Primary 2/3 13.09.17

Primary 2/3 have been looking at different types of puppets, such as string, finger, hand and shadow. We have been learning about how they are made and how they are controlled. Primary 2/3 worked in pairs to make stick puppets and practised performing with them. They had lots of fun!

It is numeracy week this week so we have been very active in maths, working in pairs, solving problems and sharing strategies. Primary 2/3 have enjoyed working with different partners every day and discussing how they have solved the problems.

New reading books were given out on Tuesday and they should be read regularly over the next week. Primary 2 and Primary 3 all have common words to practise at home.

In phonics, Primary 3 are focusing on the sound “ph” and Primary 2 are revising “wh” “ee” and “oo”. We have been working with partners spelling words with these sounds, completing activity sheets and trying to write sentences with words that contain the sound. Primary 2/3 have been working very hard!

P.E is on a Monday and Tuesday. Could all children bring a P.E kit and water bottle.

Miss Rafferty

Primary 2/3 5.9.17

Primary 2/3 have started their topic about Puppets. We have been investigating different types of puppets and identified some well known puppets like Pinocchio, Muppets and Sooty and Sweep! In the up coming weeks we will be making some of our very own puppets.

In Maths, Primary 2 have been focusing on number lines and Primary 3 have been working on addition up to 30 using the 100 square. Maths homework will be sent home today.

Reading books will be sent home today, along with some common words that need to be practised this week. All homework instructions will be found in theĀ children’s homework diaries. Primary 3 will also have spelling words to complete.

P.E- Monday (Outdoor) Tuesday (Indoor)

Could children please remember to bring their P.E kits on these days?

Primary 2/3 have an achievement/talent wall, so if your children achieve anything outside of school, please let me know and we can add their achievement to our display and celebrate their success!

Miss Rafferty