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The children have been learning about the sound ‘g’ and ‘l’ this week in phonics. They practised forming these letters correctly on whiteboards and were introduced to the common words ‘go’, ‘got’ and ‘get’. They made lions, lollipops and autumn creatures with leaves from the playground and practised writing ‘l’ on their designs. In reading this week they have been learning about the features of their book. The children discussed the title, the author and blurb of the book and where you can find them. They answered comprehension questions and predicted what was going to happen in their book by looking at the pictures.

In maths we have been learning all about money. The children have been learning to describe the colour, shape and size of coins and how they are similar/ different from one another. They have been ordering and sorting these coins and have been enjoying playing coin games on Topmarks on the smartboard.

This week, the children have been learning all about toys. The children have been role playing in the Toy Shop and have been using coins to pay for teddy bears. They were introduced to the story of Mr Krinkles and talked about how the character in the story felt. The children have also been learning about autumn and collected things from the Nursery Garden to make a bird feeder. They enjoyed working together as part of a team to create their feeders.

Primary 1 were delighted to find out their role in the Nativity! If your child has a speaking part, we encourage you to help them practise their lines at home to make sure they are ready for rehearsals!

Please ensure that homework folders are brought in every day so that children have their reading books and that homework can be handed out when required.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Primary 1 teachers

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