Primary 5

In P5G during writing the children wrote letters to Santa to persuade him to deliver their presents. There were some good persuasive reasons given. I think Santa will need to deliver all presents now! In P5M during writing the children wrote letters to persuade Santa to give them a job as an Elf. They had to pick a specific job and explain why they would be good at it. It looks like Santa is going to have lots of helpers this year as the reasons given were so persuasive.

Primary 5 will be singing at the beginning of the P1 and P2/3 Nativities. The children have worked hard to learn the words and their singing is sounding beautiful. They performed in front of the school during the dress rehearsals and did very well. We are all looking forward to performing at the Nativities for the parents/carers/relatives/friends next week

In science the children are making good progress with their fact files on their chosen endangered animal. Many are beginning to finish and are now thinking about their class talk. The children have to use their fact file to help them prepare a class talk about their endangered animal. You may wish to help them prepare this over the weekend. Please feel free to email any power points to the school email address.

On Tuesday P5 had their Christmas party at 1.15pm. The children were very excited and the noise level was very high! However a good time was had by all and Mr Shanks was excellent at leading the dancing during The Music Man song.

Both classes held auditions for our yearly Christmas Talent Show. A variety of acts performed and then the children voted for their favourite act. It was a difficult choice as all the acts were very good. Well done to Isla, Tegan, Katie and Zara from P5G who will be performing a dance to Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens. Also well done to Tyler from P5M who will be singing Count on Me by Bruno Mars.



Class Talk on Endangered animal due to be presented by Wednesday

PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

Spelling homework- no homework given this week.

Numeracy homework- no homework given this week


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir

Primary 3 2.11.18

Primary three heard our nativity songs for the first time this week. The words are linked below and the music is here too. Please feel free to practise these in your spare time.

Behind the Stable Door

Bustling About

Dozy Donkey

Wake Up!

Grumpy Camels

Gifts of Love

Get Up!


We will also be handing out words for our Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl song for St Andrews Day. This must be learned for homework over the next couple of weeks.


Primary 3 were introduced to the senses this week. We investigated things we liked to smell, touch, taste, see and hear. Next week we will focus on the sense of sight. We learned a little about the work of Louis Braille in creating the braille alphabet. We will explore this further next week.

We created some fantastic Firework Safety posters in writing this week so please ask us all about the safety rules. We now know what to do on bonfire night with sparklers, fireworks and bonfires.

Please if anyone has lost cardigans or jumpers in the past term, ask to see the pile in Miss Smith’s room. None of them have names, however they must belong to somebody. They will go up to lost property at the end of the week if they are not claimed.


Please bring a water bottle to school filled with water each day.

Please put names on every piece of clothing coming into school for easy identification.

Please bring PE kit on allocated day:

P3S – Tuesday and Thursday

P3MS – Monday and Wednesday



Learn Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl

Reading books – see diaries

Spelling – Look, cover, write and check words along the line and write one sentence for one of your words. (This will increase to 3 sentences after Christmas.)

Maths: Learn 2 x table, forwards and backwards.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson