Primary 2 30.4.20

Happy Thursday Primary 2!

We hope you are successfully making your way through the learning grids. Remember you must try to complete one literacy task, one numeracy task and an across the curriculum task each day.

Why don’t you start your morning off with one of our favourite Just Dance- Gummy Bear. We know you know all the moves and words so why don’t you show your family.

How about listening to a story from David Walliams:

On Tuesday we posted about the RRS article 12. Have any of you managed to complete any of the activities? If so please post pictures of the work in Learning Journals. We need to keep all our evidence of work to allow us to get our next award.

The weather for the next couple of days is not looking great, in fact we think it might be raining. Why don’t you sit by a rainy window and write a short story about what you can see and hear from the window. There is a word mat below to help you with some key words like might appear in your story.


Finally remember bbc bitesize are posting 3 lessons a day which cover lots of areas in the curriculum. The one below is a Science lesson about materials. Why don’t you give it a go!

We hope you have a lovely day and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Oliver

4 thoughts on “Primary 2 30.4.20”

  1. Hi, can you advise what the RRS article 12 is? And where to find it? I see a comment about it being posted on Tuesday but can not locate it.


  2. Morning Harris! That’s great you and mummy had fun learning about volume 🙂
    I know its not a nice day today and I got soaked this morning on my run! Well done for getting on with your tasks and I look forward to seeing your posts in Learning Journals. Have a super day and enjoy your break. Miss Rafferty x

  3. Morning Miss Rafferty. How are you? It’s a bit damp and dull today. We did the volume test in the bath last night, using different bottles and jugs. Poor mummy was soaked by the time I was finished. I have finished my game of Karate Cats this morning, and done multiplication exercises and my spelling. I am having a break now before I do some more tasks. Have a good day, Love Harris x

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