Primary 3 7.2.20

We are part way there with our life size knights, they are taking slightly longer than we thought! We will update with pictures once they are completed and guarding our classrooms.

We tested our Bows as well and had great fun practising our battle faces!

Pom poms were used instead of arrows for safety, and we tested the distances travelled using a variety of forces from a light force to the strongest force we could manage.

Here we are using the metre sticks to measure the distance travelled.

We also had a visitor this week from Lynne at EOS (Eczema Outreach Support) who came to raise our awareness of the condition and what it meant for sufferers. She assured us eczema cannot be caught, and allowed us to use a moisture monitor to understand the water content of our skin. She explained that people with eczema have  less water in their skin and therefore have very dry, sore skin.

It was very interesting and the whole visit was interactive. We enjoyed learning about it.

We also ended our germ experiment with the slices of bread this week. It took 4 weeks to get to this stage but very clearly shows that it is important to wash our hands. Bag one shows a piece of bread untouched by hands, and the slice of bread in bag 2 was passed around the whole class to touch. We were disgusted with the results and are aware of what this means for us, and the importance of washing our hands before we eat:











PSA Dress down on Thursday 13th February – Dress to Impress or dress for Valentines Day. 50p donation for the if you decide to take part.

Class talks will take place on Wednesday 12th Feb, despite the homework for this being set for Monday 10th.

Sorry for the inconvenience of the GLOW passwords not working.  New ones will be handed out on Monday as a mass reset was needed after people locking themselves out. Thank you for your patience with this.

PE – P3W Monday – indoor, Thursday – Outdoor

P3S Wednesday – indoor, Thursday – indoor (for the next 2 weeks.)

Thank you once again for all of your support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 3 1.2.19

Our Knights and Castles Topic has been in full swing this week! We worked in our home teams on two different challenges. We worked in our groups to create a life size knight in armour along with weapons. We had to think of how to make parts of our knight move as well but we will finish this part of the challenge next week. Here are some of our knights in the process of being made.

We learned a lot more about what the medieval people did when under siege. We learned about attack and defence tactics, alongside some of the weapons they may have used.

As part of our maths, and science/technology, we worked within our home team groups and made a model similar to a trebuchet (a type of catapult). We tested the forces we needed to use to make the catapult hit the target of the castle. Our longest fire we measured to be 70cm!

Please look out for our yellow letters sent home about a shared start and a shared finish. If you are interested in coming along, the Primary 3 dates are as follows:

Shared start: Monday 11th March at 9.05am

Shared finish: Wednesday 20th February 2.50pm

We will be showing you our number talks lessons and how we can calculate sums mentally. We will discuss how our brain works with different strategies in Maths.



  • Please ensure all clothing worn or coming in to school, including PE kit is labelled with names.
  • Children can dress down and bring 50p donation for Valentine’s Day on February the 14th. Children can dress to impress or wear Valentine colours and accessories.
  • Just a reminder to look in inboxes as Parents Night appointment e-mails have been sent out.

Thank you again for your continued support,


Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

Primary 4 6.5.16

Our organised Day for Change is here and staff and children are arriving in school in their pyjamas as I type! We will let you know the success of the day just as soon as we have final totals.

Our V.I.Is are growing and hopefully be turning into a chrysalis very soon. Here is an update of their progress:


This weekend we want to wish Skye Thayne huge amounts of luck reciting her Burns poem for the finals!  We can’t wait to hear how you did on Monday 🙂 Very proud class and teacher but all credits go to you for the fantastic effort and work you have put into it!

Next week we have people from West Lothian Youth Foundation coming in to talk about the work they do within the community. This is as a result of the letters we sent to Livingston F.C.

Children were given letters about our trip a week on Monday (16.5.16) to Dynamic Earth. This was as part of the Golden Ticket win we had whereby the school was permitted free entry to Dynamic Earth for trips. We are very excited about this. Please ensure your child has returned the purple form to permit them to go.

We are holding a small talent contest next Friday in order to choose one act for the final talent show in June, held by our House Captains. We are all very excited about this and preparing our acts. It’s going to be hard to choose just one from such a talented class!



Purple trip form returned as soon as possible.

No PE kit required on Monday 9th.

Outdoor PE kit required for Tuesday.

Homework Diaries signed.

Junk to be collected for mini-beast challenge in school.


Spelling as normal

Due Friday 13th May – Reading: Read the following pages and complete an activity.

Red – Chapter 7

Blue – P.47 – 59

Green – P.41 – 52

Miss Smith’s Maths Class – Homework on position: please familiarise yourself with angles through accessing and playing these games online. If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please let me know as I have alternative hand outs.


Primary 4, 11.3.15

This week we went to see the dress rehearsal of the P7 show Hosanna. Those of you who are going to see it will love the songs and the acting! Well done P7! We will be beginning our show practice next week ready for our production of ‘Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies’.

We had Mrs Henry in from Morrisons yesterday giving us a taster of some Scottish foods. We tried things like potato scones, oatcakes, tablet, Ayrshire ham, scotch pies, and cheddar cheese among lots of others!  We were very adventurous with our choices and most people in the class tried everything. We then found out where each piece of food was from in Scotland.

We are looking forward to hearing the class talks over the next couple of weeks we have had power points, drawings, photographs, books and tickets as some of the materials brought in to accompany our talks. They look very interesting so far!

As of Monday our timetable will be changing slightly. We have  indoor PE on a Monday now instead of a Wednesday. Could you ensure appropriate kit be brought on this day. Outdoor PE remains a Tuesday.

Next week, we will be supporting Sport Relief. In order to do this, the P6’s who are organising will be holding a bake sale on Thursday 17th. The cakes will range between 20 and 50p. If you wish to contribute, they will be collecting baking donations next week.

On Friday the 18th to mark the event we will be having a dress down day where children should come to school dressed in sporty clothes. A 50p donation is required for dress down and all proceeds go to Sport Relief. On Friday break time, there will be a beat the teacher challenge which children can pay 50p to take part in also.


Monday 14th – Indoor PE kit

Thursday 15th – Outdoor PE Kit

Thursday 17th – Bake Sale for Sport Relief

Friday 18th – Dress down, 50p Sporty clothes

Please remember to sign homework diaries


Miss Smith’s Maths Class – multiplication homework due Monday 21st.

Reading – Please continue to read a library book or books from home to keep practising reading skills, continuing through the holidays.

Spelling as normal.