Primary 4 17.9.21

Hi everyone!

Primary 4 have had a very busy week!

In Writing the children completed their recount about crash landing on the moon and meeting an alien! We have been working hard to make sure we are using time words (first, then, next etc.) and reading over our work to make sure it all makes sense.

In Maths we have been focusing on time over the last few weeks. The children so far have been learning to tell the time in 5-minute intervals on an analogue clock and we have just started to look at digital time. Please ask your child to tell you the time at home to show you what they know and for a wee extra practise!

In ICT we are continuing to practise logging on and using Teams. We have also been developing our research skills by finding information about Edinburgh Castle on a website and transferring this onto a word document. The children worded really well on this and some even managed to add pictures to their document too.

In RME we are learning about the importance of water in religion and this week Primary 4 had a go at baptising a baby (doll!). Check out our Twitter for some photos! (@CarmondeanP4)

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!

Miss Morris and Mr Woodward

Primary 4 11.6.21

This week we have seen our caterpillars grow and become chrysalids! The pupils are all very excited that the metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly is beginning and hopefully very soon we will have our beautiful butterflies.  During our topic, we have been researching intently looking at different mini beasts which have been started to be put into Sways to present to each other. There has been some very detailed research and we are looking forward to learning lots of new information.

We have continued to look at analogue time in maths and have been looking at minutes past and minutes to the hour and the pupils have picked it up in no time. They have been enthusiastic about learning about the time and we have made our own clocks to tell the time with. We have also been rounding in 10s and 100s with good confidence.

We’re nearing the end of Charlotte’s Web and we’re hoping for a lovely happy ending for all the animals. We created menus for Templeton the rat with the scraps at the fair and it’s safe to say that all menus were suitably and horrifically disgusting!

Over the last couple of weeks we have had presentations from our Chanter and Brass teachers and there has been a real musical buzz from the pupils. There should be a group call going out at some point in the near future to give more information.


PE: Monday and Thursday

Thank you for all your support and effort, have a great weekend,

Miss Clark and Mr Woodward

Primary 4 15.9.17

Welcome back to the Primary 4 blog!

We hope everyone is looking forward to the holiday weekend. This week we have had a focused week on ‘Inspirational maths’. We have been working on challenges that help us to develop our skills in solving problems, being resilient and finding strategies to work through problems.

We have also been continuing to learn about the Vikings and have started to use an  atlas to find out more about where the Vikings came from and why they came to Scotland.

In reading both classes have been focusing on a novel and have been exploring ideas of setting, genre and the authors’ use of language to convey this. The children have been taking part in various activities and group discussions.

In writing we have been developing our use of descriptive language including the use of adjectives and similes when writing imaginative descriptions.

This week the school photographer has been in and photographs have been handed out if you would like to purchase any.


Monday is our outdoor gym day

Thursday is indoor gym

Please make sure all children’s belongings are clearly labelled to avoid loss of property.

We would also appreciate if children could bring water with them to school.


Thank you for reading our blog. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us or write a note in the homework diaries.

The Primary 4 teachers!


Primary 4 16.5.17

We have been learning about measure and used measuring tapes, ramps and cars to measure length and distance. We tried to get the furthest distance possible from our toy cars and recorded our results on a class table. We had 2 teams as joint winners getting 2 metres!

We have been looking forward to our bug hunt today. We will be out in the woodland looking for bugs and using our pooters and magnifying glasses to investigate our mini-beasts further. We hope we can catch a few to have a race and see where they travel to in 2 minutes. We will then measure the distance they have traveled. Thank you very much to the parents who have volunteered to help us today. Without you, our visit wouldn’t be possible!

Keep watching on here for updates of our photos from the investigation.

We also met our baby caterpillars this week. They arrived in our class and have been very hungry, busily working their way through their food to get strong enough for their transition to a butterfly. We are very excited to see them turn into their very own chrysalis and watch the transformation happen before our very eyes!



Auchengillan is coming up and we will be going in two weeks time!

Monday – Indoor PE Kit

Tuesday – Outdoor PE Kit


measure and time practice on Studyladder at your discretion

Due Friday: Reading week 5, Spelling week 3


Thank you for your continued support

Miss Smith and Miss Donaldson

Primary 4, 19.2.16

This is just a quick entry seeing as it has been a very short week!

Assembly words have been handed out this week. Please help your child to learn them.

Reading from Monday will be connected to our reading books and based on the techniques we have learned during Reading Routes. As a result, can children ensure they bring their reading books with them to school every day.


Please sign homework diaries

Outdoor PE: Tuesday, weather permitting

Indoor PE: Wednesday

Friday 26th February: Class assembly at 11:30am which you are all welcome to come to. Please make contact with the office if you have not already done so to tell them how many people you wish to come. This will allow us to have an appropriate amount of seats out.

The assembly explains information about Scotland’s seven cities and information about how Mary Queen of Scots was connected to some of them.



Spelling as normal


Red – 132 – 153

Blue – 113 – End

Green – 95 – 108

Learn assembly words and assembly songs.

Due 11th March – Class talk. If children wish to do this in pairs, they can, however both children should have the same amount of interaction with the class for assessment in listening and talking and answering questions.