Primary 4 23.10.20

Hello everyone

It was lovely to welcome back the Primary 4 children back to school this week. We have got off to a flying start so far!

At the end of last term we finished our topic “Resilience through film”. The children wrote fantastic film reviews on either “Zootropolis”, “Moana” or “Inside Out” and showed great understandings of the plot, characters and setting of each film. The children were also able to discuss how the main characters in each of the films showed resilience. This week the children chose their new topic completely by themselves. We voted on our favourites and our new topic is… Animals! The children are very excited to begin this topic. We will be learning through Science, Technology and Art. We are looking forward to seeing how this topic unfolds.

Mr Woodward and I are looking forward to hearing the children’s class talks next week that they have been working on at home. We will begin to hear the children’s talks on Monday but will be listening to them throughout the week when each child is ready. There is more information on your child’s Teams page about this.

In Numeracy this week we have introduced the 6 times table to the children. They have made an excellent start on learning the stations of the 6 times table with a partner and also through listening to a very catchy song! We are sure the children will be 6 times table experts in no time!

Homework will resume on Teams on Monday. If you need paper copies of any of the activities then please let your child’s teacher know.

PE days will remain a Monday and a Friday each week for the next few weeks.

Thank you for all your support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Mr Woodward

Primary 4 17.9.20

Hello everyone

It has been another busy and fun filled week in Primary 4! Our topic is in full swing and this week we explored perseverance through the story of Zootropolis. The children were able to discuss times in their own lives that they had shown perseverance and how it made them feel once they achieved something that had been a real challenge. We listened to the song “Try Everything” and discussed the importance of trying new things even though they might be scary! Also in topic we learned about the importance of being “Bucket Fillers” through watching this video – Bucket fillers
Ask your child what it means to be a bucket filler or a bucket dipper! Then we made our own 3D origami buckets and decorated them. The children then wrote kind notes for each other and left them in each other’s buckets to read. There was a real buzz about the classrooms as the children learned the real joy of being kind and being treated with kindness. Well done P4!

In PE we finished our block of football by playing some mini tournament games. The children showed great sportsmanship and improving skills. Well done to all of our men and women of each match and to every member of Primary 4 for trying their best. Tomorrow we will begin to work on skipping in PE! This may be a challenge at first but we are sure that the perseverance and resilience that the children are learning about in topic will help them to achieve great results and improve their skills 🙂

This week we entered Primary 7’s litter competition! They have noticed that there has been a lot of extra rubbish in the playground recently so they are setting up a new campaign to encourage everyone to put their litter in the bin. The competition involved designing a monster that could be the mascot for this campaign. We were very impressed by Primary 4’s inventiveness and imagination!

Reminders –
Please ensure your child has a full bottle of water with them each day. This can be refilled throughout the day.
PE kit is required on Mondays and Fridays. Please note that all PE lessons are outdoors and that the weather is very changeable right now!
Monday and Tuesday next week (21st and 22nd) are school holidays in West Lothian so the children should not return to school until Wednesday 23rd September.

Have a lovely long weekend when it comes!

Miss Clark & Mr Woodward

Primary 4 10.920

Hello everyone

We’ve had a very fun and busy week in Primary 4. We started to learn through our new topic this week. It is all about Resilience and persevering even when things get tough. We are exploring this topic through the Disney films – Moana, Inside Out and Zootropolis. This week we learned about Moana’s struggles to convince Maui to help her to achieve her goals. She tried and tried and tried and even when she was faced with big challenges she never gave up. As a result we decided to set ourselves goals for the month. We will try to achieve this goal before the October holidays and we will feedback on our progress every week. Please ask your child what their goal is! 🙂 These will be displayed on our walls so that we can all celebrate our own and each other’s achievements.

In PE we have been learning the skills of football for a few weeks now. We have worked on passing, dribbling and shooting. Next week we will play some tournament style football games. We’re looking forward to seeing the children show off their skills!

In writing we have been working on imaginative writing. The children have been using story starters as inspiration for some fantastic tales of adventure, magic and mystery! Mr Woodward and I have been very impressed by the children’s stories so far. They have been focused on writing detailed descriptions of settings and characters as well as remember our core targets of including full stops and capital letters and spelling all common words correctly. Well done Primary 4! In the next few weeks we will be moving onto personal writing.

Thank you for your support with reminding the children to come dressed in their PE kit on a Monday and a Friday. We are so pleased with how prepared the children are on these days. Well done Primary 4!

Thank you for all your support. Have a lovely weekend when it comes.

Miss Clark & Mr Woodward