Primary 7: Ready, read, repeat

Hello everyone

Primary 7 had an excellent day last Wednesday during “Ready, read, repeat” (our school book event). Many children dressed up as their favourite book character and participated in our first P7 book swap! Each child brought in a wrapped up book and swapped it with someone else.  It felt a bit like Christmas morning when we all opened our ‘presents’!

The children then used their own devices to look into the different types of furniture they could buy to brighten up our classroom library.  Each child also picked a new book each for our classroom library after looking online.

At the end of the day we went down to P1 to visit our buddies.  We gifted them with a special book that we had created for them.  Our buddies were the main character of our stories! We also read other story books with them.

P7 had a fantastic day of reading! We hope you enjoy reading your books everyone!

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

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