Primary 5 10.9.21

In Primary 5 we have continued reading our novel The Boy at the Back of the Class.  This week we learned that the new boy, Ahmmet is a Syrian refugee who speaks Kurdish.

We have also met a new character called Amal.  She is a giant puppet who is making the journey from Syria to Britain and we are going to be researching the countries she will be visiting.  This week we researched facts about Turkey and made our own Iznik patterns.

We are working on recount in writing and this week we have started writing about Ahmmet’s first day at school.

In maths we have been working on place value and angles.

This week we took part in a live reading lesson on teams.  It was about prediction and  led by  Mrs Cochrane.  We took part with all the other P4 and 5 classes in the Deans cluster.

Homework grids have been put on teams and our first homework is due to be completed by Friday 17th September.  Please encourage your child to add homework to the files section of the homework channel or take photographs and add this to the chat.  Homework jotters are also available for anyone who needs them.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson and Miss Munroe

Primary 5 20.8.21

Primary 5 have settled back into school and enjoyed their first week.  We have spent the week getting to know each other and establishing our new  classroom routines.  We have already completed some displays and completed writing to introduce ourselves.

We have talked about our Class Charter, agreed on the rights we would like to work on this year and created a display.

We have started reading a new novel called The Boy at the Back of the Classroom  and this week we have started talking about the main characters and making  predictions about the main events in the story.

Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Thursday.  We will need outdoor kit for Wednesday and indoor for Thursday.  We would be grateful if your child could come to school dressed in black or navy kit with a white t -shirt on these days. Children can wear shorts under their trousers on Thursday if they wish.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jamieson and Miss Munro

Primary 6 Friday 11th June

Good morning everyone, Primary 6 have had another busy week.

In topic this week we have been learning about the Sinking of the Titanic.  We have watched videos and read information on the timeline and have also studied all the faults which caused the ship to sink so quickly.  Our favourite part was watching interviews with some of the survivors who shared their expericences.

We had great fun at Sports day on Wednesday, we took part in a variety of potted sports, relays and beat the goalie.

In maths we have been learning about square numbers and function machines.  We really enjoyed creating our own function machines to challenge our friends.

We have learned that the main characters in our novel Kaspar Prince of Cats have boarded the Titanic.  We can’t wait to read on to find out what happens to them.

Next week we will be beginning to present our class talks on our Titanic characters.  Can you please check that your child is ready for their presentation.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Smith, Ms Matheson.

Primary 6 4.6.21

Primary 6 have continued to work on our Titanic Project this week.  We have started learning the key facts about the sinking.  We have explored the mistakes which were made and how they led to the sinking of the ship.  We have continued to read our novel Kaspar Prince of Cats and this week the family have arrived on the Titanic.

In maths we have been solving problems related to multiples and factors, we have also started learning how to calculate the area of a rectangle.

In writing we have started learning about the targets related to the recount genre.

Next week we have sports day on Wednesday morning and it would be great to see as many people as possible coming to school dressed in their house colours.

Our eco committee have working hard on ways to reduce waste in school.  We are trying a new initiative called waste free Wednesdays and are encouraging our children to bring snacks and lunches which are not stored in single use plastic.  We would be grateful of your support in encouraging your child to think of alternative ways to store snacks and lunches on that day.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Jamieson, Ms Matheson, Mrs Smith



30.4.21 Primary 6

Good morning from Primary 6.   This week we have started our new topic, Titanic.  We have researched the key facts about Titanic, written a report and painted a wall frieze.  We have also started researching the passengers who travelled on the maiden voyage. Over the next few weeks we are going to be making models of cabins in shoeboxes so we would be grateful for donations of any you may have at home.

In RME we are learning about The 5 Pillars of Islam.  We have been doing some research and preparing Powerpoint presentations.

Some of us have been working with Mr Shanks on programming robots called Tinkerbots.  We have really enjoyed this.

We have started a new class novel called Kaspar Prince of Cats by Michael Murpurgo and are looking forward to hearing more of his adventures with his owners, we have already predicted that he will have  a journey on Titanic at some point.

In Maths we have been working on decimals and measure.  We have a homework presentation due on Friday 7th May and are looking forward to finding out what everyone has learned so far.

Our PE days will be Wednesday and Thursday again this term.  At present both sessions are outdoors and children can still come to school in outdoor PE kit on these days.


Have a lovely long weekend.

Mrs Jamieson, Ms Matheson, Mrs Smith

11.12.20 Primary 6

Primary 6 have been researching information about our selected countries in topic this week.  So far we have looked at traditional foods and have started to research music and musicians.

In RME we have been learning about advent and took part in an online event with Livingston United Parish Church called Bubblegum and Fluff.  We enjoyed learning about the true meaning of Christmas and made some decorations.

We completed our IT project this week which included animating part of the Christmas story and adding a soundtrack from Garage Band.  We hope to upload these to teams to allow the children share them with you.

For PE this month we are trying to run to the North Pole, we have been taking part by doing some running games.

This week we wrote letters to Santa attempting to persuade him give us presents this year.  You wouldn’t believe how good we have all been.

Have a lovely week  Mrs Jamieson, Ms Mathieson and Mrs Smith

27.11.20 Primary 6

Primary 6 have had yet another busy week.

We have started our new topic called Who do you think you are?  We have chosen different counties round the world that some of our classmates come from and are beginning to research them.  This week we have also been working on mapping skills.  We have been locating countries in Europe and recording their location using grid referencing.

In Maths we have been working on division and properties of triangles.  Some of us have even managed to calculate the size of angles within a triangle.

In ICT we have been making our own music using garage band.

Have a good week


Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Smith, Ms Mathieson

Primary 6 1.11.20

Good morning from Primary 6.  Here is some news about everything we have been doing this week.

In reading we have been working on new roles for a new learning style called Reciprocal reading.  We have been discussing tools for reading and have been given new task roles.  They are Clarifyer, Predictor, Questioner and Summariser.  We will continue to practise these roles over the next few weeks.

We are so pleased to see all the inventions arriving in school this week and are looking forward to presenting these on Monday.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this, your support is greatly appreciated.

We have started writing haunted house stories using our description genre targets.  These was a real success, everyone enjoyed writing them and we will be redrafting these for display next week.

In ICT we have been working on Garage band with Mr Shanks, there were some fantastic pieces of music  being played this week.

In Maths we are continuing to work on place value and have completed our angles topic.  On Thursday we had an activities session where we were challenged to create pathways using compasses and draw shapes by programming instructions using the Probots.

On Friday we had a super morning participating in Halloween activities.  Everyone loved the Quiz which was made by the PSA  and goody bags so we would all like to say a big thank you for that.  We also took part in a murder mystery where we had to use our maths and group work skills to solve the problem.

Class newsletters were handed out on Friday with information on the rest of the term so have a look in bags if you didn’t receive yours.

Have a lovely week.

Mrs Jamieson, Ms Mathieson and Mrs Smith.

Primary 6 28.8.20

Primary 6 have settled in well to our first term and are enjoying being back at school.  We have chosen a new topic to study called The Ancient Greeks and are already enjoying learning about them.  This week we have learned about 2 Greek legends, Medusa and Pandora’s box.  Our reading a writing have been related to these stories and we have completed newspaper reports about them.  In Maths we have been looking at the Greek number system and data handling to record results related to the Olympics.

In Health we have been revising the Health and Wellbeing indicators.

We have also started our modern languages and this week we have been revising greetings in French and Spanish.

Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Thursday and we are working in increasing our stamina for cross country running.  Most people have remembered to come dressed in PE kit in those days which has been a great help.

Have a good week

Mrs Jamieson, Ms Mathieson, Mrs Smith

Primary 6 13.2.20

This week we have started a new Science topic on the Solar system.  We are looking forward to learning facts about each planet and how they orbit the sun.  We will be starting a display of our research.

In RME we have continued to learn about Islam and this week we learned about Eid.

Our show rehearsals are well underway, we have been learning the songs, dances and some of us have had the opportunity to begin practising our acting roles.

We had internet safety day this week where we discussed the importance of keeping our privacy settings private and also only having friends we know on social media.

In Maths we have been learning about simplifying fractions and also multiplying money.

In reading and writing we have been researching Sports Relief and wrote an explanation.

We are looking forward to our holiday weekend and returning to school on Wednesday.  Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Jamieson, Ms Mathieson and Mrs Smith

Primary 6 21.1.20

Primary 6 have been busy learning the songs for our school show in April.  The words for this will be sent out today as part of the children’s homework.  Auditions for parts will be going ahead very soon.  If your child has lines to learn we would appreciate it if you would encourage them to practise this at home too.

We are looking forward to the Burn’s competition on Friday.  The children will be reciting their poem in class on Wednesday in preparation for this.

This week we have been working on our new topic – Europe.  We have been looking at mapping skills to identify the different countries in Europe and have also been learning about grid referencing.

In Science, reading and writing we have been learning about environmental issues related to renewable and non-renewable energy.

Last week we started our new PE block and are doing basketball on Monday indoors and circuit training on Wednesday outside.  Please remind your child to bring appropriate kit for these days including gloves for circuit training.

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Smith, Ms Mathieson

Primary 6 6.12.19

Primary 6 have had an exciting week beginning our RME topic on Advent.  We went to the church where we took part in activities called Bubblegum and Fluff.  We learned about the true meaning of Christmas and made lovely tiles with Christmas symbols on them.  They will be coming home today.

In topic we learned about the sinking of the Titanic and took notes to create a timeline of events.

In science we have been looking at renewable energy and have started researching the different types and their benefits to the environment.

In Numeracy we have been working on multiplication.  Some of us would really benefit from revising our tables to enable us to complete tricky calculations more accurately.

In Maths we have been calculating the perimeter of 2D shapes.

We have continued to work on persuasive language this week are have planned a letter to tell Santa how ‘good’ we have been.

Next week we have our Christmas party on Monday.  Remember that children can bring party clothes to school to change into or go home for lunch and change there.

Outdoor PE moves back to Thursday next week.

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Smith,  Ms Mathieson

Primary 6 7.10.19

Primary 6 have had another busy week.

In Science this week we have started a topic on forces.  We have looked at magnets and investigated which materials were magnetic.  We have also learned about gravity and air resistance.  We made parachutes to try to create air resistance.  We really enjoyed testing these to see which ones could stay in the air the longest and could successfully transport an egg to the ground safely.

We took part in the cross country event on Wednesday.  We sucessfully gained first place in the boys race and third place in the girls race.  Well done to everyone who took part.

In Maths we have been looking at place value.  We have been learning how to write hundredths in fractions, decimals and percentages.  We have also been learning about symmetry.  We have investigated how many lines of symmetry various 2D shapes have.

In writing we have stated writing in the persuasive genre.  This week we well be writing a persuasive report encouraging people to live in New Lanark.

On Friday our completed posters are due to be submitted for presentation to the class.  We have enjoyed listening to all the ideas so far.

Other homework this week includes spelling and completing reading books.


Parent’s evening is on Wednesday and Thursday this week and we are looking forward to discussing the progress we have made with our parents.

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Smith, Ms Mathieson



Primary 6 13.9.19

Primary 6 have had another busy week.  In topic we have been learning about the conditions for children working in a mill at the start of the industrial revolution.  We have been quite shocked by how hard these children’s lives were.  We have also started looking at inventions and will shortly be starting our Big homework inventors challenge.  Details about this will be sent home next week.

In Maths we have been working on calculating numbers to 1 figure accuracy.  We have also completed our work on angles and can now successfully use a protractor to draw and measure angles.

In PE we have been working hard on our cross county running.  We have had a lot of success with this and most children have voluteered to take part in a cross country run at the high school next month.

Letters are going home today about our New Lanark trip at the end of the month, please look out for this and send it back to school as soon as possible.

Have a lovely long weekend.  We look forward to seeing the children return on Wednesday.


Primary 5 16.06.09

Primary 5 have had a fantastic week.  On Thursday we performed our show Rockbottom Rocks.  We were so proud of the children; they sang, danced and acted so well and had great fun doing it.  A big thank you to all parents and families who came to see us, having such a good audience made the performance special to us.

This week we have continued to work on our topic Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  We wrote stories about a visit to Loompa Land to bring the Oompa Loompas back to the factory.  Everyone has worked hard and really enjoyed writing these stories.

In maths we completed our weight topic with a problem solving activity afternoon.  We weighed out ingredients to make chocolate crispies, worked on studyladder and worked on problem solving activities.

We have been thinking about sports day next week and in PE we identified the fastest runners for each house for the house relay.  We look forward to seeing you next Thursday morning.  Remember to wear house colours if possible.


Have a lovely week.


Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Davies

Primary 5 7.06.19

This week Primary 5 performed our show Rockbottom Rocks for the school.  We were all very proud of ourselves. The  singing, dancing and acting was amazing and we can’t wait to show our Parents next week.  Thank you to everyone for their help in providing costumes.

We have been working on our project Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  We learned about the Cadbury family and completed posters to display our learning.   We made models of the Chocolate room which were very good.  We designed our own chocolate bars and next week we will be recording adverts to promote them.

In Maths we  have been learning about weight.  We have been learning about the relationship between Kgs and grams.

Some of us took part in the Triathlon at Deans on Tuesday.  We are all very proud of our medals.

Letters were given out this week about our next Health topic which is relationships and sexual health.  Please ask your child if you didn’t receive it.

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Primary 5 3.5.19

Primary 5 have had a busy week with  rehearsals for our show Rock Bottom.  We have been learning our songs and dances and the actors are beginning to learn their parts too.  Please encourage them to keep learning their lines at home.

In Maths we have been working on money.  We have been working on problems related to best value for money.  All children have a new studyladder account to work on money at home.

In Spanish we have been learning about different foods, we have also learned to say what we like and don’t like.

In health we have completed our topic on drug education.

This term we are doing some reading for enjoyment.  The children have been given a sheet to fill in to encourage them to read at home.  There are books in school for them to borrow if they need to so we would appreciate your encouragement with this.


Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Davies

Lendrickmuir Day 2

Hello from P5.

Last night we played a murder mystery. The teachers and leaders were the suspects and we had to talk to them to figure out who killed Lord Mowbray.  It was fun a bit scary. Miss Millar was the murderer and we didn’t suspect that.

Today we have done so many activities. We walked to Gorge, built fires in bushcraft, climbed the low ropes, climbed a huge tree, played disk golf with frisbees and climbed on the climbing walls.

Tonight we are looking forward to playing on the inflatables.

I enjoyed walking to the gorge it was really cool that it has been there since the ice age.  Anderson

I loved tree climbing. I was the quickest to get to the top.  Bendi

I liked bouldering because I got into partners that I didn’t know very well and got to know people and it was very challenging. Alyssa

My favourite was bushcraft because I got to light a fire and I didn’t know how to do that before.  Lucas

We have had a lovely time so far and look forward to more activities tomorrow morning before returning home.                                                                    See you tomorrow.                                                                 


Lendrickmuir Day 1

Hello everyone. Primary 5 have arrived safely in Lendrickmuir and have enjoyed our first day.

We went on a walk at the gorge. The water was going really fast and there was a massive waterfall.  Liam.

I went to the forest to do bushcraft which is making a fire and we heated up water to make juice.  Jack

We did archery it was really fun.  I did quite well. Anya

We played disc golf in the barn.  We had to throw frisbees into a basket.  Melissa

In the afternoon we did some problem solving in the forest.  It was really hard but we worked together and managed to solve quite a few.  Our favourite was trying to get everyone through a giant spiders web.


We we are all settled into our rooms and have enjoyed our lunch and dinner.

More information and photos to follow tomorrow.


From Primary 5 at Lendrickmuir


Primary 5 Week beginning 8.03.19

Thank you to everyone who came to our assembly last week.  We enjoyed performing for you and hope you enjoyed learning all about the Scottish Wars of Independence as much as we did.

On Monday some parents came to join in with our number talks where we were learning different strategies for mental addition.

This week in Science we have started our topic on Solids, liquids and gases.  We completed an investigation on how solids react to water.  We made predictions and then checked the results.  In writing we wrote a report about it.

In reading we have started a mini topic on poetry.  This week we read a poem called morning and wrote our own poems.

This term we have started learning Spanish.  We can already say our name, talk about feelings and greet someone in Spanish.

In Maths we have been working on division.

Next week some of us are going to Lendrick Muir.  We are looking forward to this and hope to update you everyday on our activities so keep an eye out for more news next week.

We are also going on a trip the Bannockburn to complete our topic.

Mrs Jamieson and Mrs Davies