Primary 6 7/10/2021

This week in Primary 6, we have been learning how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 through a combination of number and worded questions.

To apply for the position of pupil council representative the children had to  complete a job application form. The children had to think about the skills and qualities they would need to be a good pupil council representative.

In reading, the children analyzed a passage which described a setting in great detail.  The children had to identify the adjectives and other key words which helped visualize where the setting. The children loved using this information to draw and colour the setting.

In Spanish P6 have been learning how to say colours and in French they have been learning to describe their hair and eye colour in detail.


Thank you for your continued support


Have a lovely October break!


Mr Drysdale and Mrs Scott

Primary 6 wb 13/9/21

Hello everyone

It has been another busy week in Primary 6 this week! In Spanish we have been learning how to pronounce colours and write the colours in words using the feminine and masculine spellings. In French we have consolidated our knowledge of the numbers from 1-100 through dance!

In Technologies we have continued exploring coding. Last week, we learned that algorithms are instructions for computers and they need to be very accurate. This week, we have applied this knowledge to create instructions to get from one object on our table to another. We have used our knowledge of angles and compass points to design our instructions and then tested the accuracy of the instructions using tape. If our instructions were not correct we had to “debug” them by fixing them.

In maths we have been learning about different types of angles such as acute, right angled and obtuse. We have also learned that the total amount of degrees in a shape can vary. We used our problem solving skills to find the missing angle in triangles and quadrilaterals.

In P.E we are beginning to develop our football skills! We have been practising using our right and left foot to dribble and pass the ball.



The latest homework grid is now on teams and is due to be completed on the 24th September.


Enjoy the rest of your week


Mr Drysdale & Mrs Scott