Primary 2 – 29.4.20

Good morning Primary 2!

What a busy week some of you have had already – lovely to see lots of photographs on Learner’s Journals of what you have been working on.

This week in our Across the Curriculum learning grid, we have included an optional experiment to investigate how animals and people have adapted to the cold climate in the Polar Regions. Please see below for details of experiment – there is a messy option and clean option!

From your photos, it is also great to see some of you enjoying time outdoors in the sun. The weather may get a little colder and wetter over the next few days and we thought you might enjoy some Cosmic Kids Yoga. We know some of you will particularly enjoyed this Pokemon Yoga but there are lots of themes to choose from Frozen to Star Wars!


On a Wednesday we would normally have PE with Mrs Ferguson. Have a look at some of her suggested activities on the Blog and let us know if you try any.

When you are having a little break, Mrs Oliver will upload another story to your Learner’s Journal which we hope you enjoy.

We know that there are some issues with the Learning Journals whilst they are trying to update systems and storage – thank you for your patience.

Keep up the good work Primary 2 and thank you to anyone at home who is helping you with your learning activities whilst juggling everyday work and routines! We would love to hear from you and please just ask if you have any questions.

Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty


2 thoughts on “Primary 2 – 29.4.20”

  1. Morning Harris! I know I haven’t seen any sunshine today and I think the rain is to arrive tomorrow! I went for my run this morning though and it was very quiet. That’s great, did you enjoy writing in a spiral? I’m glad you and Lorena have found some of the online games entertaining. It makes learning so much better! That is kind of your sister to teach you about space. You’ll need to let me know what your favourite planet is and why? I remember learning about planets and I loved Jupiter because I liked how it had a big ring around it!
    I hope you have a lovely day and I look forward to seeing your posts on Learning Journals. Miss Rafferty x

  2. Good morning Miss Rafferty. How are you? It’s not so nice today. I have done my spiral spelling this morning and some colouring in my french book. I also had a few rounds on Lorenas favourite game, Karate cats. It’s really fun. Mummy found one of Karlys old books about space yesterday, so she is going to teach me about the planets later. Hopefully I will be able to send you some pictures on my journal later. Have a good day, Love Harris x

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