Primary 2/3 10.4.18

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!

Primary 2/3 have their parent assembly next week (Tuesday 17th April) You are all welcome to come along to find out what we have learned about the Romans. It should be very exciting!

Could all children please continue to practise their lines and songs for our assembly. We will be allocating time in class this week to also practise and put our costumes on.

Our new topic will start next week- Pirates and Treasure Island! It is a very exciting topic and I am sure the children are going to love it and learn lots.

Our specialist timetable has changed so our indoor P.E slot has now moved to a Thursday morning. We will continue to do our Outdoor P.E lessons on a Monday. Please remember P.E kits on both of these days. The children will also be receiving Art from Ms Fox on a Wednesday.

In Maths- P3 are continuing work on their 3 times table and next week we hope to learn our 4 times table. P2 are learning how to half numbers which links nicely to doubling numbers which is what we were learning before the holidays.

Reading- Children have been given fiction texts to start the term. Please read regularly at home and encourage discussion about the text/story.


Assembly lines and songs, Reading, Spelling (Time your climb) and Maths.

P.E: Monday and Thursday

Thanks, Miss Rafferty

Primary 5 26.3.18

This week in Primary 5 we have been working on our assembly related to the Scottish Wars of Independence and look forward to welcoming parents to see it on Friday morning at 9.15.

In Reading we have been working on reading for information and this week we have been looking at evidence from non fiction books and maps to find information on William Wallace and the Battle of Stirling bridge.

In Health we have been working on a project on resilience using the Bounceback programme.

In maths we have been working on fractions and have homework related to this.  Mrs Jamieson’s set should be working on developing a game using their equivalent fractions cards and we look forward to playing some of the games in school later this week.

In RME we have started learning about the story of Moses.  We have written reports about his childhood and will be working on cartoon strips to record the plagues of Egypt.  Later we will be learning about why this story is so important in Judaism and will be learning about festivals related to this.


We look forward to seeing you at school of Friday

Mrs Jamieson and Miss Farren

Primary 3 News 19.2.18

This week we will be looking at the 5x table and our maths homework covers the 2s, 5s and 10s. Please encourage your child to do this on their own and use concrete materials if needed (such as lego pieces). Please also let us know if they struggle with the work.

They also have their weekly spelling words and reading too.

On Tuesday we are lucky enough to have a visit from Tesco Football who will be working with our children, developing a variety of skills. Please ensure they bring their PE kit to school.

Many thanks for the pledges you have returned regarding ‘Smoke-free Homes and Cars’. There is still time to fill this in and return to your child’s class teacher.

A confirmed date for your diary is our P3 Banquet which is taking place on Friday 16th March 11:15-12:15. You will be sent an invitation but because of the large number of children we can only accommodate one person from the family.

Also don’t forget our Knights and Castle Assembly on Tuesday 13th March. Next week we will send home any words they need to learn.

Many thanks for your continued support!

Have a good week.

Mrs Smith & Mr Gordon

Primary 6 8.12.17

We had a fun filled start to our week with our Primary Six Christmas party. Our pupils Scottish country skills were in full flow and what an impressive group they are! It was pantomime time too this week and the pupils (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed the interactive performance of the Wizard of Oz.

We have been tackling problem solving challenges in maths this week, putting our analytical skills to the test. The key message … the question, highlight the important information and work out which mathematical operation will help you solve the problem. We had some great breakthroughs and look forward to cracking the codes next week!

Primary Six have an assembly on the 15th December and the pupils have created interesting, fact filled and humorous scripts. May we remind you that this is an assembly for pupils only, we will have another assembly in 2018 where guests will be invited.

We are continuing with our ‘Beat That’ maths challenge on a Friday morning and whilst scores are rising, there is work to be done. Come on Primary Six, Practise your tables!!!


PE – outdoor Kit on Mondays / Indoor kit on Wednesdays

Homework – spelling due on Friday. Please note that spelling homework jotters should NOT be handed in before Friday as the children should be using them to practise their spelling words daily.

Maths Homework – we would like to remind all pupils that they have maths homework EVERYWEEK. If we do not give out maths homework in the form of worksheet we still expect the pupils to be practising Times Tables, Fact Families, Number Bonds. We have shown the pupils games and activities they can do to practise.

Thank for your continued support.

Mr Woodward, Mr Shanks and Mrs Wylie

Primary 7 3.11.17

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Primary 7 blog.

We have had a fun filled week in P7 this week. On Monday Michelle came to visit us from WLDAS (West Lothian Drug & Alcohol Service). She spoke to both classes about smoking. The children learned how many chemicals are in cigarettes (over 4000!) and they also discussed the impact that smoking can have on our bodies and also on other areas of our lives. However, the children are aware that it is very difficult to stop smoking. In order to experience what it might be like to give up smoking the children have all been asked to give up something that they do frequently and replace it with a healthy alternative. Some of the habits that the children have given up include sweets, playing the Xbox, watching TV and drinking fizzy juice. The children have replaced these habits with a variety of alternatives this week including eating more fruit and vegetables, playing with their siblings and going outside to play. Miss Clark is even giving up chocolate for the week (which is proving very difficult!) Well done Primary 7 for all of your hard work and dedication! We are really impressed at your ability to resist even when it’s difficult.

This week we also handed out speaking parts for our P7 Remembrance Assembly. The children have also been given song lyrics to learn for next week. Any support you could give your child in learning these would be greatly appreciated. The children have taken control of the assembly and have created a PowerPoint, quiz and art work. The children are also selling poppies around the school for a donation of 50p-£1. Thank you for all your hard work. Please note – this is a school only assembly.

The children have now been allocated their Enterprise groups after applying for one of five different jobs (manager, materials manager, finance expert, quality control and human resources). They have been working really well in their groups to decide on which product or game they would like to create for others to buy/play at the Christmas Fair on Friday 1st December. Each group then created a purchase list and calculated their required spending and projected profit. The children had to shop around on different websites to find the best deals. They then wrote to Miss Millar to ask for the required funds in order to begin to buy, make and sell their products and games. Thankfully we received word this week through letters to each group that Miss Millar is funding each groups project! Soon the children will have all of the products and materials they need in order to create their products and games.

Some reminders
Outdoor PE – Monday (As we are going outside each week can you please ensure that your child comes prepared with appropriate outdoor shoes to take part in all activities. They will also need a warm, waterproof jacket).
Indoor PE – Wednesday (Mrs Ferguson is working on gymnastics with the children and it is therefore vitally important that all children wear PE kit in order to take part in all activities).

Beginning next week (Monday 13th November) the children in Miss Clark’s class will be taking part in swimming lessons at DCHS for 4 weeks. It is very important that the children come prepared with a swimming kit, towel and full change of clothing (school uniform) each Monday. A letter will be sent home to remind children of this. Mrs Macaulay’s class will take part in swimming lessons later on in the year.

Thank you, as always, for your help and support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 6 3.11.17

This week the children were writing atmospheric poems. They tried to include repetition, adjectives, metaphors, similes and words to create an atmosphere! The end result was a collection of fantastic poems which the children read to each other. We were all very impressed with the hard work put in to writing these poems. Well done everyone!

Our journey around Europe has begun in earnest! Each pupil now has their own country to research with the main aim being to write a factual book on their chosen destination. We will be doing the majority of work for this in class but we would appreciate any information which could be gathered outside of school. If you have any books on European countries which you would be willing to let the class borrow it would be much appreciated. Indeed any text that you think maybe useful would be great, for example travel brochures which contain information on particular countries etc.

Newsletters were handed out this week, detailing the term ahead. As always it is going to be a busy one! We have a St. Andrews assembly to prepare for as well as our own class assembly in December. This will be a school only one with our visitor one taking place in the spring.

PE – outdoor Kit on Mondays / Indoor kit on Wednesdays

Spelling due on Friday. Please note that spelling homework jotters should NOT be handed in before Friday as the children should be using them to practise their spelling words daily.

Maths Homework – we would like to remind all pupils that they have maths homework EVERYWEEK. If we do not give out maths homework in the form of worksheet we still expect the pupils to be practising Times Tables, Fact Families, and Number Bonds. We have shown the pupils’ games and activities they can do to practise.

Thank for your continued support.
Mrs Gilmour, Mrs Wylie, Mrs Tully and Mr Shanks

Primary 4 week 2.10.17

Last week we had our assessment week. This meant that we completed various tasks and assessments.

One of the challenges we had to do was to work in teams to design and build our very own Viking Long ship. We had to work in teams to use junk to make a model and make sure that we were including 4 of the main features of a Viking ship.  Here are some examples of what we made:


We also had to draw a Birdseye view of a Viking Long house and include the different areas and furniture they would have had in their homes.

This week we have started to practise for our Harvest assembly. This is not a parent assembly, it is only for the school. Please keep a look out for any words or songs your child may have to practise at home.

Parents evenings will take place next Wednesday  and Thursday evening, we look forward to seeing you there.


please make sure your child has a water bottle

Label all items of clothing

P.E days are Monday and Thursday (indoor)

Homework is due on Fridays


Thank you, 

The Primary 4s 



Primary 1 Update 15.5.17

Hello All,

The children were very excited to begin our farming topic last week and they have been learning all about Arable and Livestock Farming. Over the coming weeks we will be learning about farm machinery now and in the past, farming produce from different animals and how to grow crops,aswell as using the topic as a stimulus for learning across the curriculum and in particular Writing and Art. We hope to welcome a representative from the Royal Highland Education Trust to talk to the children about life on farm at the beginning of June.

In Maths, the children have been studying money. They have been learning to identify coins and add coins together to pay for items. This week the children will have the opportunity to consolidate their learning in a class farm shop.

As part of our farming topic the children will be learning to make butter this week. This will then be followed up in writing with the children writing their own list of instructions.

Also this week, the children will be given parts for their upcoming assembly. If your child is given words to learn, we would really appreciate if you could help them practise these at home.


Thank you for your continuing support,

Primary 1 Teachers



Primary 6 27.4.17

Hello everyone

This week has been a busy week in Primary 6.  We have been continuing to rehearse for our assembly tomorrow.  We hope you can make it to see our final performance in the new school hall tomorrow at 11:30am.  The children have been working so hard and we hope you enjoy our assembly.

This week we began learning about our new topic of Inclusion.  We will explore how life can be challenging for different groups of people and how we can work to include others.  Today we discussed the definition of the word inclusion and also how rules in society can be used to include or exclude people. We are looking forward to learning more about how we can be inclusive citizens.

In writing this week we wrote newspaper articles about our role in planning and organising the school’s Red Nose Day event this year. We learned that we all helped to raise a massive £1070.42 for the children in Africa and the UK that need it most.  The newspaper articles are looking fabulous and we are looking forward to seeing the final finished products!

Our PE times have changed slightly from the information given last week.  We will now have a Futsal instructor coming into school every Tuesday morning to work with the children.  Both classes can come to school dressed in their PE kit with their school uniforms in their bag.  Futsal will take place on a Tuesday morning with Outdoor PE on a Wednesday morning.

Please remember that each week your child is given both spelling and maths homework. Miss Clark’s class will also soon be given weekly reading homework. Homework is usually due in on a Thursday or Friday. Please ask your child about this.

Thank you for your support. Remember children are off on holiday on Monday 1st and Thursday 4th May.  Have a fantastic long weekend and we will see the children on Tuesday morning.

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie, Mrs Kelly.

Primary Five 21st April 2017

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a lovely Easter holiday.  This is a very busy term for P5 with lots going on so we are really looking forward to getting started.

This week we have started practising for our next class assembly which will take place on the 5th May.  Parents are invited to come along to this assembly and letters will be issued with times etc shortly.  Words have been given to children so we would be grateful if you could practice these over the weekend as we will be having our first run through on Monday.

The show rehearsals will also be starting in the next week and children have been assigned parts and given scripts home.  They are all very excited and have been reading these at playtime and Free Time Friday today.  This will be ongoing over the term so keep learning lines in the coming weeks.

Reminders for next week-

Monday- Spelling and new reading book/activties

Tuesday- Gym kit/Maths

Wednesday- Maths

Friday- Gym Kit

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Steel and Mr Greig

Primary 6 20.4.17

Hello everyone

We hope you had a lovely Easter break. We are glad to have the children back and we are looking forward to an exciting last term in Primary 6.

This week we have been busy practising for our assembly which will take place next Friday 28th April in the new school hall. The assembly will begin at 11:30am. You should have received 2 letters regarding the assembly. If you are planning on attending the assembly could you please send the slip back to the school as soon as possible detailing how many people will be attending. The children have also been asked to wear black trousers/leggings/jeans and a white t-shirt/shirt for the performance. Children can bring these clothes into school during the week next week in a carrier bag or can wear them to school on Friday for the performances. The children have been working very hard on this assembly and we can’t wait for you to see it! All children have received a section of the script and song lyrics home to practise. Any support you could provide your child with this would be much appreciated.

You should also have received a letter about our upcoming use of the Living & Growing programme in both Primary 6 classes. If you have any questions about this programme then please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Our PE times have changed. They will now be:
Outdoor PE – Monday
Indoor PE – Wednesday

Please note that for next week only the children will have their second PE time on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie

Primary 6 – 31.3.17

Hello everyone

Primary 6 and 7 put on two excellent performances of “Alice the Musical” on Wednesday. We were all amazed with the high standard of the singing, acting, dancing and narration. We are so proud of all the children. Their dedication, hard work and commitment made this a show to remember! Thank you for all your support with helping children to learn lines, dances and providing costumes for the show. We really appreciate it 🙂

In Primary 6 this week we have begun preparing for our P6 Class Assembly which will take place on Friday 28th April at 11:15am in the new school hall. We have been decorating scenery and almost everyone has now been allocated parts. The remaining parts will be allocated and lines handed out on the first day back after the Easter Holidays. Any assistance you could provide the children with in learning their lines would be appreciated.

Thank you to all the children who handed in their Titanic Fact Files this week. They look fabulous and it is clear the children worked very hard on these personal projects. Well done everyone.

This week we have said goodbye to two very special members of staff. First, Eveline who has worked in the school kitchen since 2001. The children made a card in the shape of a school dinner tray which was presented to her today at assembly. Some children also said their favourite memories of Eveline.

The other member of staff leaving us yesterday was Miss Inglis the PE specialist. She has made a very positive impact on the children in the class, with many choosing to be part of her running after school club. We appreciate everything she did for us. We are hopeful that running club might continue after the holidays with another member of staff leading it. We will let the children know after the holidays if this is the case. We wish both Miss Inglis and Eveline well in the future.

Thank you for all your support. Have a relaxing and enjoyable Easter Holiday!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly.

P1/2 Week beginning 6.3.17

Good morning from P1/2

Last week we started a Science project looking at energy.  So far we have learned about light energy and electricity.  We have also talked about keeping safe when using electricity.  We will continue working on energy this week.

We have our class assembly on the 20th of March and will be starting to practise this week.  Keep a look out for assembly words which we might need some help with at home.

A big homework task has also been given out this week.  It is about Scottish animals.  A leaflet explaining what to do will be in homework packs today.  Big homework is due in on Monday 20th March.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson



Primary 3 06.03.17

Primary 3 have their Parent Assembly next Monday so we have lots to do in preparation. Children will be learning their lines, singing their Three Brave Knights song and practising small drama pieces. There will be no spelling or maths homework this week. We look forward to showing you all our assembly on Monday.

In maths we are finishing up with money and moving onto time. Please encourage your children to read and tell the time with digital and analogue clocks. We have also been doing lots of work with fractions- finding a fraction of a shape and number.

In writing we are using our imaginations to write a short story about a dragon living in a castle. Children made their dragons out of clay and used them to help write their description of their dragon. This week we are creating a backdrop for our dragons to help us describe where our stories are going to be set.

Futsal will run as normal on Tuesday in the hall so indoor P.E kits are required.

P3R- P.E Wednesday

P3S- P.E Monday

Please continue reading as normal this week- page numbers and chapters will be written in diaries.


Miss Rafferty & Mrs Smith

Primary 4 week beginning 6.3.17

This week we enjoyed World Book Day. We were excited to share our favourite stories and pair read with the Primary 2’s.

This week we are beginning to practise our assembly for parents and carers. We are going to have lots of different roles in the assembly and we hope to see you there. Please keep a look out for any lines your child may have and help them to learn them. The parent assembly is on the 17th March. More information to follow nearer the time.

We are also beginning to focus our learning on Edinburgh in our Scotland topic and will be learning about some of Edinburgh’s most infamous characters. In reading we will be continuing to learn about the features of non-fiction texts and using the information to answer questions.

In ICT we will be continuing to create our own comics using the Comic Life software. This will involve a variety of ICT skills including use of the web cam to capture images of ourselves acting, following our story lines. We will include some of these in the blog in a few weeks when these are finished.

A date for your diaries is Fri 24th March, where we will be dressing in bright coloured clothes for Earth Hour.


Spring Disco – Thursday 9th March

Earth hour 24th March – bright clothes

PE Kit – Tuesday and Wednesday indoor for P4S

Tuesday indoor and Wednesday Outdoor for P4D



Due Friday 10th:

Maths homework

Reading – one chapter and an activity

Spelling as normal

Learn assembly songs and words

Class talk if it is your turn

Primary 6 7.12.16

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re all having a good week. Primary 6 have had a fantastic week so far. On Monday we gathered together for our Primary 6 Christmas Party. We listened to lots of Christmas music, played some festive games, danced the Dashing White Sergeant and ate some delicious party food. We hope everyone had fun 🙂

We have been continuing to practise our P6 Assembly which is next Friday. A letter will be sent out shortly about clothing the children may need to bring in to wear for the assembly. You will receive a paper copy of this letter later on in the week and it will also be posted on the blog. We appreciate your support.

In RME we have begun learning about the Christmas story and the symbols associated with the Nativity story and the Christian religion in general. The children are beginning to understand the importance of symbols in our everyday life and are about to embark on the challenge of creating a symbol that represents our class – stay tuned for more! 🙂

A quick reminder of our new PE days:
Monday – Indoor PE
Thursday – Outdoor PE
Children should come prepared appropriately for both PE sessions.

Have a great week!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

Primary 6 29.11.16

Hello everyone!

Primary 6 are having a very busy and productive week so far. Our “A Tale Unfolds” topic is well underway and the children are participating very enthusiastically. We have been exploring different camera angles and have been using these whilst filming others to great effect. We’re looking forward to the rest of the topic!

The children have also begun rehearsing hard for their assembly which is next Friday. Please continue to encourage them to practise their words at home.

In maths both classes have been continuing to work on our multiplication skills. We have been doing this through a variety of activities including whole class multiplication challenges. Well done to Murray & Louisa who are the current champions in Miss Clark’s maths class. Keep practising!

Please note that the children no longer have indoor PE with Miss Inglis on a Wednesday. From now on P6 PE days will be:
Monday – Indoor Gym with Miss Clark & Mrs Wylie.
Thursday – Outdoor Gym with Miss Clark & Mrs Kelly.

Enjoy the rest of your week! 😊

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly



The date of our assembly has now changed to Friday 16th December – even more time to practise! 😊

Primary 5 25th November 2016

We have been very busy this week preparing for the Christmas Fair.  In groups we have been making different items to sell in the Enterprise Zone.  We will be giving the children the opportunity to buy something that they have made ahead of the Christmas Fair.  We will confirm prices at the beginning of next week when everything is finished and let the children know when to bring money in.

We have also been spending lots of time putting the final touches to our assembly for today.  The children have worked really hard at all their parts and the singing is beautiful.  We hope the rest of the school are as impressed with it as we are!

Could you please hand back any permission slips for being a helper at the Christmas Fair next week.  This gives the children a chance to help sell the things we have been making.  Thank you to those who have volunteered so far-we will send a note in homework diaries next week with a time slot for them to help.

Reminders for next week

Monday- Reading and spelling homework

Tuesday- Maths homework and PE kit.

Thursday- PE kit

Friday- Christmas Fair

Thank you for your continued support

Mr Greig and Mrs Steel

Primary 6 22.11.16

Hello everyone

Here are some quick reminders about upcoming events in Primary 6.

Big Homework
The children have all been given a piece of big homework to complete for Friday 9th December. They are to present information about a current news story that has taken place in a European country in the form of a class talk. The children can use powerpoint, cue cards or a poster to help them to communicate their information. If your child needs any materials or support from school then they should please let their teacher know as soon as possible.

P6 Assembly
Primary 6 have begun practising for their assembly which will take place on Friday 9th December. Please note that this assembly is NOT open to parents/carers and is a school only assembly. Your child should have received song words home with them today. Please encourage them to learn the words to the song. Also, every child will have a speaking part for the assembly and this will be given home with them by the end of this week. These should be memorised by Monday 5th December at the latest. We are sure our assembly will be a great success! Thank you for your support with this.

Christmas Fair
The school Christmas Fair takes place on Friday 2nd December from 6pm-8pm. Tickets are available from the office or upon entry on the night. We would love to see as many children and parents there as possible. Please note: If your child is in the choir you do not need to pay for a ticket for them as they will be singing on the night.

P6 Christmas Party
Yes, it really is that time of year already! The Primary 6 Christmas Party will take place on the afternoon of Monday 5th December. Your child can bring party clothes to school in the morning to get changed into or can be collected at lunchtime and come back in their party clothes at 1:10pm. We are all looking forward to it 🙂

We hope this blog post was helpful at keeping you informed of what’s coming up in Primary 6. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

P5 Week Beginning 14th November

We have had a fantastic week meeting the Erasmus visitors and entertaining them in lots of different ways.  We loved singing our traditional Scottish song for them on Tuesday at the assembly and we hope the visitors were impressed by our talents!

We also got the chance on Tuesday to make and taste some traditional foods from around GB and NI.  We had great fun doing this and the food was really tasty.   We managed to make and sample champ, haggis and neeps, leek and potato soup and scones with jam and cream.  Hopefully Mums and Dads  might get a chance to taste these too if the boys and girls are allowed to try some cooking at home-I think we might have some potential chefs in P5!

Below you can see some us cooking and tasting:

chopping champ


We have also had a successful week selling wristbands and badges for Children In Need.  We will post next week with how much we have raised.  Remember we are holding a Dress Down Day on Friday 18th- wear something spotty!

Next week we will be starting work on our Christmas Fair enterprise where we are working in groups over the stage to create things to sell on Dec 2nd at Fair.  The children will be given the opportunity to buy one of their items before the Fair- more information to follow.

Remember that next week is our class assembly for the school so remind your child to continue to learn words for this.

Other reminders

Mon- Reading and Spelling Homework

Tues- FUTSAL and Maths Homework

Thurs- PE kit

Fri- P5 School Assembly

Thank you for your support

Mr Grieg and Mrs Steel