Primary 4 16.5.17

We have been learning about measure and used measuring tapes, ramps and cars to measure length and distance. We tried to get the furthest distance possible from our toy cars and recorded our results on a class table. We had 2 teams as joint winners getting 2 metres!

We have been looking forward to our bug hunt today. We will be out in the woodland looking for bugs and using our pooters and magnifying glasses to investigate our mini-beasts further. We hope we can catch a few to have a race and see where they travel to in 2 minutes. We will then measure the distance they have traveled. Thank you very much to the parents who have volunteered to help us today. Without you, our visit wouldn’t be possible!

Keep watching on here for updates of our photos from the investigation.

We also met our baby caterpillars this week. They arrived in our class and have been very hungry, busily working their way through their food to get strong enough for their transition to a butterfly. We are very excited to see them turn into their very own chrysalis and watch the transformation happen before our very eyes!



Auchengillan is coming up and we will be going in two weeks time!

Monday – Indoor PE Kit

Tuesday – Outdoor PE Kit


measure and time practice on Studyladder at your discretion

Due Friday: Reading week 5, Spelling week 3


Thank you for your continued support

Miss Smith and Miss Donaldson