Primary 2 25.5.21

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend! It’s now the last 5 weeks of Primary 2. We can’t believe how quickly time is passing!

We are now going to move onto learning about Hot Countries for our topic lessons. Like the cold countries, we will be learning about the weather, landscapes, plants and animals, that live in the hotter parts of the world.

We have also been trying to practise more French. There are a few videos for the children to watch about French number, colours and weather phrases. In class we have also been trying to follow simple commands in French too!

Talents: please remember to practise your talent as we will be auditioning these soon. The winning person from the class will then go into the main competition. We look forward to seeing everyone’s talent!


P.E is on a Tuesday and Thursday (wear your kit to school)

Homework is being posted weekly on Seesaw (post activities on seesaw)

Practise your talent and the flash mob dance!

Thanks, Miss Rafferty, Mrs Oliver and Miss Pringle

Primary 2 25.2.19

Primary 2 are very excited to have the diggers arrive in the playground for the resurfacing. Our playtimes and lunch times have all changed but the children have adapted well to these. We can’t wait to see what the playground will look like once it’s finished!

Primary 2 have moved on in their topic and are beginning to learn about hot countries. We have discussed what we would need to pack to go to a hot country and today we are learning about the importance of protecting ourselves, especially our skin in the sun. We are designing our very own sun hats, discussing the importance/purpose of suncream and why sunglasses are used to protect our eyes. We are also going to be learning facts about the Desert and writing fact files about the desert in our writing lesson.

In Numeracy we are moving on from fractions in shapes and beginning to investigate the fraction of a number. We are going to be halving numbers within 20 to start and then hopefully progress onto bigger numbers. In Maths we are still learning about money but this week we are going to be focussing on working out change from 20p. We will be using our subtraction skills/strategies to work out the change.

Primary 2R have an assembly on 12th March. It is important that all the children practise their lines and look at the songs/dance on youtube. (Penguin dance, Lion song, Holiday song from Trolls).

P.E for P2R is a Tuesday and Wednesday

P.E for P2M is a Wednesday and Thursday

Homework has been issued today, along with new reading books. Homework is due 7th March.

Thanks, Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 2 20.2.19

We hope you all had a lovely February break!

This week we are going to moving away from learning about cold countries and beginning to learn about hot countries. We will be talking about how to protect ourselves from the sun, what we would need to pack to go somewhere hot and we will be learning about hot countries’ weather.

In maths we have been learning about money. This week we are practising adding coins and next week we would like to move onto working out change from 20p (using our subtraction skills).

Miss Rafferty’s class have been given lines for their class assembly. Please can you practise these with the children at home? The children also have 3 songs/dances to learn too. You can find these on YouTube (Penguin dance, Lion song, Holiday song- Trolls).

In Health we have been discussing how to deal with bullying and how you should react if you see someone being bullied. We have also been learning about different people’s emotions. We discussed how to recognise different emotions by looking at someone’s face and body.

P.E kits are needed: Tuesday/ Wednesday P2R      Wednesday/ Thursday P2M

Reading books will stay the same this week and they will be changed on Monday. New homework will be issued on Monday too.

Please remember: Water Bottles

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir