Primary 5 26.3.18

This week in Primary 5 we have been working on our assembly related to the Scottish Wars of Independence and look forward to welcoming parents to see it on Friday morning at 9.15.

In Reading we have been working on reading for information and this week we have been looking at evidence from non fiction books and maps to find information on William Wallace and the Battle of Stirling bridge.

In Health we have been working on a project on resilience using the Bounceback programme.

In maths we have been working on fractions and have homework related to this.  Mrs Jamieson’s set should be working on developing a game using their equivalent fractions cards and we look forward to playing some of the games in school later this week.

In RME we have started learning about the story of Moses.  We have written reports about his childhood and will be working on cartoon strips to record the plagues of Egypt.  Later we will be learning about why this story is so important in Judaism and will be learning about festivals related to this.


We look forward to seeing you at school of Friday

Mrs Jamieson and Miss Farren

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