Primary 6 Friday 11th June

Good morning everyone, Primary 6 have had another busy week.

In topic this week we have been learning about the Sinking of the Titanic.  We have watched videos and read information on the timeline and have also studied all the faults which caused the ship to sink so quickly.  Our favourite part was watching interviews with some of the survivors who shared their expericences.

We had great fun at Sports day on Wednesday, we took part in a variety of potted sports, relays and beat the goalie.

In maths we have been learning about square numbers and function machines.  We really enjoyed creating our own function machines to challenge our friends.

We have learned that the main characters in our novel Kaspar Prince of Cats have boarded the Titanic.  We can’t wait to read on to find out what happens to them.

Next week we will be beginning to present our class talks on our Titanic characters.  Can you please check that your child is ready for their presentation.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Smith, Ms Matheson.

Primary 1 6.5.21

We hope that you all had a lovely long weekend and that you are enjoying your extra day off today.
This week we have had a writing focus where the children have been learning the skills of story writing. We began on Tuesday by reading the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. After reading the story the children worked together to identify the start, middle and end. On Tuesday, the children wrote about what happened at the beginning of the well known Fairy Tale. They drew excellent pictures of Jack selling his cow Daisy to the man for 5 magic beans before writing a few sentences to explain what happened. Yesterday, they wrote the middle section where Jack climbed the beanstalk and saw an enormous castle belonging to a giant, his harp and hen. Tomorrow we will finish the story by writing about how Jack escapes from the giant. So far we have been incredibly impressed by the children’s work. They have remembered the story brilliantly and are working hard to sound out their words in the writing. If your child wants to remind themselves of the story before the final writing piece, here is a video of the story.

In maths, we have moved onto learning about data handling. We created a pictogram showing the variety of favourite colours in the class and have been learning to interpret pictograms to find the most and least popular answers and and answer simple questions. Next week we will be learning to write and count tally marks, create and read bar graphs and to interpret simple Venn diagrams.

We have enjoyed listening to the children’s class talks about their favourite dinosaur. Thank you for all the hard work you put in preparing your child. They did a brilliant job!

A reminder that PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday and that children should come to school prepared for this.

Thank you for your continued support
Miss Christy and Miss Daun.

Primary 4 30.10.20

Hello everyone

We have had a fun week in Primary 4 and can’t wait to see the children dressed up in their Halloween costumes today! We are sure they will have a fabulous day!

Yesterday your child should have come home with a class newsletter in their school bag. This details everything that we will be covering in class during the coming term.

Our PE days will continue to be on a Monday and a Friday for the next few weeks. Towards the end of November they will change when the one of P4’s PE lessons will be taken by Mrs Ferguson our PE specialist.

This week the children presented their class talks. Mr Woodward and I have been very impressed with the level of preparation and rehearsal that have went into creating and presenting these talks. Thank you everyone for all your hard work! If we have not heard your child present yet then we will hear them early next week 🙂

In Maths we have begun to learn about 3D shape. We have been exploring 3D shapes in our environment and discussing their properties. We will move on in the coming weeks to explore 2D shape and tiling with 2D shape. In Numeracy we have been learning our 6 times table. Please ask your child what facts they know 🙂 Next week we will explore dividing by 6 using our times table facts to help us.

Remember – Homework is handed out on Teams each Monday and is due in on Friday.
Please can your child bring a full bottle of water to school each day.

Thank you for all your support. Have a great weekend!

Miss Clark & Mr Woodward

Primary 3 7.2.20

We are part way there with our life size knights, they are taking slightly longer than we thought! We will update with pictures once they are completed and guarding our classrooms.

We tested our Bows as well and had great fun practising our battle faces!

Pom poms were used instead of arrows for safety, and we tested the distances travelled using a variety of forces from a light force to the strongest force we could manage.

Here we are using the metre sticks to measure the distance travelled.

We also had a visitor this week from Lynne at EOS (Eczema Outreach Support) who came to raise our awareness of the condition and what it meant for sufferers. She assured us eczema cannot be caught, and allowed us to use a moisture monitor to understand the water content of our skin. She explained that people with eczema have  less water in their skin and therefore have very dry, sore skin.

It was very interesting and the whole visit was interactive. We enjoyed learning about it.

We also ended our germ experiment with the slices of bread this week. It took 4 weeks to get to this stage but very clearly shows that it is important to wash our hands. Bag one shows a piece of bread untouched by hands, and the slice of bread in bag 2 was passed around the whole class to touch. We were disgusted with the results and are aware of what this means for us, and the importance of washing our hands before we eat:











PSA Dress down on Thursday 13th February – Dress to Impress or dress for Valentines Day. 50p donation for the if you decide to take part.

Class talks will take place on Wednesday 12th Feb, despite the homework for this being set for Monday 10th.

Sorry for the inconvenience of the GLOW passwords not working.  New ones will be handed out on Monday as a mass reset was needed after people locking themselves out. Thank you for your patience with this.

PE – P3W Monday – indoor, Thursday – Outdoor

P3S Wednesday – indoor, Thursday – indoor (for the next 2 weeks.)

Thank you once again for all of your support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 5

In P5G during writing the children wrote letters to Santa to persuade him to deliver their presents. There were some good persuasive reasons given. I think Santa will need to deliver all presents now! In P5M during writing the children wrote letters to persuade Santa to give them a job as an Elf. They had to pick a specific job and explain why they would be good at it. It looks like Santa is going to have lots of helpers this year as the reasons given were so persuasive.

Primary 5 will be singing at the beginning of the P1 and P2/3 Nativities. The children have worked hard to learn the words and their singing is sounding beautiful. They performed in front of the school during the dress rehearsals and did very well. We are all looking forward to performing at the Nativities for the parents/carers/relatives/friends next week

In science the children are making good progress with their fact files on their chosen endangered animal. Many are beginning to finish and are now thinking about their class talk. The children have to use their fact file to help them prepare a class talk about their endangered animal. You may wish to help them prepare this over the weekend. Please feel free to email any power points to the school email address.

On Tuesday P5 had their Christmas party at 1.15pm. The children were very excited and the noise level was very high! However a good time was had by all and Mr Shanks was excellent at leading the dancing during The Music Man song.

Both classes held auditions for our yearly Christmas Talent Show. A variety of acts performed and then the children voted for their favourite act. It was a difficult choice as all the acts were very good. Well done to Isla, Tegan, Katie and Zara from P5G who will be performing a dance to Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens. Also well done to Tyler from P5M who will be singing Count on Me by Bruno Mars.



Class Talk on Endangered animal due to be presented by Wednesday

PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

Spelling homework- no homework given this week.

Numeracy homework- no homework given this week


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir

Primary 4 29.11.19

Hello everyone

We have had a very busy week in Primary 4. We have been working hard on learning our Scottish song for today’s St Andrew’s Day assembly. We were working hard to learn “Bananas are the best” and the children performed very well today. Well done everyone.

Our thoughts now turn towards Christmas. Tonight is the Christmas Fair and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there. The Fair runs from 6 until 8pm and you can buy tickets at the door. In class we have been learning about the Christian story of Christmas. The children learned about the important role that King Herod played in this story and made story boards to showcase their learning.

In school next week we are very excited to watch a Panto in the big hall. We are also looking forward to our delicious Christmas lunch on Tuesday. Remember – if your child has not ordered a Christmas lunch then they should bring a packed lunch to school with them on Tuesday.

Homework is due in on Monday and we will hand out new reading books to some groups and new homework on Wednesday. The next set of homework will be due on Monday 16th December and this will be the last piece of homework before the Christmas holidays. Please remember that only the starred activities must be completed. Thank you.

We would also like to say thank you to all the boys and girls who have already presented their class talks. We can really tell that the children have worked so hard on preparing them. Thank you as well for all of your support in working with the children on these at home. It is very much appreciated. Anyone who has not already presented their class talk will do so next week.


PE days have now changed. PE with Mrs Ferguson will now take place on a WEDNESDAY instead of a Thursday as before. The other session of PE with Miss Clark and Mrs Muir will still take place on a Tuesday.

The children will also begin to work with Ms Fox on a Wednesday in Art.

Thank you for all of your support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark and Mrs Muir

Primary 7 – 24.03.17


It has been another busy week for Primary 7. On Wednesday the children performed their show for the rest of the school and the nursery. It was a great success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching Alice the Musical. Thank you to everyone who has helped us to provide costumes for the show. There are still a few children who still have not brought in their costumes – could they please do so for Monday. Tickets are selling fast for the evening performance so if you would still like to buy tickets please send your form in as soon as possible.

The children have been delivering their WW2 class talks. It is obvious that many children have spent a long time researching and preparing their class talks. Well done to these children!

The children have been writing imaginative stories, trying to include all the information that they have learned about WW2. The most written so far is 6 pages – what a lot of reading we will have to do!

Yesterday we took part in Earth Hour by designing hearts to show what we love about nature and the environment. Look out for these on the Earth Hour trees that will be appearing in the corridors very soon.

We are taking part in Red Nose Day today. The children will be dressing down and buying cakes at the bake sale. If your child has forgotten to bring their donation for dressing down then please send it in on Monday.



Spelling homework

Maths homework

Last week of Literacy circles – please ensure all homework booklets are up to date and books handed in on Monday

School show 1.30 and 6.30 on Wednesday


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 7 – 17.03.17

Primary 7 have had a very busy week. The children have been practising for the school show – Alice the Musical. The children have been working really hard learning their lines and song words. Please ensure you child brings their costume in as we have our school dress rehearsal on Wednesday. If you wish to purchase tickets for the school show please complete the tear off slip on the letter that was given out this week and return to school.

The children have been working hard on their WW2 personal projects during the past few weeks at home and in class. These are looking brilliant and are due in today. If your child has not been able to hand it in today, please ensure it is handed in on Monday.

As part of their personal project, the children have been asked to prepare a class talk where they will be able to present information about their chosen research area. These will be taking place next week. A lot of hard work has gone into these projects and we cannot wait to find out what the children have found out!



Spelling homework

Maths homework

Class talks

Continue to learn show scripts/songs

PE on Thursday with Miss Inglis

Friday 24th March – Red Nose Day – details to follow


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 1/2 Week beginning 14.11.16

What a busy week we had last week.  We have started our nativity play which is called Christmas Counts.  We know lots of the songs already and will begin acting out our parts soon.  Everyone in Primary 1 will have an acting part and P2 will be given their narration parts to begin practising this week.  This will be quite tricky for them at first so any help with practising would be greatly appreciated.

We are working on our Houses and Homes topic and last week Primary 2 entertained us with their interesting class talks.  Well done Primary 2.  This week we look forward to listening to Primary 1.  We have been working on the story of Hansel and Gretel and have made a beautiful wall frieze of the gingerbread house.

Last week in Maths Primary 1 were working on the concept of addition and feel very proud of our progress.  Primary 2 have been working on halving and doubling.

This week we are very excited to welcome teachers from all over Europe as part of the Erasmus project.  We will be showing them our classrooms and how we learn in Scotland.  We will also be taking part in a Scottish Assembly and learning some vocabulary form all over Europe.  We have made special thistle badges to give to the visitors.

On Friday we will be taking part in Children in Need.  We can wear something spotty and bring in a donation of 50p.  Wristbands and badge pins will be on sale this week.  Wristbands are 50p and £1, badge pins are £2.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson