Primary 4 22.1.16

We have been practicing our poems this week and were all ready for Thursday. Although the nerves and excitement were running high, they got the better of no-one and everyone managed at least one verse. I am very proud of the people who managed to learn the whole poem off by heart! It was very impressive and I thank you for your time and commitment.

Well done to Skye and Keira who went through to the finals. The competition was fierce and it was such a hard choice as both girls showed great talent and huge amounts of confidence.

Congratulations to Skye who has made it to the next round.

We have been experimenting with circuits in Science this week. we hope next week to have a look at the components of a circuit and be able to make our own bulbs, buzzers and motors work.

I am heading to Poland for one week to continue the exciting work on our Erasmus Project. I hope to come back with lots more ideas and information about the Polish culture and traditions, especially those connected to Easter and Christmas.

Thank you to Allan who has been preparing me for my visit, teaching me the important phrases I will need for my journey. Allan, dziekuje for your help 🙂

I will hopefully be able to update the Blog whilst I am away and look forward to hearing your comments and questions again.

Miss Leyland will be in charge of the class along with Mrs Gilmour and there are lots of fun and exciting things in store, especially in our topic work where we are now learning about the city of Glasgow.

I shall see you all in a week! Work hard and have fun! 🙂

Thank you again for all of you efforts,

Miss Smith

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  1. Hi dose a person wont to do a song with me to be camila cabello .
    Singing I know what you did last summer with me

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