Primary 5 Snow Day 3

Good morning Primary 5

I hope you are all staying warm and having fun in the snow.

Here are some activites you can do today.

Mrs Jamieson’s maths set, make a poster to show your understanding of equivalent fractions.  Use pictures and numbers to show different fractions.

Miss Farren’s maths set can make a fraction wall and identify the equivalent fractions as we began in class.

Make a list of spelling words containing ch as in scheme and ache.  Make a wordsearch to hide the words in.

Go our and measure the largest snowdrift in your garden and the longest icicle.

Design a snow poster: Draw and label all the activities you have been doing during your days off. Bring your poster to share with us in school or post us a selfie picture!


Have a lovely day

Mrs Jamieson and Miss Farren

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