P2/3 Snow Day 3

Good morning Primary 2/3! It’s Friday!
Thank you to Rory and Arthur for leaving a comment on our blog. Sounds like you have both been very busy! I see Connor and Safia have sent us in some pictures of their fantastic work. Well done!

Today’s suggested activities:
Look back at my previous post which has a number of other curricular areas ideas and activities you could try.

-Friday is when we do our spelling and sentences with our phonics words. Could both Primary 2 and 3 complete a small spelling test with and adult using your words. Then can you write a sentence for each of the words.
-Friday is also a day we write! Both Primary 2 and 3 could write/draw a diary about what you have been up to over our 3 snow days. I would love to hear about all your activities and adventures.

Enjoy another day in the snow boys and girls! Stay safe and warm!
Miss Rafferty

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