Primary 4 3.3.20

Hello everyone!

This week is very exciting in Primary 4 as some of us have gone to Lendrick Muir to stay overnight on our residential. We are writing because we are still in school. We would like to hear how the boys and girls are getting on at Lendrick Muir. We also want to tell them what we’re doing and ask them some questions.

We started the day by making props for our Primary 4 assembly. We all got a chance to create and decorate one prop. You will see these props on Tuesday 17th March during our assembly. We hope you can come 🙂 We then had a check in to find out more about each other since we are a mixture of pupils from both classes.

We spent the rest of our day working on designing and creating characters for our stop motion animations. We watched a famous stop motion animation (Wallace and Gromit – The Wrong Trousers) to see how stop motion animation is made. We created a super hero, a super villain and 2 other characters as well as backdrops and storyboards to plan our stop motion animations. We will make these tomorrow by taking photos on the iPads of our characters and backdrops. We can’t wait to see how they turn out! Miss Clark is very impressed with how hard the boys and girls have been working. Excellent team work! 🙂

Now we have some questions for the boys and girls at Lendrick Muir…

What’s the best thing about Lendrick Muir? – Lauren

What are the rooms like that you’ll be sleeping in? – Harry

What is Lendrick Muir like? Can you see the sea? – Frazer

How are you all? – Alana

What activities have you done today? – Ayden

What’s the best activity been so far? – Mya

Are you having lots of fun? – Sophie

What have you been eating for lunch and dinner? Is it tasty? – Amy

Thank you for answering our questions P4, Mrs Muir, Miss Millar and Mrs Drummond. We are looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Miss Clark & Primary 4

2 thoughts on “Primary 4 3.3.20”

  1. Hi Laila, I hope your all having a great time at Lendrick muir, sounds like you all are after reading the blog, the house is very quiet without you! Enjoy your evening and day tomorrow, lots of love mum, dad,Arran and Harley xx

  2. Hi everyone!
    It sounds like you’ve been having lots of fun at school. We can’t wait to see your animations when we get back. We’ll post all about what we’ve been doing but want to answer your questions first.

    The best thing about Lendrick Muir is: Jumping off a high pole into the air (Amy, Monica & Safia), you have a choice of great food (Alfie), making our own fires (Kaedon), the activities (Laila).

    Harry the rooms are really cool. They are cosy and the beds are very comfy. There are 5 of us in my room with 2 bunk beds and 3 single beds (Caiden). The rooms are big and we have a comfortable bed and we have a nice view of the gardens out of the window (Emily T).

    Frazer, we can’t see the sea but we can see the Ochil hills which are covered with snow. There’s also a big river which goes over three waterfalls. There’s lots of great views in all directions (Connor).

    We’re all great thanks Alana and despite having done so much this afternoon we’re all still full of energy!

    We are in 4 groups and today each group did two activities. I did bushcraft and nightline (a blindfold walk) and my favourite was bushcraft because you got to make your own fire. (Norbert). I did the same activities as Norbert and my favourite was bushcraft as I learned how to make a fire. I did the blindfold walk and the leap of faith (jumping off the tall pole). I liked the leap of faith best because it was fun and I faced my fears. (Leah Rose). I did bushcraft and walked to the Gorge and loved the Gorge walk because we saw a big river which was flowing really fast (Katie). My favourite activity was making a fire (Nairn). The leap of faith was exciting and very very high (Keira).

    We are definitely having lots of fun, Sophie!

    The food is amazing! Lunch was lentil soup and bacon rolls and dinner was sausages or haggis. There are also vegetarian options.

    We hope that’s answered all your fabulous questions. We’ll post some photos on the blog.
    We’ll see you on Thursday!

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