Lego WeDo Fun!

This week the Primary 4/5 Bubble had lots of fun trying out Lego WeDo kits. The group worked hard building two different models and using the computer software to programme their Lego creations to move. They created a pair of free-standing Lego legs which when programmed correctly a motor triggered the leg to kick a football. Before moving onto a further challenge of creating a motion-sensor alligator, where the jaws snapped shut when an object entered its mouth.

For many students this was a brand new task for them, however they all rose to the challenge and were able to troubleshoot all their construction and programming problems. The children adapted really quickly to the programming software and by the end of the lesson they were giving Ms Munro hints on how to complete her model!

We cannot wait to show the rest of our class our creations when they return to school!

A Christmas Update in P3 16.12.19

Primary 3 have been experimenting with our ICT Skills, using the I-pads and Laptops in our learning.

We had our first shot of stop motion animation and we are really proud of our attempts at telling the Christmas story. Watch out for the final film once we have put them all together.

We had our Christmas party and had a ball! The children were fabulous sports when it came to the games and it was very enjoyable for everyone involved!






































We have also been putting our technology skills to use, measuring, cutting and assembling 3D paper pictures. We hope you like our windows! We were so impressed with them.


Primary 3 wb 8.5.17

Primary 3 have a busy week ahead!

In maths we are continuing our work on division. Children will be working on ways to divide by 2, 5 and 10. Any times table practice at homework will be greatly appreciated. We are trying to make links with our times tables and work out inverse problems. We are also continuing work on telling the time but shifting our focus to digital clocks. Children will be focusing on o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

Guided reading will continue this week and the children will be given pages from their book to read at home.

In health/technology we have been discussing internet safety. Children have been able to tell us how they can stay safe online but still have fun. Children recognised the importance of not sharing personal information, sharing with parents what they are doing online and not speaking to anyone that they do not know. Children are going to be creating their very own internet safety posters.

Spelling this week- we are focusing on words starting with qu.

If the good weather keeps up we will hopefully be outside as much as we can doing P.E and continuing work on our topic!

Homework- Spelling and Maths

P.E- Monday/Tuesday P3R

Tuesday/Wednesday P3S


Thanks for all your support: Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith