Primary One 20.3.19

We have had a very exciting week in Primary One this week with a surprise visitor to class yesterday! We came in to class after lunch to find that a dragon had visited and left us a letter.  The letter explained to us that he needed help rebuilding Fairyland as it was disappearing because we were no longer reading fairy tales.  We have decided to help the fairy tale characters, starting with Jack and today we have been making a beanstalk for him.  Have a look at the pictures to find out what we have been doing in class today.

In Maths this week we have been looking at 3D shapes, their names and properties and having a look around the class and playground for items of different shapes.

Our sound this week is ee.  Have a chat with your child about words that have the ee sound in them around the home.

Reminders this week-

New homework issued today, due 3.4.19.

Gym kit Thursday.

Please bring reading bags every day.

PSA Easter egg hunt 25.3.19.

Primary One would appreciate donations of junk materials for junk modelling.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Steel, Miss Christy, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

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