P5 24th May 2019

Good afternoon,

We have had a busy week rehearsing for the show, everything is coming together nicely.  Can we please ask parents and guardians to help your children to learn their lines as our dress rehearsal is only a week away.

A letter regarding t-shirts and leggings will be coming home asap.  If your child is a main character, an egghead, a growler, a miner or a cavey your tops will be provided.  Everyone will need to provide black leggings/trousers with zig zag cuts at the bottom please.

In maths we have started looking at measurement, using rulers to calculate the perimeters of different shapes.

In reading we have begun to plan our debate on whether Charlie (and the chocolate factory) should have saved or spent his 50p.  We will continue with this next week, children have come up with great arguments!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Mrs Davies and Mrs Jamieson

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