Primary 5: 03.09.21

Happy Friday! It has been a busy couple of weeks in Primary 51 We are beginning to settle into our routine and we have completed lots of excellent tasks so far!

In reading, we have been enjoying our class novel The Boy at the Back of the Classroom. We are learning about Ahmet and his tough journey from Syria to London. This has linked into our Topic where we are learning about Refugees. The classes have held some excellent discussions around their thoughts and feelings of being uprooted and forced to travel to foreign countries. We are following the journey of Little Amal, a 3.5metre puppet, who is walking from Turkey to Manchester, a route many refugees take across Europe. You can keep up to date with her at

Last Thursday, we had lots of fun completing a very sticky STEM Challenge in which the class had to create a free-standing tower made out of marshmallows and spaghetti! The hot weather made this challenge extra tricky as the marshmallows very quickly melted and the learners had to adapt many of their plans. 

In Maths, we have been working hard learning the names and properties of different angles. The children found lots of examples angles in their classroom and had lots of fun playing interactive games. Try them at home: .

This week, we began our Spanish lessons and had lots of fun learning to greet and introduce ourselves in the new language. We have some natural linguists in our classrooms!

Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Thursday.  We will need outdoor kit for Wednesday and indoor for Thursday.  We would be grateful if your child could come to school dressed in black or navy kit with a white t -shirt on these days. Children can wear shorts under their trousers on Thursday if they wish.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jamieson and Miss Munro 


Lego WeDo Fun!

This week the Primary 4/5 Bubble had lots of fun trying out Lego WeDo kits. The group worked hard building two different models and using the computer software to programme their Lego creations to move. They created a pair of free-standing Lego legs which when programmed correctly a motor triggered the leg to kick a football. Before moving onto a further challenge of creating a motion-sensor alligator, where the jaws snapped shut when an object entered its mouth.

For many students this was a brand new task for them, however they all rose to the challenge and were able to troubleshoot all their construction and programming problems. The children adapted really quickly to the programming software and by the end of the lesson they were giving Ms Munro hints on how to complete her model!

We cannot wait to show the rest of our class our creations when they return to school!

Primary 5

Hello and welcome back to everyone. We hope you all had a restful holiday.

The children have been busy this week taking part in a STEM challenge. They investigated what STEM stood for (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and examples of where each one is used in our wider community.

The children then investigated wearable technology that is improving and changing our lives. Each group chose examples of wearable tech and created a poster to show how it helps people in everyday life. These were then presented to the class.

Next the children got to design their own wearable tech of the future. They came up with some exciting designs which we are hoping to enter in a competition where the winners see their technology made for real.

All children have chosen their Scottish poem and we would appreciate your support in helping them learn it at home. Children can then choose to put themselves forward to represent the class at the competition on Friday 24th January if they wish.

In Numeracy all children will be working on multiplication, division and fractions. The children must be able to recall times tables facts quickly and accurately. Please can you help your child to learn their times tables your support would be much appreciated.


PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

P5G outdoor PE- Monday

P5M Futsal indoors – Monday

Spelling homework- due every Friday.

Numeracy homework- due every Thursday

Learn Scottish poems.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir