Primary 2 10.6.20

Good morning Primary 2!

How are you all this morning? We have had great feedback about the voiceover powerpoints and the recorded stories which is good to hear.  You have been great at uploading pictures of your work and activities. It is nice to see how everyone is getting on at home.


BBC Bitesize

Remember BBC Bitesize have been posting 3 lessons a day which cover many aspects of the curriculum. Yesterday’s Maths lesson was counting in 5s and Literacy lesson was about how to write questions correctly. Primary 2 have covered both these but it would be fantastic activities for you to complete as some revision.


Oxford Owl

Please continue to practise your reading skills with books you have in the house or the ones online. Choose a book appropriate to your age and stage. You might want to follow up your reading with a book review, quiz, prediction or writing a new ending for the story.


Travel Tokoyo

We know that P2 are so active and we can see that in some of your uploads in Learning Journals. Can you all remember to log your activity under our school? Teachers have also been logging their activities too!


Save the Bees!

Why are bees so important to the world?

Bees are vitally important for everyone. Honey bees make honey by mixing nectar with enzymes and by fanning the mixture with their wings to help the water to evaporate. They also make beeswax that we can use in cosmetics, candles and furniture polish. But, overall, they also do so much more…

Bee Spotting

Why not see if you can spot some bees?

What sort of bees can you see?

Mated queen bees are the first to be seen in the spring searching for new colony sites. As spring progresses smaller worker bees take over food collection while the queen lays more and more eggs. You can start seeing bees when the warmer spring weather starts and can usually see bumblebees before honey bees.



If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We hope you all have a wonderful day!

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 27.5.20

Good morning Primary 2!

Happy Wednesday! I think today is going to be a hot one so get outside as much as you can. Remember to wear sun cream and hat. We need to protect ourselves!

Let’s start our day right with a little bit of exercise!

Joe Wicks:

Cosmic Kids yoga:

Complete an activity in your garden with a skipping rope/ a ball/ make races/ obstacle course etc.

Article 15- Freedom of Association

Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights. Once you complete an activity linked to the Article (These can be found on blog post dated 25.5.20) remember to post your pictures in Learning Journals.

Bird Feeder

As the days get longer you might find yourself in the garden enjoying the good weather. Why don’t you attract birds to your garden by making your very own bird feeder? You can follow the instructions below.

How to make a bird feeder

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize always have super lessons online. Why don’t you get some of them a go:


Keep up the good work, you are all doing so well! Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe and enjoy the weather,

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 2 15.5.20

Happy Friday Primary 2!

We hope you are successfully making your way through the learning grids. Remember just do what you can! We hope the weather will improve and get warmer over the weekend which means you can get outside for your exercise and walks with your family. Did any of your pictures make the gallery on the blog yesterday?

Spelling Test

On a Friday we normally do a little test on the phonics words you have been learning for the week. Why don’t you get an adult or older sibling to test you on your words, can you get full marks? You could also ask them to give you a sentence with some of your spelling words in it to see if you can write the whole sentence down. Let us know how you get on!

Design and Technology

On the BBC Bitesize website, there is a super lesson about simple designs. Click on the link below to learn about making simple designs and there are two activities that you can choose from.  If you do complete either of the activities, remember to take pictures and post them on the Learning Journals.



  • Please complete the lunch survey

  • Have you managed to do an activity for the Article 14? If so post pictures in Learning Journals
  • Have you added to the Travel to Tokyo Challenge?

Today is Friday so remember to give yourself some down time/play time as we are sure you have all been working hard. Monday 18th May is a school holiday so enjoy your long weekend and we will post new Learning Grids on the blog and in Learning Journals on Tuesday 19th May.

Stay safe,

Miss Rafferty, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 30.4.20

Happy Thursday Primary 2!

We hope you are successfully making your way through the learning grids. Remember you must try to complete one literacy task, one numeracy task and an across the curriculum task each day.

Why don’t you start your morning off with one of our favourite Just Dance- Gummy Bear. We know you know all the moves and words so why don’t you show your family.

How about listening to a story from David Walliams:

On Tuesday we posted about the RRS article 12. Have any of you managed to complete any of the activities? If so please post pictures of the work in Learning Journals. We need to keep all our evidence of work to allow us to get our next award.

The weather for the next couple of days is not looking great, in fact we think it might be raining. Why don’t you sit by a rainy window and write a short story about what you can see and hear from the window. There is a word mat below to help you with some key words like might appear in your story.


Finally remember bbc bitesize are posting 3 lessons a day which cover lots of areas in the curriculum. The one below is a Science lesson about materials. Why don’t you give it a go!

We hope you have a lovely day and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 21.4.20

Good morning boys and girls!

We hope you managed to download your Learning packs for the next two weeks and have made a start at working your way through these. Remember to do a literacy, numeracy and across the curriculum every day. Tick off each task once it is complete. The work can be written into your jotters and you can post pictures of your work in Learning Journals. We were so happy to see so many of you actively engaged over the Easter holidays and posting lots of pictures of your activities.

BBC Bitesize is releasing 3 lessons a day for children to complete at their leisure. The lessons are brilliant and engaging.  You can access them using this link:

A new book has been released helping explain what the Coronavirus is. It is illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler. The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds.

Remember to keep accessing Education City, there have been new games set for you in the homework section however you can also choose a game of your choice using the search button.

Tuesday is one of our P.E days so make sure you are active today: you could take part in Joe Wicks live P.E lesson at 9am or play a little sport in your garden since the weather is nice!

Have you all heard about Captain Tom and him raising millions for the NHS charity by walking the length of his garden? Well it is nearly his 100th Birthday and we are being encouraged to send him a birthday card or wish. If you wish to send something here is the address:

Captain Tom Moore

C/O Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Mortaine


MK43 0LA

Have a good day boys and girls,

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle