P2/1 update Friday 21st May

We’ve had a fun week in P2/1!  This week we have been learning all about rhyme – recognising rhyming words and making up our own. We have loved hearing lots of rhyming stories and guessing the rhymes.  In maths we have been learning all about money – recognising the coins and using them to buy things and get change.  If you have coins at home, why not ask your child to find coins that make certain amounts?

Our PE days continue to be Tuesday and Wednesday. We are really enjoying working on our balance in our gymnastics lessons with Mrs Ferguson.

Thank you everyone for helping prepare the seaside talks – they were fantastic! We loved seeing all the photos of fun on the beach. It’s hard to imagine with today’s weather that we’ll get back to the beach any time soon!

Don’t forget that next Monday is a holiday but we’ll be back on Tuesday as normal.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

P2/1 29th March 2021

P2/1 had a great week last week.  In maths we have been learning how to tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks. We were impressed with how well the children have done with this, both in class and when doing their home learning activities.

In reading we are continuing to work on our comprehension skills. We are asking and answering questions about the stories we are reading, discussing the characters and using the texts to help us answer questions.  Thank you for all your support with reading at home.

We started to learn about the Easter story last week and will continue this week to learn about Easter and how it is celebrated. We are going to have lots of fun making Easter crafts!

PE continues to be on a Tuesday and a Wednesday so please send your child dressed in PE kit on these days. Don’t forget that we are not in school this Friday. We hope you have a lovely Easter break when it comes!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel

Primary 2/1 update 10th March 2021

We love having the children all back in class. They have all settled really well and are enjoying seeing their friends again.  Thanks again for all your support with home learning over the past couple of months.

In maths we have working on being able to share amounts equally and are now learning about halves and quarters of shapes.  In writing we are focusing on a new genre – report writing.  Of course, we still need to ensure we include full stops, capital letters and use our sounds to help us spell but we are also trying to write in the correct format for a report.  The primary 2s in particular will be working on including a heading and separate sections with subheadings.  In reading we are continuing to develop our skills in asking and understanding questions and are completing comprehension activities including putting parts of the story in the correct order.

In addition to numeracy and literacy, we have been spending time discussing our emotions and how we feel being back at school and have been playing games to help us with our listening skills.

Our PE days will continue to be Tuesday and Thursday for the moment and we will let you know if this changes. Thanks for sending your child to school all ready for PE on these days. Thanks also for providing a full water bottle every day.

Homework will be issued on a Monday on Seesaw. The children will also get a new book home on a Monday and should take it to school every day. We will collect them back in on a Friday.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch,

Mrs Steel and Mrs Muir.

P2/1 Merry Christmas from Mrs Steel and Mrs Muir

Well it was a very different couple of terms but we have made it to Christmas!  Don’t forget that tomorrow is a dress down day (for a suggested donation of £1).  The children can wear Christmas jumpers, party gear or dress down in their favourite Christmas colours.

We hope you have a lovely break over the holidays and look forward to seeing you and the children in January.

Mrs Steel and Mrs Muir.


P2/1 update 7th December 2020

Last week Mrs Steel and the children had a fantastic time out in the snow in the nursery garden. We hope you enjoyed seeing the photos on seesaw. Thanks so much for making sure your child had suitable clothing for the snow.

We’ve really enjoyed using seesaw for communication and home learning and we hope you have too.  It’s been great seeing so many photos and videos of the children learning at home.

This week we will be starting looking at patterns in maths which gives us an opportunity to do lots of Christmas related activities. In reading we will be continuing with our summarising skills as well as building up our sight vocabulary (the words which we need to try and recognise straight away).  The primary 1s will also be continuing to try to blend together the letters they know to make words and the primary 2s will be using a variety of strategies to help them read unknown or tricky words.

Things to remember:

PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. PE will continue to be outside.

Friday 18th December will be a dress down day. If your child would like to make a donation of £1 to dress down they can wear their party outfits, their favourite colours or a Christmas jumper.

Thanks for your continued support.  As always, if you have any questions, please contact the office and we will get in touch.

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

P2/1 update 23.11.20

Last week was another great week in P2/1 and this week we have lots planned.


From now on we are using an online resource called Seesaw for our homework.  It’s a great resource which allows the children to complete activities on a tablet or phone and submit them online. Today we will be sending home a sheet with details on how to access Seesaw. We hope you will enjoy using it and if you have any questions about it please let us know.  Reading books will continue to be given out on a Monday and should be brought to school every day.


P1: In reading we will continue to use sounds we know and clues from the pictures to help us read our reading books. Thanks for reading with your children at home – it makes such a difference to them.  Our new phonics sounds are:  b and u.  It would be really helpful if you could encourage your child to think of words which begin with these sounds.

P2: Our new sounds for this week and next are ‘oy’ and ‘oa’. We’ll be learning to spell words with these sounds and will write sentences using the words. In reading we are continuing to work on our summarising skills. It can be tricky to identify the main parts of a story but the children have been doing really well.


P1: We will be starting to learn about subtraction this week and will be using lots of concrete materials such as blocks and counters to help us.

P2: We are working on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and gaining confidence in counting both forwards and backwards. We’ll then be moving on to subtraction, first consolidating what we learned in P1 and then moving on to develop new strategies.

In music we’ve been using instruments to play different rhythms and to show our understanding of dynamics by playing loudly and quietly.  The children have really been enjoying these sessions with Mr Shanks.


From this week we will no longer have Mrs Ferguson for PE but we will continue to have outdoor PE on a Tuesday (with Mrs Muir) and a Wednesday (with Mrs Steel). Please continue to wear PE kit to school on those days.

Thanks so much for all your support. If you have any questions or need to speak to us you can contact us via the school office.

Mrs Steel and Mrs Muir.

P2/1 update 16th November 2020

Everyone looked fantastic on Children in Need day in their brightly coloured costumes. We wrote a description of Pudsey during our writing lesson and used lots of different adjectives to describe him.  Thank you for supporting Children in Need.

Here’s an overview of what we will be learning next week.


P1: We will be learning two new sounds – f and o. We’ll be learning to recognise them, write them and think of words which begin with them.  In reading we’ll be identifying and drawing the main parts of a story.

P2: In reading we’ll be learning how to summarise a story by identifying and writing about the main events. Our new sound this week is ‘ai’ and we’ll be spelling lots of different words with this sound.



P1: The children are doing really well with addition and we’ll continue to develop our addition skills this week. We will be introducing the skill of ‘counting on’ this week. For example, for 5+3, when ‘counting on’ we would start at 5 and then count 6,7,8 rather than counting from 1 –  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

P2: P2 are starting to work on number patterns. We’ll be counting up and down in 2s from different numbers and completing patterns with missing numbers. We will also continue to practise our addition strategies during our number talks sessions. These 10 minute sessions encourage the children to talk about the strategies they use to solve numeracy problems.


Last week we found out all about barn owls and started creating our owl fact files. This week we’ll be learning about tawny owls.  Don’t forget to ask us about the amazing facts we have found out about owls!


In PE we will continue to develop our ball skills through throwing, catching and dribbling footballs. PE days are still on a Tuesday and Wednesday and will be outside unless the weather is too poor.


The homework is the same as was issued last week but I’ve attached it here again so it’s easy to find!

P2 9th November home learning                       P1 9th November home learning

Please return reading books to school every day. They will be taken in on a Friday and new books issued on a Monday.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

P2/1 update Monday 9th November 2020

Hi everyone,

We’re really looking forward to another fun week in P2/1!  Here is an update of what we have planned and also copies of the home learning grids.

Home Learning

The home learning grids for the next two weeks are attached below.

P1 9th November home learning P2 9th November home learning

Primary 1:

Language – our sounds this week are ‘g’ and ‘l’. We’ll be practising writing them and identifying words which begin with the sounds. In reading we will be continuing to learn strategies for reading words we don’t know and also making predictions about texts.

Numeracy – Last week we got on really well with counting two collections and adding them together. This week we will be using number lines to help us with addition.

Primary 2:

Language – our sound this week is ‘ck’ and we’ll be working with our magnetic boards to spell words using this sound.  In our writing we will also try to use some words which use our new sound.

Numeracy – We are continuing to work on our addition strategies and will be adding larger numbers. We will be playing lots of games and activities to help us with our addition.

‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’

We are looking forward to finding out about different types of owls and creating fact files about them this week. Our science will also link with our topic as we will be finding out why we have day and night.

Children in Need

On Friday 13th November we will be having a colourful dress down day and children can pay a donation of £1 to dress in colourful clothing. Children in Need are also holding a duck race. Children can pay 50p to choose one of the ducks which will be taking part in the race on Friday 13th.  This link has more details:  https://www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/fundraising/the-annual-duck-race-sweepstake-2020/


  • Outside PE will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please wear PE kit to school on these days.
  • Please bring a full water bottle to school every day.
  • Please bring your reading book to school every day.
  • Children in Need Dress Down Day on Friday.

Thanks for your ongoing support. If you have any questions or anything we can help with please get in touch with the office and we’ll get back to you.


Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

P2 1 update 2.11.20

We all had a fantastically spooky Friday and the children looked great in their outfits. We had lots of fun making Halloween crafts and dancing to Halloween songs. We even had a surprise visit from Mrs Steel. It was her day off but she doesn’t like to miss a good party!

This week we will be working on our skills of prediction in reading.  The children will be talking about what they think will happen in stories or when shown a picture and P2s in particular will be encouraged to give reasons for their predictions.

In writing we are starting our block of persuasive writing so will be using lots of powerful words and phrases to persuade others to do something. Most of our writing will be linked to our topic on ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’.

In maths, the P1s will be learning to count out two different sets of numbers and then add them together. The P2s will be consolidating their understanding of addition and working with bigger numbers. We will be learning lots of different strategies for addition and trying to talk about the strategies we are using.

Homework will be issued every two weeks and so there will be a new home learning grid next Monday 9th.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.


P2 /1 update 26th October 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope you had a lovely October break.  It was so lovely to see the children back in school last week.


Thank you for your support with the home learning.  Attached are the new home learning grids and we’ll now issue home learning every two weeks. Please could the children take school reading books into school every day. We will issue new reading books weekly on a Monday.

p1 26th Oct                                                       P2 26th Oct


We started our new topic which based on ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’ by Jill Tomlinson.  The children have been thinking about how we can use our play corner for our new topic. We are looking forward to turning it into something new where we can use our imaginations in play.


In maths we were learning about 2D shape and the children loved identifying the shapes in our playground when we went on a shape hunt.  The primary 2s have been focusing on using the appropriate language (vertices and edges) when describing the shapes and extended their learning to cover pentagons, hexagons and octagons.  Next week we will use our understanding of 2d shapes when learning about 3d objects. We’ll be identifying 3d objects in our classroom and in the playground and will be making and describing 3d objects such as cones, cubes, spheres and cuboids.  The P2s will be encouraged to describe the objects using the correct mathematical language – vertices, edges and faces.


We’re going to be working on our listening skills this week with a few listening games and activities.

Reading:  Thanks for all the support you are giving at home by reading with your child.  We will be starting to look at the reading skill of prediction over the next couple of weeks so when reading anything at home it would be great if you could ask your child what they think will happen next and why.

Writing: We are going to be learning about the persuasive genre of writing and will use our new topic, ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ as a stimulus for our writing.  As well as learning about how to write persuasively, the primary 1s will continue to gain confidence at writing some of the letters they know and the primary 2s will be focusing on using capital letters and full stops in their writing.

Dates / important information

  • Don’t forget that Friday is our Halloween Dress Down Day and we will be having a little party in class with Halloween activities.
  • Outdoor PE is still on Tuesday and Wednesday so please come dressed for PE on those days.
  • Please remember a water bottle every day.

We hope you have a great week!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

P2/1 update wc 5.10.20

It’s the start of another exciting week in primary 2 / 1 and of course our last week before the holidays.  The children have worked so hard over the past few weeks we’re sure they will be ready for the break!  We start back at school on Wednesday 21st October.


Here are the homework grids for this week. New books will be given out on Monday. Please could you return the reading book in its plastic folder to school every day. We will collect in the books every Friday.  It’s really important that we have all the books in by Friday so that we can put them in quarantine before other reading groups use them.

P1 5th Oct

P2 5th Oct


Last week we had a lot of fun doing measurement in maths – the primary 1s were measuring in the playground using their feet while the primary 2s were using metre sticks to measure themselves and also things in the classroom. This week in maths we will be covering capacity. The primary 1s will be sorting objects according to how much liquid they think they can hold and then will be checking to see if they are right. The primary 2s will be estimating and measuring using litres.


Primary 1

Our new sounds this week are ‘r’ and ‘m’.  It would be really helpful if you could help your child think of words beginning with these letters. We have started to practise ‘blending’ some of the sounds we know, for example to read words like ‘cat’ or ‘sip’.  We will continue to do this, adding in our new sounds. In reading, we are continuing to get to know the characters in our Biff, Chip and Kipper books and to use the pictures to help us understand the story.

Primary 2

The sound we are learning about this week is ‘wh’.  In reading we are continuing to build our confidence when reading unfamiliar words by using the sounds we know and clues from the text to help us. In writing we have been using a ‘describing bubble’ to help us add more detail when describing things. The bubble reminds us to use areas such as texture, size, shape, number and colour to make our writing even more interesting.


It’s really turning autumnal now and we’re going to get out and about this week to look at the signs of Autumn using our senses of sight, hearing and touch.

PE/ Outdoor activities

Outdoor PE continues to be on a Tuesday (with Mrs Muir) and a Wednesday (with Mrs Ferguson).  Thank you so much for ensuring your child is dressed in PE kit on those days. We’re also trying to get outside for learning at other times as much as we can which the children are really enjoying.

Thanks for all your support.  Have a great week!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.



P2/1 update 28.9.20 including homework

We are starting homework this week and on a Monday we will post new activities on the blog. Today you will find links to the homework sheets – one for P1 and one for P2.  Your child will also bring home a reading book on a Monday and should practise at home as often as possible. Please bring the book into school every day. On a Friday we will collect in the books and issue new ones on a Monday. 

P1 28th Sept

P2 28th Sept

number formation

Primary 1 learning

We have been consolidating our knowledge of the letters a,s,i,t,p and n and have been playing lots of games and activities to help us with this. In reading we are continuing to work with wordless books, discussing the pictures to understand the stories. 

In numeracy we have been working with the numbers 1-10 to build our confidence in writing, recognising and making sets of these numbers. This week in maths we are going to be measuring objects using things like cubes or even our feet! We will also be weighing and will be comparing different objects to see which are heavier or lighter.

Primary 2 learning

We’ve been continuing to work on sh,ch,th sounds and will be introducing ‘ng’ this week. It would be great if you could help your child by encouraging them to recognise these sounds in different words. 

In reading we have been using the sounds we know to help us read tricky words. We’ve been thinking about the characters in our stories and how they might be feeling.

 In number we are continuing to work with numbers up to 20 and beyond.  This week we will be measuring using metre sticks and weighing using kilograms which will be lots of fun!

PE and music

PE days are on Tuesday and Wednesday and we are working on ball skills. Children should come to school dressed in their PE kit on those days.  We also have music with Mr Shanks on a Monday which the children are all enjoying.

Thanks for all your support,

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

Primary 2 1 update 14.9.20

We had another fantastic and very busy week in Primary 2/1 last week.

In primary 1 we have now learned the letters s,a,t,i and this week we’ll be learning n and p.  Please help your child by asking them to think of things which start with these letters or say words beginning with these sounds and ask them to identify the first letter.  They should be saying the sound that the letter says rather than the name of the letter. For example ‘ah’ rather than ‘ay’ for ‘a’.   In numeracy we were consolidating our understanding of the numbers 1-5 which involved practising writing the numbers and making them in lots of ways with blocks, 10 frames and rekenreks.

In primary 2 we have been focussing on the sound ‘ch’ and spelling words which include ‘ch’. This week we are working on the ‘th’ sound. It would be great if you could ask your child to tell you words they know with these sounds in them or say words to them and ask them if they include a ‘th’, ‘ch’ or ‘sh’ (which they have also learned).  In numeracy we are consolidating our understanding of the numbers to 20 and beyond, learning to write them and make them using 10 frames and rekenreks.  At home, it would be great if you could help your child by counting forwards and backwards to 20 and beyond with them.

In music we’ve been having great fun with Mr Shanks who has been teaching us how to keep a steady beat using instruments.

The children asked for our house play corner to be turned into a supermarket and so it is now a supermarket with a cafe!  The children love pretending to shop and to serve each other their meals in the cafe.

Homework:  We will give home reading books on Monday 28th September and will use the blog to communicate homework tasks from that week too.

PE: Outdoor PE is on a Tuesday and Wednesday. The children have all been wearing PE kit on those days so thank you very much.

We are really looking forward to an exciting week in P2/1. Please remember that next Monday and Tuesday are holidays.

Thanks again for all your support.

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.


Primary 2 /1 7th September 2020

It’s the start of another exciting and busy week in Primary 2/1.

In numeracy, P1 will continue to work on the numbers to 10, focusing particularly on writing the numbers 1-5. 2 and 5 are always very tricky so it would be great if you can also help your child at home with this. P2 are continuing to work with the numbers to 20 and beyond. We are getting familiar with how to make them, write them, recognise them and count backwards and forwards.

In reading, P1 will be starting with wordless books where we will talk about the detail in the pictures and relating the stories to our real life experiences.  P2 will be working on using the sounds we know to help us read unfamiliar words and we will be developing our sequencing skills by putting the parts of the stories in the correct order.

We will be reading ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ in class this week and discussing what we have learned from the story about being kind and inclusive. We also use the story as inspiration for art activities.

Thanks for all your support so far this year. The children have settled in really well and have created a fun, happy and welcoming environment in the classroom.

Please remember to send in a filled water bottle every day and gym kit on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Children should wear their gym kits (suitable for outdoors) on these days.

As always, if there is anything you would like to discuss, please telephone the office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

Primary 4 learning from home update

Hello everyone. We hope you are keeping safe.  During the time school is closed we will be communicating via Teams. Many of you have already logged on to Teams which is great. Here are the logging in instructions for Teams just in case you don’t have them.

  1. Search for ‘West Lothian Glow’ site and log on to Glow. If you do not have your username and password for Glow please email the school.
  2. When logged onto Glow go into email.
  3. When in email you will see an email inviting you to join Teams. Please click on it and follow the instructions.
  4. Once you have set up, you can access Teams ongoing by clicking on the square of 9 WHITE dots at the top left hand side and selecting Teams.

We hope this is helpful.

Mrs Muir and Miss Clark.

News from Lendrick Muir!

Hi everyone,

We are having a great time at Lendrick Muir.  We’ve done lots of activities already but still have lots of energy left for our evening activity. We have been in four activity groups and each group has done two activities today and will do another two tomorrow.

The activities are:

  • Gorge walk
  • Leap of faith (climbing up a high pole and jumping off into the air)
  • Bushcraft (making fires!)
  • Nightline (a blindfold walk)

We’ve answered Miss Clark and the rest of P4’s questions in their blog post which will give you more information about what we have enjoyed and what Lendrick Muir is like.

Here are some photos from our day for you to enjoy!

Primary 4 17.1.20

It’s been another busy week in primary 4!  On Monday we had another lesson with NYCOS (The National Youth Choir of Scotland).  We were learning all about rhythm and learning lots of new songs.

In numeracy we’ve been working on fractions and trying to work out which fractions are bigger than others and in maths we’ve been interpreting lots of different types of graphs and charts.

Last term we were working on persuasive writing and we are now looking at how to write instructions.  This week we created instructions for a disgusting sandwich and some of the sandwiches were very creative.  There were a lot of slugs, slime and mouldy food going into our sandwiches!  You will be able to see these wonderful creations when  you come in for parents’ evening.

Our new topic for this term is technologies.  We started by looking at how technology has changed over the past few decades and thinking about how it might change in the future.  We were all surprised at the speed at how things are changing, especially at how small computers are now compared to the very first computers!

On Friday (24th) it is our Scots assembly and next week the children will choose two people from each class to recite their poem in front of the whole school in this assembly. Thank you for your support with learning the poem.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Mrs Muir and Miss Clark.

P4 update 14.11.19

We’ve had another busy week in primary 4.

We are continuing to work on our persuasive writing techniques and the children have written letters to the European Space Agency to persuade them that children should be allowed to go to space!  They were also very excited when they got the extra break they had asked for in their previous persuasive writing lesson.  The power of persuasive writing!

We are enjoying our space topic and have been amazed by how many interesting and thought-provoking questions the children have been coming up with about space and stars in particular.  We have started learning about the life cycle of a star and have also found out about the eight phases of the moon. This will explain why your child might be very interested in looking at the moon and is making comments like, “That’s a waxing gibbous!” or “That’s a waning crescent!”.

In numeracy we are continuing to work on our times tables and division and this week are working on dividing by 6.  We are getting really good at using our strategies to help us.

Dress Down Day

Don’t forget that we are supporting Children in Need tomorrow with our Dress Down Day.  Children can come dressed in yellow, spots, in their PJs or as a superhero.  If they do, please could they make a donation of at least 50p to Children in Need.


PE is still on a Tuesday and a Thursday but will change in a couple of weeks (we will let you know on the blog).

Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and is to be handed in on the Monday (almost two weeks later). Please could you send in the homework share it jotters and reading books daily however as we will use them in class.

Please provide a water bottle every day.

Thanks for your support,

Mrs Muir and Miss Clark.


P4 update 30.9.19

This month has just flown by and we can’t believe it’s October tomorrow already!  We’ve been continuing learning about the Vikings including what they ate, where they lived and which gods they believed in. We hope you enjoyed us writing our secret messages in runes for our homework.

In maths we have finished our lessons about time but will practise what we have learned on a daily basis.  It would be great if you could continue to talk about the time with  your child at home, using both analogue and digital clocks. Our focus will now be on multiplication and building our confidence and speed with the 2,3,4 and 5 times tables as well as learning new tables. This week we are starting with the 8 times table.  We will be encouraging the children to practise their tables at home including counting up in 8s.

Over the next couple of months, we will be focusing on persuasive writing during our writing lessons. This should be lots of fun as the children create arguments to support their points of view.

In PE the children will be developing skills in handball in preparation for the P4 handball festival on 31st October. You will receive an EE2 form shortly for this event.

Some useful reminders:

  • Homework is due in this Thursday 3rd October.
  • Please label all clothes, especially jumpers, as we already have some which are unclaimed but don’t have names on them.
  • Please ensure your child has a bottle of water in class every day.

We are looking forward to seeing you during the parent evening.   Thanks for all your support.

Mrs Muir and Miss Clark.

Primary 4 Update

Welcome to a new year in primary 4! Both classes have settled in really well and we’ve been very busy agreeing our class charter, our learning targets for the term and getting to know each other and the classrooms.

We have started our Vikings topic already and have been looking at the similarities and differences between our lives and the lives of Vikings.  We were all quite shocked that the Vikings sometimes took their farm animals to live with them in their houses!  We will be investigating lots more about the Vikings and incorporating other curricular areas including drama and art to help us with our learning.

In numeracy we will be consolidating the times tables we have already learned and starting to learn the 6,7,8 and 9 times tables. We will also be practising telling the time.  We will revise telling the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour and then focus on telling the time to minutes past and to the hour.  It would be great if you could practise telling the time with your child at home too.


Homework will be issued every two weeks starting next week.  There will be a variety of activities, some will be starred which means these should definitely be completed.  There will also be other activities which are optional.  House points will be given for any optional activities completed.  We’ll share our homework in class every two weeks on a Friday.

For the first term we will not issue a reading book as we will be working on a class novel and doing lots of reading in class. However we encourage all the children to read books at home.  If you would like to borrow a book from school for your child to read, please let us know.


Indoor PE with the PE specialist Mrs Ferguson is on a Thursday and outdoor PE is on a Tuesday. Please could you make sure your child has a PE kit. If it’s easier the PE kit can be taken in at the beginning of the week and left in class until the Friday. Mrs Muir’s class have PE first thing on Thursdays so please could your child come in wearing PE kit and with their school uniform in their bag to change into after PE.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Thanks for all your support,

Miss Clark and Mrs Muir.