Primary 3 31.10.16

Primary 3 have been learning 4 verses from the Katie Bairdie song. They will be performing this song to our Erasmus visitors when they arrive next week. Could you please encourage your child to practise the song.

Primary 3 are having a Quaich workshop today. The children will be using materials such as clay, to create their very own Quaichs. We are looking forward to seeing the final products.

In maths, we are moving onto subtraction. We plan on using similar strategies we used in addition to help solve subtraction questions and problems. We will also be introducing multiplication, starting with the two times table.

Our new topic this term is Inclusion. The children will be learning about our senses, disabilities and how people can be helped or supported. Nativity will also play a big part in our timetable, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Afterschool clubs have now started and we hope the children that signed up for the clubs, enjoyed their first week.



Spelling, Maths and regular reading

P.E: P3R on a Tuesday and Thursday

P.E P3S on a Tuesday and Wednesday


Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith