we would really recommend trying to take 5 minutes with your children and sit on the floor to also do this with them  – it will benefit everyone!

Have a good day Primary 2. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – Friday 12.6.20

Happy Friday Primary 2!

What a busy week you have had! Here is a showcase of some of your amazing work! Well done!

On a Friday, we often have an episode of Newsround to catch up with news around the world after playtime ( https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround) or you can have some quiet time and listen to a story from Mrs Oliver  in your Learner’s Journal.

Also I’m sure you won’t have forgotten that it’s FREETIME FRIDAY!!!

The last 2 weeks in school before the end of term are always filled with some fun activities and with that in mind we have prepared our grids for next week with a bit of a difference! We think you will love them!

Have a lovely weekend Primary 2.


Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 -Thursday 11.6.20

Hello Everyone,

What a rainy day it was yesterday! Did any of you get your wellies on and get out and about to do some puddle jumping?

Thursday would normally be PE with Mrs Ferguson. Here is a fun activity to get you moving:

Save the Treasure

Next week will be Sports Week so look out for some more exciting activities then.

Now that we are able to see one other family a day outdoors, some of you may be meeting up with friends who you have not seen since school closed. It is really hard to remember to keep 2 metres apart when you are playing isn’t it! We thought you might enjoy some of these games which you can play at a safe distance and still have lots of fun. It would be really good to practise them with others in your household too so that you can teach the games to your friends when we are back at school!

-Chalk walk – design a chalk trail on the pavement for your friend. 1 person complete it at a time. The other person can stand back 2 metres and time the other person. You can draw movements such as hop, hopscotch, spin, run on the spot, a maze or you can even add noises they need to make in a box e.g. whistle, snort etc. Here are some ideas:


-Mirroring – Stand 2 metres apart facing each other. One person is the leader and does some sort of movement e.g. waving, star jumps etc and the other copies. See who can do the funniest move!

-Laughing Challenge – Sit 2 metres apart. 1 person is not allowed to speak , the other has to make them laugh by e.g. making funny noises, telling jokes, funny faces etc. When the person laughs swap over.

-Storytelling – Sit 2 metres apart facing a partner. Start a story e.g. One sunny day a dinosaur walked into school. The next person says ‘And then…’ to carry on the story e.g ‘And then stomped into the dinner hall demanding pizza!’ Take turns to add a sentence at a time and see how silly and funny you can make the story!

We know that many of you love playing with the Lego during choosing time in class and with the weather not being as nice the past few days, maybe you would like to try some of these Lego experiments:

Have a good day Primary 2 and let us know how you are getting on.


Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty




Primary 2 4.6.20

Hello Primary 2,

How are you all? A bit of a change in the weather the past couple of days but hopefully you will still spend some of your days outside having fun and keeping healthy! Thursday would normally be PE day with Mrs Ferguson. Here is a fun activity for you to try at home:

Hands and Feet

Lots of you have been managing to complete some super school work this week too. Here are a few photographs for you to see what some of your friends have been up to:

If you are looking for something in addition to the activities on your grids some of you may be interested in these exciting investigations and experiments with some STEM learning. There are some great ideas on the following website. We think some of you might particularly enjoy making the Balloon Rocket or the Climbing Bug!

Early Years & Primary Home Learning

Grounds4Nature Garden Bioblitz

Here is a special research activity that you might like to do at home. Spend some time outside with your family looking for as many different types of wild plants and animals as you can (not pets, people or planted flowers!) between 4th -11th June 2020. Look at and on flowers, bushes and trees, under stones, in leaf litter, on walls, in your grass – everywhere! Record the wildlife you see using the attached guide. With an adult’s help you will be able to go online and compare your findings with other people – maybe you will discover a new plant or animal that nobody else has seen!

Grounds 4 Nature Garden Bioblitz – step-by-step guide

For a little break and relaxation during the day why don’t you listen to a story from Miss Rafferty on your Learner’s Journal. We hope you have a good day Primary 2 and we look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – 21.5.20

Good morning Primary 2,

We hope you are enjoying this lovely weather.   Some super work on the Learning Journals already this week. If we were in school just now we would definitely be looking for ways to take our learning outside! This week we are learning about time durations. You could draw a clock face on the ground and use sticks for the hands – try moving them forward and back to find the time 1 or 2 hours before and after a given time. Maybe you could even make a human clock and you could use your legs and arms for the hands!!

Here are some other creative outdoor challenges you might enjoy:

-Make a collage using sticks, leaves, stones, pine cones etc. We would love to see any of your creations.


Design and build a board game. You can create your own board game or recreate one you already know e.g. snakes and ladders. Create some clear instructions for players of your game and try it out! Here is an example:

Thursday would normally be PE time with Mrs Ferguson. Here are some fun PE activities to try:

Animal movements (1)

We know that many of you love your Music time with Mr Shanks and thought you might find this online activity fun- you can choose Song Maker and create your own song, changing the tempo ( how fast or slow) and the instruments.  You can also record it!


Let us know how you are getting on and please just ask if you require further resources or advice to support learning.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – Home Learning 14.5.20

Good morning everyone!

We hope you are having a good week so far.

Today would normally be PE day with Mrs Ferguson and she has suggested the following activity for some active fun! If you are able to have a go-let us know how you get on 😊

Sock ladder Jumping

Remember the ‘Travel to Tokyo’ activity mentioned on Monday’s blog. All you have to do is log any activity you and your family do.  Every little counts and remember there are prizes!

Today is also normally writing day in school. If you are planning to complete your writing today – maybe you could play some relaxing music whilst you do it. We sometimes find that in class it relaxes and focuses us.

We have loved looking at some of your activities on Learner’s Journals and here is a selection of some hard work from the past few days:

Keep up the great work Primary 2 and thank you to the adults at home for helping you learn!

Have a good day boys and girls and we look forward to hearing from you 👍.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – Home Learning 7.5.20

Hello Everyone!

What another beautiful day it is going to be! We hope you enjoy getting out to do some exercise and if possible do some of your learning outside! Check your learning grids to see if there is an activity for Numeracy, Literacy or Learning Across the Curriculum that may be well suited to being completed outside in the garden or when you are out getting some exercise.

A Special Day

Major street party in Exeter to mark 75th anniversary of VE Day ...

Primary 2, you may have heard adults talking about celebrating VE Day tomorrow (Friday 8 May) or maybe you are even doing something to mark ‘Victory in Europe’ Day with your family. People around the country are remembering the celebrations which happened 75 years ago on this day when the Second World War ended. Newsround has some more information


This online lesson from Poppy Scotland is about child evacuees from the Second World War and discovering what is inside Paddington’s suitcase!

Maybe you could make and decorate some bunting using triangles of paper and stringing them together to hang in your window.

Here is a template if you would prefer:

Union Flag VE Day Bunting

RRS Weekly Focus – Article 7

This week’s RRS Article is Article 7 – Every child has the right to be registered at birth, to have a name and nationality, and, as far as possible, to know and be cared for by their parents.

How can your name & nationality be respected?

  • By being called your preferred name
  • Your name being pronounced properly and spelt correctly
  • A birth certificate
  • A passport (if you need to travel out of the UK)
  • You are encouraged to be proud of your name and nationality.
  • You get a chance to celebrate your national identity perhaps with a special day, food or music.
  • To know and be cared for by your parents – it might be two parents, or it might be one parent, or someone else in your family, like a grandparent or an aunt or uncle or maybe a carer, an adult who children live with, and are looked after by

Maybe you could try one of these activities to help further your understanding of this Article:

-Watch the story – The Name Jar

-Have you ever been to a naming and welcoming ceremony, like a christening or aqiqa? Write a short description of what happened or share what you remember by telling someone about it.  Find out about naming ceremonies from other faiths or cultures.

Draw an identity hand! Draw around one of your hands, write your full name in the thumb area, in the next finger, write your date of your birth, put the country you call home in the next finger. Then in the last two fingers, write the names of two adults who are important for you, like you parents, carers or grandparents. Draw the flag of your nationality on the palm. Finish your picture with your favourite colours or designs. We would love to see any of your hands on your Learning Journal!

We are sure that there will be times every day when children and adults would benefit from relaxation and down time – even if it is only for short time! There is some good advice and relaxation activities for children (and adults) here:


Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – Home Learning 6.5.20

Bonjour Primary 2!
We hope you have had a lovely, long weekend and have been able to get out and enjoy some sunshine. Attached below is a new grid for learning Literacy, Numeracy and Across the Curriculum for the next 2 weeks. However, we know that this is only a short week because of the holiday so you will not complete as many tasks. We are delighted to see some of you uploading photos to your Learner’s Journal to share your learning – thank you and keep up the good work! Please also remember to take time for play, rest, fun and family activities. The learning grids are a guide and can be adapted to suit your child’s needs and your individual family circumstances.
For Woody, Pumba, Buzz and Simba groups – you will be looking at play scripts this week. Here is the short playscript mentioned on the learning grid for you to read and maybe even act out with members of your family!
You may also enjoy watching a pantomime to see a play in action. What are the characters in it? What is the setting and can you come up with some of the stage directions that may be used?
Also, on the Learning Across the Curriculum grid there is an experiment to try. Here are the details:
If you are in need of a brain break at any point – here are some of your favourites from school. I am sure they will make someone in your family giggle!
Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions either through this blog or by sending a message through Learner’s Journals.
Thank you for continuing support,
Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – 1.5.20

Hello Primary 2 and Happy Friday!

We hope you have been getting through the activities and games on your grids and have managed to tick some of them off. We have seen some fantastic work on the Learner’s Journals.

It’s the 1st day in May today which means you have an extra long weekend!! Monday and Tuesday (for pupils) are school holidays so no new work or feedback will be given out until Wednesday when we will issue the next fortnight’s activities.

If you have been very busy and have run out of space in your jotter, new ones will be available next week and Ms Millar has issued details of how to obtain these.

We often watch our weekly episode of Newsround at milk/story – maybe you could watch it with someone at home.


It is Friday today and I am sure you will not have forgotten that means Freetime Friday!! Has anybody lost any time from their teachers at home?Sometime we put a bit of dancing music on at Freetime Friday. What about some Just Dance? Here are some of our favourites

Have a good weekend Primary 2 and we will catch up with you on Wednesday.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – 29.4.20

Good morning Primary 2!

What a busy week some of you have had already – lovely to see lots of photographs on Learner’s Journals of what you have been working on.

This week in our Across the Curriculum learning grid, we have included an optional experiment to investigate how animals and people have adapted to the cold climate in the Polar Regions. Please see below for details of experiment – there is a messy option and clean option!

From your photos, it is also great to see some of you enjoying time outdoors in the sun. The weather may get a little colder and wetter over the next few days and we thought you might enjoy some Cosmic Kids Yoga. We know some of you will particularly enjoyed this Pokemon Yoga but there are lots of themes to choose from Frozen to Star Wars!


On a Wednesday we would normally have PE with Mrs Ferguson. Have a look at some of her suggested activities on the Blog and let us know if you try any.

When you are having a little break, Mrs Oliver will upload another story to your Learner’s Journal which we hope you enjoy.

We know that there are some issues with the Learning Journals whilst they are trying to update systems and storage – thank you for your patience.

Keep up the good work Primary 2 and thank you to anyone at home who is helping you with your learning activities whilst juggling everyday work and routines! We would love to hear from you and please just ask if you have any questions.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty