Primary 5 Snow day activities

Good morning Primary 5.  Here are some activities you could do today to keep you busy.

Mr Shanks added a winter weather booklet to the blog earlier this term.  Have a look at it try some of the activities.

Here are some ideas of work you could also do related to the work we have been doing in class.

Read the next 2 chapters in your novel.

Complete your maths homework.  Mrs Jamieson’s set could work on making their equivalent fraction game.

Have a look round your house, can you make a list or take photographs of different examples of solids, liquids and gases.

Play some of the maths games assigned to you on studyladder.

Practise your assembly words.

Have a lovely day.  We will see you soon

Mrs Jamieson and Miss Farren

3 thoughts on “Primary 5 Snow day activities”

  1. Leila,are you meaning Studyladder tasks? The ideas listed within the blog such as reading and maths can be worked on today. I hope this answers your question. Miss Farren

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