Primary 2 20.2.19

We hope you all had a lovely February break!

This week we are going to moving away from learning about cold countries and beginning to learn about hot countries. We will be talking about how to protect ourselves from the sun, what we would need to pack to go somewhere hot and we will be learning about hot countries’ weather.

In maths we have been learning about money. This week we are practising adding coins and next week we would like to move onto working out change from 20p (using our subtraction skills).

Miss Rafferty’s class have been given lines for their class assembly. Please can you practise these with the children at home? The children also have 3 songs/dances to learn too. You can find these on YouTube (Penguin dance, Lion song, Holiday song- Trolls).

In Health we have been discussing how to deal with bullying and how you should react if you see someone being bullied. We have also been learning about different people’s emotions. We discussed how to recognise different emotions by looking at someone’s face and body.

P.E kits are needed: Tuesday/ Wednesday P2R      Wednesday/ Thursday P2M

Reading books will stay the same this week and they will be changed on Monday. New homework will be issued on Monday too.

Please remember: Water Bottles

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir



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