Primary 6 13.9.19

Primary 6 have had another busy week.  In topic we have been learning about the conditions for children working in a mill at the start of the industrial revolution.  We have been quite shocked by how hard these children’s lives were.  We have also started looking at inventions and will shortly be starting our Big homework inventors challenge.  Details about this will be sent home next week.

In Maths we have been working on calculating numbers to 1 figure accuracy.  We have also completed our work on angles and can now successfully use a protractor to draw and measure angles.

In PE we have been working hard on our cross county running.  We have had a lot of success with this and most children have voluteered to take part in a cross country run at the high school next month.

Letters are going home today about our New Lanark trip at the end of the month, please look out for this and send it back to school as soon as possible.

Have a lovely long weekend.  We look forward to seeing the children return on Wednesday.


Primary 3 8.3.19

Thank you to everyone who brought in their favourite book today for World Book Day.

We loved seeing all of the different books and in Primary 3, we had recipe books, fact books, story books, picture books, pocket books and poem books! It was so interesting hearing about why these were your favourite, and we enjoyed learning from the Primary 5s what theirs were too.

We began having a look at our class Parent Assembly on knights and castles today and we are beginning to hand out parts. We will have these out by Monday next week. Please keep an eye out for these and help your child to learn their words. We are very excited to share with you what we have been learning. The date for your diaries is Friday the 29th March. Letters about this will follow.

Next week primary 6 are hosting a bake sale to raise money for Comic Relief. This will happen on Thursday 14th. Also, on Friday the 15th, it will be a dress down day, with the theme “Crazy Hair/ Crazy Dress” and they ask a donation of 50p is brought in on this day. We have a number of other things happening in school for this as well and P6 have been working hard to make it an enjoyable day for all whilst raising money for this great cause.

Please could P3 ask for children to bring in a stick from home next week. This will be used for us to make a bow and arrow set and complete some science investigations with them. Any stick from outside will do, as long as it is strong.

Letters will be handed out soon for our up coming trip as well, so please keep an eye out for these in bags. We are heading to Edinburgh Castle on the 20th of March as a nice finish to our castles topic.


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

Primary 1/2 Week beginning 29.5.17

Primary 1/2 had a very exciting week last week.  We went on a trip to the Seabird Centre at North Berwick.  In the morning we visited the rockpools where we were able to find lots of sea creatures, including sea snails and crabs.  We also learned about lots of other animals found in the sea in Scotland.  In the afternoon we went on a scavenger hunt on the seashore and found lots of interesting objects.  We used these objects to decorate sandcastles at the end of the day.  It was a super sunny day; we had lots of fun and learned lots.

In Maths we have been learning about solid shapes and Primary 2 have been working on the properties of these.  We have  a homework activity this week in which we have to look for these shapes at home.

We have been continuing with our topic this week and have learned a little more about the seaside in the past.  We have been looking at the clothes people would have worn and designed our own swimming costumes for the past and present.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson and Primary 1/2

Primary 1/2 Week beginning 15.5.17

Good morning from Primary 1/2

This week we have been learning about the seaside in the past.  We looked at old photos and discussed the differences between then and now.  We will be continuing with this next week.

In Maths we have been working on money.  We have set up a beach shop to buy different things for our trip to the beach.  Primary 2 have been learning to add 2 items together and also give change from 20p.  Primary 1 have been working on making amounts within 10p.

Next Tuesday we are going on our trip to the Seabird centre at North Berwick.  We will be working with the rangers in the rockpools and hope to learn about lots of interesting creatures.  Please check the weather forecast to decide on appropriate clothing for the day.  It would be best if children brought a waterproof jacket but also check if sun cream is needed and apply if necessary.   Wellies or old trainers would be best.

Have a lovely long weekend

Mrs Jamieson and Primary 1/2

week beginning 17.4.17

Welcome back to the Primary 4 blog!

We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to our final term of Primary 4.

This term our topic will be mini-beasts and our community. We will be learning about vertebrates, invertebrates, food chains, insects and lots more. We will be studying a wormery and also be observing the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

In language we will be focusing on the writing of Enid Blyton. This year celebrates her 75th anniversary so we shall be looking at her style of writing, her characters and how she develops her stories to keep the reader’s interest. We will be creating our own famous five novels throughout the term. If you have any of her Famous Five books that you would be happy to lend us, please send them in.

We are keen for parents / carers to hear children reading aloud when completing reading homework. Children will come home with a reading book within the next week. This will be given alongside a letter with the assigned pages for each week and some ideas for discussions and questions to ask your child during and after reading.

This term is very exciting as it is also the term where we will prepare and perform a show along with the Primary 5s. There are lots of different roles in the show like acting, singing, dancing, instruments and sound effects. Please keep an eye out for any lines or costumes that your child has to prepare for.

We are happy to see you all back from your holidays and hope you are excited to start all these new topics!

The Primary 4 teachers


homework this term will be spelling, reading and optional maths activities (these will not be sent weekly and instead be completed online using a username and password. These will be sent home next week). Also your child may or may not have lines to learn for the assembly.

Indoor P.E is on Monday

outdoor P.E is Tuesday

please ensure all clothing is named

Multisport festival is on the 28.4.17 – please look out for letter

Primary 6 15.9.16

Hello everyone

Primary 6 have had a busy week learning more about the Industrial Revolution. The children learned about the move for many people from the countryside into cities and the problems that were created by cramped tenement housing. We then created our own “City Landscape” at the back of the Primary 6 classrooms which looks fantastic!

In writing this week the children created their own “magic box” and thought about all the magical and exciting things they could put into their box. The children then worked very hard to write fantastic poetry based on their boxes. Well done!

In ICT, Mr Shanks introduced both classes to software called “Kodu”. This software enables us to create our own simple computer games using some visual programming language. The children thoroughly enjoyed becoming familiar with this software; controlling their own characters and developing their own unique worlds. We look forward to learning more in the coming weeks.

You should receive a letter today about our trip to New Lanark.  We are planning on making this visit on Thursday 29th September.  The cost of this trip is £5.50 per child and should be returned to the school with a completed EE2 form as soon as possible. Children should come prepared with their own packed lunch as we are not expected to arrive back to school until around 2:30pm. If any parents with a full disclosure are able to help out with this trip then please let the office know as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!

A quick reminder that this weekend is a holiday weekend. The children should return to school on Wednesday prepared with PE kit and appropriate shoes for participating in Cross Country.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie.

Primary 4, 17.6.16

Well done to everyone who applied for the Eco Committee yesterday and Pupil Council today. We have new Committee Rep – well done to Mason Pow, and Depute – Abby Colquoun. I’ll update the Pupil Council results later today.

A massive thank you to everyone for applying. The competition was fierce and I’m glad I wasn’t part of the voting. We had people with campaign banners, leaflets and even mascots. It was an excellent effort from everyone so thank you.

This week letters were handed out for our final trip to Hopetoun House next week where we will be participating in a mini-beast safari and a pond dip as well as some lessons in the outdoors. Please can you bring appropriate clothing this day. Waterproofs, warm clothes and sturdy shoes are necessary but hopefully the weather will pick up a little for us. If possible, perhaps pupils should bring a change of shoes in a plastic bag, but this is not compulsory. If it is raining however, we should get a good glimpse at a huge variety of mini-beasts and pond life as these are the conditions they love!

Please remember to sign both forms and both sides of the A4 form, then return to school before Wednesday 22nd.


Monday: Meet the Teacher, Talent Contest.

Tuesday: Outdoor PE Kit

Thursday: Trip to Hopetoun

Friday: Open morning 11:15- 12:15. Come along to your child’s class where they will show you their Learning Journal showcasing what they consider to be their best work, then be taken on to see the progress with our Erasmus partnership and also the technologies we have been learning about and will continue to work with next year.

Primary 4, 13.5.16

Thank you to everyone bringing in their junk…we now have a collection gathering in the corner of our classroom and it will be put to good use next week and the week after. I can’t wait to see the mini-beasts created from it as the plans are very thorough and have some excellent ideas for movable parts.

We have some very exciting news! Our caterpillars have turned into chrysalises and we watched them turn before our very eyes! One caterpillar was still choosing his position on Monday morning but the rest had gone to sleep, attached to the lid by their tails. By Tuesday we watched them turn one by one, going from this:


to this:


We will keep you updated of any butterfly appearances 🙂

Also this week we had our visitors from West Lothian Youth Foundation as well as a player from Livingston F.C Youth Team. The children were very intrigued by what they had to say and ad lots of questions for them.

Another visitor we had this week was a lady called Christine from Child Smile who came to speak about the work they do for the community. It also fitted in with our health topic this term which is healthy eating, healthy teeth and health and hygiene. She was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and hoped they were putting what they know into practice at home. She brought with her a present for each of the children. Here is a picture of us all with our gifts of toothpaste and a toothbrush:


We were out enjoying the weather this week doing a little mini bug hunt. We successfully found all kinds of mini-beasts for inspection and learned a little more about their habitats and where they like to hide.  There weren’t many places to look as our allotments are no longer there. We are looking forward to our proper mini-beast hunt at Hopeton House where we will be doing a pond dip as well as a mini-beast safari. This is happening at the end of term and more information about this trip will follow.

Here we are enjoying the outdoors with some of the bugs we collected:

100_8659 100_8662


Remember we have our trip to Dynamic Earth on Monday. Please bring a packed lunch, those who have lunches provided will receive theirs from the school.

Sports day will be Thursday, please wear house colours (see below). It will start at 9.30am.



Monday 16th – Dynamic Earth, packed lunch required.

Tuesday 17th – Outdoor PE Kit

Thursday 19th – Weather permitting – Sports day 9:30am. Please wear house colours:

Raeburn – Green

Waverley – Red

Sutherland – Yellow

Deer Park – Blue

Please bring in costumes if you have not done so already.




Due Friday 20th – Spelling as normal

Reading –

Red: The Karate Princess in Monsta Trouble ch.1 and 2

Blue: p.60 – 73

Green: p.53 – 64



P4/3 Update 29.1.16

What a great trip we had yesterday. We spent the day at Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, and we learned so much. We were very lucky to have some P7 guides from Linlithgow Primary and we were so impressed at how much they know about the Palace and how confident they were in giving us the tour.

100_3698 100_3686 100_3708 100_3697 100_3705


Remember parents’ evening are coming up soon. You should all have had out a letter regarding booking appointments and this should be done as soon as possible.

Next week the children will be given a big homework task to complete based on our topic. They will have two weeks to complete this and the details will be given out on Monday.

Have a great week.
Mrs Wallace
Big Homework: Due Friday 12th February 2016

This term’s big homework task is to present a short class talk on the life of Mary Queen of Scots.
Your talk should be no less than 2 minutes and should include a variety of information such as;
Dates of her birth and death and other significant events.
Places she lived.
Important people in her life.
Any other information you consider to be relevant or interesting.
You will be given some time for research in class but the majority of this task should be completed at home.
You can use pictures, PowerPoint or any props you would like to enhance your talk.
You should try to memorise your talk as much as possible rather than reading it out.

You have two weeks to complete this; I look forward to hearing all your hard work.


P4/3 Update 15.1.16

We have been busy in class this week starting our new Mary Queen of Scots topic and are already finding out some interesting information about her life.
We have a trip planned to Linlithgow Palace in a coupe of weeks to learn about the time Mary spent there and we are very excited about it.

On Monday (18th) we are going to be reciting our Burns poems in class and two children will be chosen to perform these next Friday at our Burns assembly.

We still have a lot of children forgetting PE kit on a weekly basis despite numerous reminders. The day for indoor PE is written in homework diaries weekly. Outdoor PE is always on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday and any change to this will be noted in homework diaries on a Monday morning.

Can you please ensure that you are checking and signing the homework diary weekly once your child has completed their homework for the week?
Thank you.

Have a good week,

Mrs Wallace