Primary 4 3.12.20

Hello everyone

This week has been a fun, busy one in Primary 4! We were very excited to begin PE lessons with Mrs Ferguson on Wednesday (well done to everyone for remembering their PE kit!) The children learned of Primary 7’s challenge for the rest of the school to “Race to the North Pole!” before the Christmas holidays! The children ran, walked and skipped their way around the playground in order to add more miles to our tally. Primary 7 told us yesterday that collectively as a school we have ran the distance between here and Shetland already! We are looking forward to adding more miles to the total next week in PE!

In Reading we have been continuing to develop our skills of prediction and questioning. We predicted what would happen next by drawing and writing about the next part of a brand new story. Then we wrote questions for our friends about our reading books! Mr Woodward and I were very impressed with the open questions the children were asking which were often quite tricky to answer! Next week we will look at the skills of clarifying and summarising.

In Topic we are continuing to explore our “Animals” topic. The children showed their knowledge and understandings of food chains through describing the different stages of one. The children were able to use words like “producer”, “consumer”, “prey”, “predator”, “omnivore”, “carnivore”, “herbivore” and even “photosynthesis” to describe the process – wow! Ask your child if they know what these words mean 🙂

Preparation for our part of the Carmondean Christmas Show is coming along nicely. The children have learned a dance which will form part of the show as well as making signs to be shown during the performance. We are looking forward to filming the performance next week! Watch this space for more information!

Reminders – PE days are Wednesday and Friday.
There will now be no new homework issued until after the Christmas Holidays.
Please send your child to school with a full bottle of water.

Have a lovely weekend when it comes!

Miss Clark & Mr Woodward

Primary 4 27.11.20

Hello everyone!

We are having another fun and busy week in Primary 4.

This week the children found out about our school Christmas performance! Each stage in the school has been tasked with recreating a part of the Nativity story. The children have been excited to learn about Primary 4s plans and this week we began discussing different roles the children might have including dancing, acting and more! We are looking forward to putting our scene together 🙂

We have finished our work on 2D and 3D shape in Maths and we are now moving onto Symmetry. The children made a great start to this topic sharing lots of prior knowledge with Mr Woodward and I. We could identify which shapes were symmetrical and which shapes were not. The children used mirrors well to help them. Next week we will begin to create our own symmetrical shapes and objects.

In RME the children are beginning to learn about the Christmas Story with Miss Donaldson. This week they used Maps on the iPads to investigate where Nazareth and Bethlehem are in the world. They also explored how to get there from Scotland.

This week the children have been sharing the PowerPoints that they have spent the last few weeks creating all about their favourite animals. The children had to research information on their chosen animal including their habitat, diet, appearance and other interesting information. They also had to include text, pictures and slide transitions in their PowerPoint. Mr Woodward and I are so impressed with the PowerPoints that we have seen already and we have learned lots of new facts ourselves! We can’t wait to see the rest today!

Our PE days are changing.
Starting next week our PE days will be a Wednesday and a Friday each week. The Wednesday session will be with Mrs Ferguson our PE specialist while the Friday session will be with Mr Woodward and Miss Clark. Both sessions will continue to be outside. As the weather is becoming colder and more changeable please ensure that your child attends school on these days wearing long thick trousers/joggers, a school jumper, a thick jumper/zippy to change into at PE time and a waterproof jacket. The children will also require shoes on these days that are fine to get wet or muddy. Thank you for your support with this.

Reminders – Homework will be handed out on Monday each week. Each task will be on Teams but paper copies are also available from your child’s class teacher. The children have all three tasks explained in detail on the Monday and extra details can be found in assignments.
Please ensure your child brings a full bottle of water to school each day. This can be refilled throughout the day if needed.

Thank you for your support as always.
Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Clark & Mr Woodward

Primary 6 13.2.20

This week we have started a new Science topic on the Solar system.  We are looking forward to learning facts about each planet and how they orbit the sun.  We will be starting a display of our research.

In RME we have continued to learn about Islam and this week we learned about Eid.

Our show rehearsals are well underway, we have been learning the songs, dances and some of us have had the opportunity to begin practising our acting roles.

We had internet safety day this week where we discussed the importance of keeping our privacy settings private and also only having friends we know on social media.

In Maths we have been learning about simplifying fractions and also multiplying money.

In reading and writing we have been researching Sports Relief and wrote an explanation.

We are looking forward to our holiday weekend and returning to school on Wednesday.  Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Jamieson, Ms Mathieson and Mrs Smith

Primary 5 16.06.09

Primary 5 have had a fantastic week.  On Thursday we performed our show Rockbottom Rocks.  We were so proud of the children; they sang, danced and acted so well and had great fun doing it.  A big thank you to all parents and families who came to see us, having such a good audience made the performance special to us.

This week we have continued to work on our topic Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  We wrote stories about a visit to Loompa Land to bring the Oompa Loompas back to the factory.  Everyone has worked hard and really enjoyed writing these stories.

In maths we completed our weight topic with a problem solving activity afternoon.  We weighed out ingredients to make chocolate crispies, worked on studyladder and worked on problem solving activities.

We have been thinking about sports day next week and in PE we identified the fastest runners for each house for the house relay.  We look forward to seeing you next Thursday morning.  Remember to wear house colours if possible.


Have a lovely week.


Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Davies

Primary 5 7.06.19

This week Primary 5 performed our show Rockbottom Rocks for the school.  We were all very proud of ourselves. The  singing, dancing and acting was amazing and we can’t wait to show our Parents next week.  Thank you to everyone for their help in providing costumes.

We have been working on our project Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  We learned about the Cadbury family and completed posters to display our learning.   We made models of the Chocolate room which were very good.  We designed our own chocolate bars and next week we will be recording adverts to promote them.

In Maths we  have been learning about weight.  We have been learning about the relationship between Kgs and grams.

Some of us took part in the Triathlon at Deans on Tuesday.  We are all very proud of our medals.

Letters were given out this week about our next Health topic which is relationships and sexual health.  Please ask your child if you didn’t receive it.

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

P5 24th May 2019

Good afternoon,

We have had a busy week rehearsing for the show, everything is coming together nicely.  Can we please ask parents and guardians to help your children to learn their lines as our dress rehearsal is only a week away.

A letter regarding t-shirts and leggings will be coming home asap.  If your child is a main character, an egghead, a growler, a miner or a cavey your tops will be provided.  Everyone will need to provide black leggings/trousers with zig zag cuts at the bottom please.

In maths we have started looking at measurement, using rulers to calculate the perimeters of different shapes.

In reading we have begun to plan our debate on whether Charlie (and the chocolate factory) should have saved or spent his 50p.  We will continue with this next week, children have come up with great arguments!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Mrs Davies and Mrs Jamieson

Primary 4 10.5.19

Hello everyone

We hope you had a lovely long weekend. We enjoyed welcoming the children back to school on Wednesday and hearing their weekend news.

This week we welcomed some exciting additions to our classroom. Five caterpillars have been delivered and we will be watching them grow and develop over the coming days and weeks. They are in a small container just now with food at the bottom. When each caterpillar turns into a chrysalis they will be moved into a much bigger container, ready to turn into butterflies :). Once their transformation is complete we will then release them into the wild. The children are very excited to watch as the caterpillars are already much bigger now than they even were on Wednesday. We will continue to add pictures to the blog as they transform.

Show rehearsals are now in full swing. Please continue to practice any words your child has to learn with them at home. The show performances are on Thursday 13th June at 1:30pm and 6:30pm. More details will be provided about tickets for this event soon.

Your child should have received a P4 newsletter home with them which gives further details about what your child will be learning this term. Today your child will receive a new homework sheet and reading book home too. The children have until next Friday to complete one spelling activity related to week 1 words, read the set pages in their book and complete 1 other activity of their choice. Please see the sheet and class newsletter for further details.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 5 3.5.19

Primary 5 have had a busy week with  rehearsals for our show Rock Bottom.  We have been learning our songs and dances and the actors are beginning to learn their parts too.  Please encourage them to keep learning their lines at home.

In Maths we have been working on money.  We have been working on problems related to best value for money.  All children have a new studyladder account to work on money at home.

In Spanish we have been learning about different foods, we have also learned to say what we like and don’t like.

In health we have completed our topic on drug education.

This term we are doing some reading for enjoyment.  The children have been given a sheet to fill in to encourage them to read at home.  There are books in school for them to borrow if they need to so we would appreciate your encouragement with this.


Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Davies

Primary 4 3.4.19

Hello everyone

Primary 4 are having a lovely last week of term so far. We have been learning about the Easter story this week in RME. We have been learning about which countries traditionally celebrate Easter and why. We have also been learning how every country has different Easter traditions. Today we are making Easter crafts and practising our cutting, sticking and colouring skills. We also used paper fasteners to bring our craft to life 🙂 In class we have been learning Easter songs to sing at the church on Friday morning.

In maths we have been consolidating our learning of different multiplication and division strategies that we have learned this term. The children designed posters that showed their knowledge of multiplication and division facts, shared strategies that help them to solve problems and created their own word problems! P4D shared their posters with the class and Mr Shanks made a surprise visit to P4C to see all their hard work. Well done to both classes!

Last week we had the pleasure of watching the dress rehearsal of the P6/7 show. It was spectacular and we all loved it – especially the amazing dance moves! We wish P6/7 good luck as they perform this show to their families tomorrow.

We have begun to learn the songs and now the dances for the P4/5 show “Rock Bottom”. The dances are very energetic and we look forward to getting to know them better. Some children have been given lines to learn over the Easter Holidays. Other children will be told more about their parts after the holidays.

This will be our last blog post before the Easter Holidays. We look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 23rd April and hope you all have a restful and enjoyable Easter break!

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 5 25.5.19

Primary 5 have been rehearsing hard for our school show the Pirates of the Currybean.  We have 1 week till our dress rehearsal and are looking forward to performing for the school.  Lots of people have already handed in their costumes which is great.  We would appreciate if all costumes could be handed in by Thursday 30th May.

In June we will be beginning a Health topic on relationships, sexual health and parenthood.  The children have been given letters today.  Should you want to discuss anything about the programme please contact the school.

This week we have been learning about medicines and the effects of smoking in health.

In maths we have been investigating weight and capacity.

We took part in a judo taster session this week which was great fun.


Miss Farren and Mrs Jamieson

Primary 5 13.4.18

Primary 5 have had a busy first week.  We have started Literacy Circles for reading.  This will require the children to complete a weekly homework task to share with their group.  More details have been given out about this in homework jotters.

This term we will be performing our school show The Pirates of the Curry Bean on the 13th June.  Speaking parts have been given out and children should begin learning these at home.  We still have a lot of work to do on assigning other parts, learning songs and dances which will be happening over the next few weeks.

In Maths we have been working on measure.  Miss Farren’s group have been measuring large objects outdoors in metres while Mrs Jamieson’s group have been working on cm and mm.

Our new PE times are Tuesday for indoor PE and Thursday for outdoor PE.  This term we will be working on Golf and Athletics.


Mrs Jamieson Miss Farren

Primary 4 3.6.16

I will begin by saying a huge well done to all of the primary 3s, 4s and 5s in their excellent efforts in the school show. It was absolutely fantastic and all your hard work definitely paid off. I was a very proud teacher on Wednesday with what you managed to achieve. I’m sure all of the parents agree!

We began our week with our last community trip – to Morrisons. There, we had a tour around the counters and areas of the store including the fruit and veg isle, where we learned of strange foods and where they came from, the fish isle, where we learned how they gut a fish before sale and also had a tour ‘behind the scenes’. We learned of how the store collected and sorted deliveries and even how the store recycled their packaging! We even got to taste foods from all areas of the store, including pancakes and tiger bread from the bakery, a fruit cocktail from the fresh produce and cheese from the refrigerators. It was very interesting, and we thank Mrs Hendry for organising our visit.


We have been busy presenting our mini-beasts to Primary 4/3 where we showed them our 3D models, plans and leaflets. We are busy learning about power point and how to use it to create quizes and linked slides using the information we wrote in our leaflets.


Please sign homework diaries

Please return any costumes your child has brought home. Thank you to those who have already done this.

Monday – Indoor PE Kit

Tuesday Outdoor PE Kit



Due Friday 10th – Maths for Miss Smith’s Class. (Sorry I didn’t put a date on last week’s blog for the homework and due to the show it was only handed out on Thursday.)

Due Friday 10th – Spelling as normal (this will be the last week of spelling for Primary 4. Your child will move into Primary 5 with on the target they finish on this day.

Due Friday 10th – Reading pages and an activity.

Red –  Read again from page 78 to the end of the book with a parent.

Blue – p.102 – 114

Green – Ch 6


P4/3 Update 13.5.16

Well done to all the boys and girls who completed their big homework task. We have displayed all our posters in the classroom and they look fantastic!

Remember that sports day is scheduled for next Thursday. P4-7 will be in the morning (this includes the P3s in our class) and we are due to start around 9.30. If possible, please send your child wearing something with their house colour along with appropriate outdoor PE kit.
Deer Park: blue
Raeburn: green
Sutherland: yellow
Waverley: red
Keep your fingers crossed for good weather (or at least no rain).

We have all been working very hard on the P4/5 show and are looking forward to performing it.

Next week homework will be spelling and reading pages. Please remember indoor PE kit on Monday.

Next week is my last week in school before I go off on maternity leave and as of Tuesday 24th Mrs Gilmour and Mrs Harris will be taking over the class for the remainder of the term.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Wallace

P4/3 Update 6.5.16

It sounds as though our Primary 3s had a great time in Lowport last week and behaviour was apparently fantastic so well done!

Today is Day for Change in school (organised by P4/3 and P4) and we’re hoping to see as many people as possible in school in their pyjamas (and slippers too if they like). We will be collecting change to send to UNICEF who help children all over the world who are living in dreadful conditions.

We have all been working hard practising for the P4/5 show, learning the songs and dances and lines. Less than 4 weeks to go now and the boys and girls are all very excited.

Next week homework will go back to normal with spelling, reading and maths all to be completed. We also have our big homework task due next Wednesday.

There will be no indoor PE next Monday due to a show rehearsal and outdoor PE will be on Tuesday so please bring appropriate kit that day.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Wallace

P4/3 Update 22.4.16

Well done to the P4s who were at Auchengillan last week. Their behaviour was great and they all took part in the activities enthusiastically. Have a look at Miss Smith’s P4 blog for some photos of the trip.
The P3s are now really looking forward to their overnight trip to Lowport next week.

We also really enjoyed our trip to Dynamic Earth this week. Unfortunately our bus got caught up in bad traffic on our way there but the boys’ and girls’ behaviour was fantastic with no complaints on the journey. We learned lots more about the rainforests and also had a tour around Dynamic Earth.

Some of the class are taking part in a schools gymnastics competition on Thursday and we all wish them luck. I’m sure they’ll have a great time and do brilliantly.

New reading homework sheets have been attached in homework jotters. These include weekly reading pages as well as tasks to be completed once a fortnight. Please have a look at these as they started this week.
Next week’s homework will be Spelling, reading and maths.

Remember indoor PE is now on a Monday and outdoor PE on a Thursday (weather permitting) so please make sure your child has appropriate kit on these days.

Your child should have brought home a letter last week informing you of the change of teacher in class. As of May 24th Mrs Gilmour and Mrs Harris will be teaching P4/3 when I go off on maternity leave.

The boys and girls in P4 and 5 have all been working hard and rehearsing for our school show. We’re sure it’s going to be great and can’t wait to see the final result.

Have a good weekend
Mrs Wallace

P4/3 update

Only one more week until our well deserved Easter holiday. The boys and girls have worked so hard this term and I’m sure they’re looking forward to the break. Remember we finish up on Thursday of next week.
We will be finishing our Mary Queen of Scots topic next week and after the holidays we will be introducing our new topic of the Rainforest with a very exciting visitor. A company called Cool Creatures will be coming along to class with a variety of tropical animals, including this very large snake who also visited us last year in Primary 2.

100_3320 zzzzzz

PE times have now altered slightly as we no longer have Mrs Ferguson. Indoor PE is now on a Monday and outdoor PE on a Wednesday.
We have started to look at our school show for this year with Mr Platt. We are all very excited about it and parts will be given out very soon.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs Wallace

Primary 7 17.3.16

Hello everyone

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Primary 6 and 7 production of “Hosanna!” on Wednesday. We were so proud of all the children in P7 whose talent and commitment shone throughout both performances. We hope you all enjoyed the show 🙂

This week we have been rounding off our WW2 topic with another challenge! The children have been working in groups of 4 or 5 to create a large poster showing their knowledge of World War 2. All posters must include information on: How the war started; the political parties involved and each party’s views; the effects that the war had on people in Britain and how the war eventually ended. The children have half an hour left to complete their posters, create a presentation of their work and they then will present it to the rest of the class. We look forward to seeing the final products 🙂

As part of our WW2 topic we have also begun watching “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. Two of the reading groups in each class have been doing a novel study on the book this term. The children who are in these groups have been taking notes on the similarities and differences between the film and book throughout the viewing of the film. Next week the children will write up a comparison piece based on the film and the book. Next week we will also be watching “Goodnight Mr Tom” in class which the other reading group in each class has been reading this term in order to also complete a comparison piece of writing. We are looking forward to reading the children’s interesting comparisons 🙂

Some reminders –
Outdoor PE – Tuesday

Indoor PE – Wednesday (please note the new PE day)


STOP PRESS – The event described below has had to be re-scheduled and will now take place on 11th and 12 th April.

Next Monday/Tuesday (21st/22nd March) – “Home Front Histories” are coming into school to deliver an interactive workshop to the children. This cost of this will be £2 per child. Please bring this money into school for Monday. P7F may dress in period outfit/costumes/uniform for this event on Monday, whilst P7C can dress up on Tuesday.

Reading homework – No written reading homework this week. Children have instead been asked to read to the end of their reading book before next Wednesday 23rd.

Other homework – All other homework is suspended until after the Easter Holidays.

Thank you for all your support. Have a lovely Easter break when it arrives!

Miss Clark & Miss Farren