Primary 5


It has been lovely to welcome all children back to Primary Five! We have had a busy couple of weeks settling back. Lots of catching up and chatting to be had!

Please remember, PE is now on a TUESDAY AND THURSDAY. Please ensure your child comes dressed appropriately for outdoor PE. Remember we go outside in all weathers so it is essential that your child has a waterproof jacket with them. At the moment the children are practicing their skipping skills and playground games.

In Writing, the class were helping to raise awareness for WWF’s Earth Hour. We researched and discussed the impact climate change was having on animals and natural environments all around the world, and discussed what we can do to make a positive change. One of the things we can do is take part in Earth Hour this Saturday at 8:30pm, where people worldwide turn off electrical devices and lights in their home to reflect on climate change. The children created fantastic pieces of writing in lots of different forms (posters, PowerPoints newspaper articles, comic book strips) to share information and encourage others to take part. Why not try Earth Hour with your family this Saturday?

In Science, the class had lots of fun completing experiments connected to dissolving into water. We made scientific predictions and conclusions as we test soluble and insoluble materials. There was lots of fun watching the magical candy floss disappear into the water!

We are coming to the end of our Rockband interdisciplinary topic. The children have created their bands, identified songs to sing and concert venues to attend around the world. With Mrs Muir the children created their own instrumental compositions using the ‘Garage band’ app.

As a follow up to World Book Day, the class designed their own book tokens to be entered into a national competition. The children had to think of key words, phrases and images connected to reading to create an eye catching design to encourage to people to buy book tokens. Fingers crossed we have a winner!


  • In Numeracy, the children need to use their number bonds and their times tables on a regular basis and it would be very helpful if they could get some extra practice in. Please practice 2-10 times tables and number bonds to 100.
  • The children have chosen a book to read for enjoyment in class and it would be appreciated if you could continue to encourage your child to read for enjoyment at home.
  • PE- Tuesday and Thursday

Please ensure the children have the correct kit for going outdoors- trainers, trackies/joggers, t-shirt and fleece/hoodie. They can come to school wearing their PE kit but a school jumper must be worn during the day. They can then change into their outdoor jumper when we go outside.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Ms Munro, Mrs Muir and Miss Herd


Primary 2 Update 30.11.20

Hello Everyone!

Last week Primary 2 continued to compare life in the past and present. They enjoyed talking about and tasting the difference in breakfast foods from now and in the past. They explored where the food comes from and the differences in packaging and advertising of foods – they definitely preferred present day breakfast foods!

In Writing the children continue to focus on the persuasive genre and are beginning to use some super persuasive language. This week they created adverts for shops and we discussed the use of catchy slogans, alliteration and asking questions to hook the reader in.

In Maths the children have been further developing subtraction skills and will continue this next week using a variety of different mental strategies.

Outdoor PE will continue on a Wednesday and Thursday and we would be very grateful if children could come dressed appropriately for the weather.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty

Primary 4 23.5.19

Hello everyone

It was lovely to welcome the children back after the long weekend. They had lots of lovely stories to share 🙂

In PE we are beginning some work on different aspects of Athletics. So far we have been discussing and working on the skills of short and long distance running. The children also used a baton during relay races which required lots of team work and communication. Hurdles have also introduced while running short distances and this has provided extra challenge! We look forward to seeing the children grow and improve in this area this term 🙂

Last week everyone wrote an imaginative piece of writing all about the adventures of Charlotte and Wilbur from our reading book – Charlotte’s Web. These stories were very detailed and full of interesting adventures! The children are now developing the skills of redrafting their work, with excellent spelling and handwriting being very important. Well done everyone for working hard on this!

Our caterpillars are in their chrysalis’! Over the long weekend some of the caterpillars attached themselves to the roof of their container and transformed into a chrysalis. Some did their transformations on the ground. Mr Shanks helped us to move them all from their small container to their much bigger netted container which will hold them when they are butterflies. We are loving watching them grow and develop! Stay tuned for further updates.

Thank you for all your support. Have a lovely weekend when it comes.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 7 15.12.16

The last two weeks have been really busy in primary 7!

We have been busy rehearsing for the concert at Deans High School which is tonight. The children had a practice on the stage and they are sounding wonderful. A reminder that children should arrive before 6.45pm in the foyer at the front reception.

In PE we have been learning ceilidh dancing – Gay Gordon’s and Dashing White Sergeant in preparation for our disco on Monday 19th December. The disco finishes at 8pm and all children must be collected by an adult.

In outdoor PE primary 7 have been creating playground games. They taught these to primary 1 and a great time was had by all. We used the Ipads to film the playground games and these recordings will be sent to our ERASMUS partners and the children in those countries will play our games.

Miss Thomson from the maths department at DCHS has been working with P7W for the last two weeks focusing on mental strategies and decimals. She also showed us how to make a 3D snowflake and some children have been making these in their own time. It is looking very wintery in the classroom!

In school today the children will be watching the pantomime with their P1 buddy. I’m sure they will tell you all about it when they get home!

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour